USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Malachi Nelson

Can you really argue with a blue-chip QB picking Oklahoma over USC? Or compare the state of the USC and Oklahoma programs?


Another week, another top offensive lineman. This is what happens when you allow Clay Helton to hold the program hostage.

Three-star offensive linemen

They are the sweet spot of USC recruiting.

Drake Jackson

Defensive end made watch list for Bednarik Award.


USC recruiting media complex

It sure goes quiet when a top prospect picks someone not named USC.

Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush

It’s always a better week when they stay out of the headlines.

Historic houses

USC is selling the Freeman House after letting it fall into disrepair. It would probably sell the football program if it could.

Lane Kiffin

29 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Another blue chip LA-area QB chooses a school across the country vs USC. Mike Bohn where’s that Southern California recruiting wall!? You’re all talk bro. #ClayHeltonEffect

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    1. I don’t like the way –as Scott puts it — the USC media complex goes silent when a school not named USC gets a top prospect. If they were truly journalists they would be happy for other schools and go into overdrive covering the story….


  2. Ho,ld? Loser spell check and for the record hard to duplicate.
    Scott is right Helton is holding the program hostage. He’s like a blind interior decorator. (With apologies to all blind interior decorators reading this)
    “So many colors just pick two.” “Yes I meant to have the sofa face the wall, it’s funk sway.l”
    Whada you want from a math major? If he knew what he was doing he would have resigned. Any normal person making this big of a mess in a program would have an exit strategy. Any USC coach who has been with program this long would be generating NFL buzz, but Helton is generating the buzz that comes from a collective raspberry.

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    1. Dear Me (which happens to be title of Peter Ustinov book),
      Helton isn’t generating buzz in the NFL (where winning is imperative) cuz he’s the first in a new generation of college coaches —guys who are paid to hug & smile. He’s the Kamala Harris of coaches (okay, he’s not that bad —but you get the point)…..


    1. Kiffin Statement: “For your information, I was not banging anyone. I was making love.”


  3. Biggest Losers’…The University of Southern California, Rick “I party with airhead Youtuber’s while jerking off on my yacht” Caruso, Carol Folt, Mike Bohn, Clay Helton.

    The aforementioned pervert and assortment of idiots continue to do the bidding of the most corrupt asshole to ever be in charge of a university (although the other Big Time Loser Donald J. Trump) could give this fool a run for his money in that dept…

    Enter Chrysostomos Loizos “Max” Nikias. A Greek-Cypriot engineer, Nikias was an ambitious, self-confident salesman comfortable hobnobbing with billionaires and fond of quoting the classics. Educated in Athens, he loved to play off USC’s mascot, the Trojan, and drolly referred to the school as “Troy.” He often talked of USC as “a new Rome of the West”

    Another accomplishment of Nikias, taking a Blue Blood football program and running it straight into the ground.

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    1. C.L. Max Nikias The Architect and Engineer Of USC Becoming The Most Scandal Plagued University In The History Of America

      C.L. Max Nikias’s haste and hubris led to bad decisions and entanglements with wealthy but unscrupulous donors.

      Ensconced in his luxe presidential mansion, (Which recently had yo be sold in order to pay off legal fees incurred because of Nikias corruption) he ignored warning signals and wound up presiding over what may well be—once the full extent of its toxicity is revealed—the most corrupt university administration in America’s history of higher education. A run that saw an overdosed prostitute in a hotel room, an FBI sting of a basketball coach, disturbing sexual abuse allegations and cover-ups, and a shockingly blatant influence-peddling scheme. As a result it now faces a mountain of pending settlements.

      And still USC alliws that corrupt filth loser C.L. Max Nikias to call the shots at USC, providing him with a host of puppets to carry out his bidding.


      1. JULY 19, 2021 AT 6:38 PM

        Who is doing Nikias’ bidding? 

        Why don’t you walk over to C.L. (which stands for “Corrupt Loser”) Max Nikias office that he has on USC’s campus and ask him.


    2. Biden is a very bad example for children because he is always eating chocolate ice cream in front of them….and getting it into their hair when he sniffs their heads….


      1. Donald J. Trump gets off on Russian whores pissing on him as he lays naked on a bed.

        No doubt Trump’s good friend and fellow pedophile Jeffrey Epstein arranged the sick sexcapade.

        Republicans couldn’t be more proud of Trump and his disgusting fetishes.


      2. A tape of Don and Jeff laughing many decades ago means Jeff “arranged for Russian whores to piss on Trump as he laid NAKED on a bed.”


  4. The picture above featuring #15 Tonya Hufanga would be one of the last plays she would be involved in against Arizona.

    Tonya Hufanga would eventually get trucked by a 5 foot nothing, 175 lbs. Arizona Wildcat. Tonya Hufanga was run over as if she were a cardboard cutout.

    The little Wildcat would knock Tonya Hufanga senseless and out of action for two weeks. Tonya needed help getting to her own sideline, an absolute embarrassment and shameful display of frailty by Tonya Hufanga.


  5. Losers of the week:
    Malachi Nelson who will go from a lackluster HS in the lackluster LA USD (sorry Arturo) only to attend the #242 ranked (out of 800) university in America–only to ride the bench for at least 2 years. No reps. No hope for advancement. Heck, at least Tulsa ranks #162 and he would have started immediately.

    Could have ridden the pine (behind Dart, Slovis, maybe Moss, and maybe Devin Brown) at the #19 university in America–the University of Southern California–and at least received a top-flight education in the process. Worked for Max Browne, Cody Kessler (who played), etc.

    Vaya con Dios, Malachi.
    See you in the portal.

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    1. Oh, BTW, The endowment at Boomer Sooner? A “whopping” $65Million.
      Seems the OKIES are a bit skin-flinty when it comes to education.

      Yes, they’ll win a few FB games, have some fun tailgate parties 6 times a year, and
      continue to skid DOWN the ladder of success. OU football….so 1970’s.


  6. Winner of the week:

    Pudly 76, who has finally rid himself of a bad case of (metaphorically speaking, of course) inflamed, toxic hemorrhoids (ie, the malefactors trolling on this site).
    Gotta love the delete button…powerful


    1. Dear Pisley loves really cheap Bourbon, loves to dish troll sh*t, but he just can’t deal with facts or take any opposing push back. What a SUCC weeny!

      #”Facts matter.” ~ Dear Pisley



    2. pudly is currently being held at Patton State Mental Hospital in San Bernardino, Ca.

      pudly lost his internet privilege for making up multiple phony Tinder profiles that included naked pictures of himself and gotroy22.


  7. Has anyone ever wondered where USC would be if they hadn’t fired Kiffin? Think about it. He wasn’t half as bad as Helton and he was canned during draconian sanctions. His “rehab” was through one of the toughest places to be an assistant coach and again he’s much better at coaching than Helton.
    Just once I’d like to know what would have happened if Haden had offered to help rather than fire Kiffin. Kiffin suffered from poor perception of his ability. People became quick to judge and gave him little time to get his system going. During the game he was fired over, his assistants mutinied and his players were in the middle. He really might have turned it around with a little help from his boss.
    I sometimes think Helton is revenge for pushing Haden to fire Kiffin. Or maybe I’m bored and just need to say something.

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    1. Right on the money, Trojandude! When Kiffin began struggling, Haden asked Helton if he should step in to help smooth things out. Helton told Haden, “I think it would be premature to fire Kiff if he loses at Arizona State —even if keeping him makes you look real stupid and out of touch…..and costs you your job. A real man stands by his friends even if they’re dragging him down…. ”


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