USC Trustee Arrested, Indicted

Thomas Barrack, a member of the USC Board of Trustees, was arrested Tuesday and charged that he unlawfully influenced the foreign policy positions of the Trump campaign and administration to advance the interests of the United Arab Emirates, the Justice Department said.

The indictment also charged Barrack with obstruction of justice and making multiple false statements during a June 20, 2019, interview with federal law enforcement agents.

“Mr. Barrack has made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. He is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty,” his spokesperson told NBC News.

It will be interesting to see if Rick Caruso or Carol Folt do anything on this or simplyi look the other way?

You might remember Barrack’s name came up in January when the White House said he supported a pardon for Robert Zangrillo, a Varsity Blues parent. Barrack denied supporting the pardon and Caruso/Folt ignored it.

There is so much corruption at USC, maybe Caruso/Folt feel no one cares.

32 thoughts on “USC Trustee Arrested, Indicted

    1. No, PT. She’s safe. She’s not a Trump supporter.
      P. S.
      It just dawned on me —67 hasn’t been around! What gives?


    2. That clown is one of many C.L. Max Nikias partners in crime.

      Another embarrassment for USC, the scandal list just keeps growing and growing.

      That’s what USC gets for not severing all ties with that corrupt asshole Max Nikias

      USC/Rick Carso gave Max Nikias an office on campus with lifetime tenure and Nikias is giving USC a lifetime worth of embarrassment and scandal.

      Fucking Classic!


  1. Our poor university is in the hands of fruits, nuts, weirdos and crooks.
    so what makes us think they are going to get rid of Helton…..he fits right in.


      1. Pence is too poor. Seriously. His disclosures at the beginning of the reign of terror showed he didn’t own a house, had $65k in index funds and $15k in savings. He does now have an $85k taxpayer funded pension.


      2. Too bad he’s so poor. With the empty gestures, empty head and silver hair (with fly attached) —-he’d be SO perfect…..


  2. Once again, the Methodist Clown U shows its willingness to repeatedly shoot itself in the foot. And incredibly, Thomas Barrack isn’t the worst SUCC BOT member.

    #Clown U oozes corruption like sugar maple tree syrup.


    1. Okay —but the U. C. system hasn’t exactly showered itself in glory…..
      Note to Owns: If Carol Folt does comment on this matter—given her loony past public declarations– I hope she does it through someone with slightly more media sensitivity…

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  3. Corruption at USC is an understatement. I think Caruso is next if that guy becomes Mayor of Los Angeles we are all doomed. Now at least we know why are the crazy decision making is going on at the moment. Perhaps, Carol Folt will appoint and welcome Clay Helton to the board of trustees next he certainly qualifies.


  4. Speaking of crimes and criminals, did you catch where Alabama’s Saban said that his new quarterback, Bryce Young, got a nearly one million offer for his likeness? I bet he would not have garnered $100,000 at Hollywood SC….

    Of course, being Alabama’s quarterback these days is the No. 1 collegiate job in America, so the million bucks is probably not going to be equaled by any other player. But still, what is happening to the college game that we used to love?

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    1. So you’re saying you preferred a time when young black people were forced to work for free? Have a chat with John Wooden & Sam Gilbert. Same as it ever was.

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  5. Every time I read about this sort of thing I think, “This ain’t my Mom’s school” I do remember USC having scandals when I was growing up but they hadn’t earned the “clown college” label like they have recently. I guess they were better at sweeping stuff under the rug than they are now. I also believe the negative publicity much more than I did as a kid.


  6. Sad. Very Very Sad. The Billionaire Boy’s Club and the women offspring of those said Boys bring their corruption, bad values, and club ideology wherever they go. Simply have ignored Helton’s pandering to this, as well as his mean-spirited attitude towards his former players. Oh well. Maybe someday they will be smart and clean house. But I don’t hold much hope. Sad for my alma mater and my SCion

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    1. All non-SEC (not the cheap sports conference–the public enforcement entity) brokered deals are shady–esp the University and/or US Government brokered deals.

      I’ve said it before. I’ll trust the top 500 S&P CEO’s over 535 Senators and US Reps with trillions of dollars each and every day of my remaining life. Their corporate books and taxes are scrutinized by any entity wishing to peruse them. GAAP are my friend.

      This BOT’s actions OUTSIDE of the USC Board don’t tarnish my University nor the accomplishments of our thousands of successful, loyal alumni nor the talents of our 30,000+ active students.

      Does the BOT stink? Yep.
      Will anything be done? Hope so.

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      1. At least most CEO’s more or less know what they’re doing…. and are more or less accountable to those they represent…..


    1. The Athletic Department is presently like one of those magician’s trunks — every time you get to the bottom it turns out to be a false bottom….


      1. When I was a student I went to hear a minister who talk about a game we had lost by a big margin. I was on that team and went to church because I felt so bad. He said there are some things in life that you have to laugh off. Many years later I was delivering a speech at a university and at a reception after the speech I saw him , he was now the chaplin at that school, I went over and told him that his speech at that time had made me feel better and he replied that If I continued to remember that it would stand me in good stead for a long time. Well it is becoming more difficult to laugh it off.

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