Radio, Radio

Here’s a typical no-holds barred interview I did with Phoenix station SportsZone 1060-AM on USC and what to expect-or-not-expect this season.

10 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. Is that the 5 foot nothing, 175 lbs. soaking wet, little Arizona Wildcat RB that trucked USC’s Tonya Hufanga, running her over like she was a cardboard cutout and sidelining her for a couple of weeks…is that him featured in the picture above? Sure looks like him.

    Spirit Of The Radio – RUSH


  2. Mike Bohn not looking to fire Clay Helton!? That we are here at this point after 19 months … this is just so disheartening. They may end up firing Clay Helton at some point, but I’ll never like or respect Carol Folt or Mike Bohn. They and the USC Board of Trustees can go to hell.

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    1. charles – the whole problem at USC is rick caruso. folt is merely his puppet. the BOT has been neutered and isnt even allowed to voice opinions that diverge from caruso.

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      1. That’s true — but it doesn’t say much for the individual board members…


      2. It’s not Caruso, it’s Folt. Here’s a quote from a Trustee in Scott Wolf’s May 5 newsletter:

        “You naturally tend to hear complaints from people when you are a trustee. But football tends to be a focal point, especially with traditional donors. Football isn’t really part of our job but a lot of people express their discontent.

        I asked if a change could come after this season.

        “That is a matter for President Folt to decide. The board supports whatever she does.”

        These people are sheep and Carol Folt is going to run them off a cliff.


  3. the interview missed the mark in my opinion. the big issues with USC this year are

    – who is healthy in the linebacker position?
    -can any of the new recruits on defense (wright, brown, foreman, davis, simon) contribute significantly this year?
    – how do they fill the hole in the middle of the d-line?
    – apart from losing hufunga, the defense could be much better this year, wih a full year of TO and new coaches

    – does harrell change his offense scheme and diversity of play-calling this year?
    – does slovis develop the chemistry with his current crop of receivers, because it seemed to be missing in practices

    the problem with the offense is not just the o-line play, it is the whole schematic simplicity of Harrell’s offense. defensive coordinators have got Harrell’s schemes down and USC’s offense doesnt create leverage from schematics, so Slovis must throw into incredibly tight windows and the receivers must beat opponents with their skills. Harrell has created an offense that requires perfect execution, which means it is very fragile and likely to break down, ending drives.

    harrell’s offensive schemes are the core of why opposing teams can drop players into coverage, yet still stop the run game. scott blames the quality of o-line recruiting, but there are plenty of teams that recruit 3 star o-line players and have a decent offensive line for their offensive scheme. the bottom line is that harrell’s mastery of the offense is simply lacking and even if helton understands this, he has been neutered and cant change harrell, who is just stubborn/stupid.

    practicing against this inept air raid offense probably doesnt help the defense prepare for opponents.

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    1. Great piece, gametv. The jury is somewhat out on Harrell …due to last year being off kilter in about 2 dozen ways. But if he can’t mix it up more this year -[i. e., finds ways of using Christon and Ingram effectively] —Harrell officially becomes the Pac 12’s primary dunce…


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