USC Notes: More On Malachi Nelson

Remember I said I would include an incident that hurt USC in the recruitment of five-star QB Malachi Nelson. Here it is.

USC is promoting today that it is sending 61 past, present and future athletes to the Olympics in Tokyo, which it says is the most in its history and most for any school in the nation.

But . . . not mentioned is how many are representing foreign countries. The swim program is sending a lot of swimmers to represent smaller nations but hasn’t really produced any currently enrolled swimmers good enough to represent the powerful USA team.

Also, shouldn’t more athletes be going with more sports?

9 thoughts on “USC Notes: More On Malachi Nelson

  1. What matters to most real Trojans “Negative Snarky Boy” is that they represent USC and their respective countries. Did you major in Bitching? If so, you must have graduated with honors.


  2. You are one really pissed off man, Scotty.

    You have 99 negative comments for every positive one.

    It must really hurt not to have access to USC athletics.

    Just celebrate the fact these student athletes will experience participating in the Olympics!


  3. hi folks, well malachi will change his name to frank and will not be heard from again! what is a malachi is it foot fungus,fungii???? sincerely, edward

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    1. After all this time many of my best friends still don’t fully recognize Scott’s “brand.”


  4. Hi folks, on the ball all the time milwaukee bucks wrap it up! the line was -5 and they win by 7 bucks are happy and the betters behind the bucks are to? well holiday up and down player 4 for 19 yikes??? giannis carries holiday on his back!!!! Sincerely, E

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  5. hi folks, the olympics tokyo yoyo well all o events are taped not live!!u pay the most u win the gold metal! well how aboutthe philipines first gold in about 100 years ???? congrats to aaahhhh


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