USC Saturday Buzz: The T-Shirt That Won’t Go Away

Can you believe USC is still selling Pac-12 South Division champions T-shirts and STILL charging $29.99 for them?

Talk about not knowing your audience.

Then again, it’s not the worst thing USC has done this year when trying to sell a bad T-shirt.

11 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: The T-Shirt That Won’t Go Away

  1. Upon clicking onto the ‘real’ worst t-shirt article I couldn’t help noticing a reply from Pudly……


    1. Aren’t you ashamed, Owns? It’s posts like these that are driving Pudly away!
      [I’m sure your reply will sorely tempt Pudly to return, however]……


      1. MG, no doubt those cheesy bozo tees will wind up for sale, real cheap, at a Guatemala Swap-Meet.


  2. Waiting for the T shirt that Says FIRE Gomer Claydo HE’ll ton. With his mouth wide open being Brain Dead to calling what football play next….. USC needs a Top Level Coach that will play fast Up tempo Offense with the Quarterback lined up under the center 3 step drop throw the Football plus hand the football to your Running Backs Quickly. …. UNTIL Gomer He’ll Ton is FIRED this same Old Shiite willgo on and on and On…

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  3. If SC really wanted to move some merchandise Fire Clay would definitely do the trick. Oh man, that’s when you know it’s bad. But these tshirts they’re selling, what a disgrace. And the prices are hilarious. SC really isn’t great at this type of stuff in general. They merchandise selling approach is really horrible.

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    1. Speaking for myself, I would be SO proud to walk around the Alabama campus wearing my “USC –Pac12 South Champions!” t-shirt.

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      1. …Did I say “respect”? Perhaps I should have said “envy”….


      2. The Pac 12 South is nothing compared to the California Championship. It’s time for a “USC —Winners of the 2020 California Championship!” t-shirt…..


  4. Mckay will place an order for all the T- Shirts in stock, and then have Marv Goux burn them out of embarrassment. We are paying Mike Bohn, Clay Helton, and the entire coaching staff too much money for sub-par performances year after year. Basically, we are celebrating for 2nd or 3rd place finishes in the Pac-12 over all Pac 12 conference which is not USC Football. Who would ever thought we would see USC finish close to last in rushing in the Pac 12 conference last year. Yes, it is a different time, different place and definitely much lower expectations for the football program these days.


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