USC Notes: Texas, Oklahoma To SEC?

Oklahoma and Texas are reportedly interested in joining the SEC.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Will the Pac-12 get involved? Texas is believed to be interested in a lot of options, including going independent?

  • Kedon Slovis and Drake London will represent USC at Pac-12 Media Day on Tuesday. Here’s the full list:

2021 Pac-12 Football Media Day – Attendees & Participants 

SchoolHead Coach (Presser Time – PT)Student-Athlete Student-Athlete
Arizona Jedd Fisch (3 p.m.)Stanley Berryhill III (WR)Anthony Pandy (LB)
Arizona State Herm Edwards (1 p.m.)Jayden Daniels (QB)Chase Lucas (DB)
California Justin Wilcox (8:50 a.m.)Chase Garbers (QB)Kuony Deng (LB)
ColoradoKarl Dorrell (2 p.m.)Dimitri Stanley (WR)Nate Landman (LB)
Oregon Mario Cristobal (11:20 a.m.)Johnny Johnson III (WR)Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE)
Oregon State Jonathan Smith (9:50 a.m.)Avery Roberts (LB)Jaydon Grant (DB)
Stanford David Shaw (10:20 a.m.)Michael Wilson (WR)Thomas Booker (DE)
UCLA Chip Kelly (1:30 p.m.)Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB)Qwuantrezz Knight (DB)
USC Clay Helton (3:30 p.m.)Kedon Slovis (QB)Drake London (WR)
UtahKyle Whittingham (2:30 p.m.)Britain Covey (WR)Devin Lloyd (LB)
WashingtonJimmy Lake (10:50 a.m.)Jaxson Kirkland (OL)Trent McDuffie (DB)
Washington StateNick Rolovich (9:20 a.m.) – via ZoomMax Borghi (RB)Jahad Woods (LB)

Nick Rolovich will not be attending in person:

22 thoughts on “USC Notes: Texas, Oklahoma To SEC?

  1. Oklahoma and Tixas are a better match for the Pac-12, IMO.

    East: Az, Az St, Colo, Okla, Tixas, Utah

    West: Cal, Oregon, Stanford, SUCC, UCLA, Washington

    Washington St. and Oregon St. move to other Conf’s.


    1. No. The travel alone is a big disincentive to join the Pac-12. Austin to Seattle — 2000 miles, two time zones. 4 hours in an airplane. Then there is Pullman . . .


      1. Pacific Division: USC, UCLA, UW, Oregon, Cal, Stanford, ASU, UofA
        Southwest Division: Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, OkSt, TT, Kansas, Kansas State
        Arizona and Kansas make it because of basketball.

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    2. Also, there are no recruiting benefits to joining the Pac-12. You open up Texas to Pac-12 schools and all they get in return is a shrinking pool of players from the LA area? You go where the talent it — in the Southeast. You want to start getting kids from Florida, Georgia, Louisiana.

      The long term prognosis for pac-12 football is bleak. Working class families, the lifeblood of football players, can’t afford to live in California. Participation in football across California has been declining, down about 15,000 since 2015. The trend line is pointing down, and no amount of crazy posts here or on the Peristyle is going to change that.

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      1. I’ve been preaching this same sermon for a few years on this site, IG, so your analysis is “right up my alley” bro.

        My corollary argument is that “football ain’t liberal.” If you look up and down the liberal leaning East Coast, it is hard to find high schools and universities in liberal-dominated constituencies that produce football talent (in quantity). Remember when Syracuse FB mattered (back in the late 50’s/early 60’s). Boston College? Nah. Rutgers? Maybe in back in 1869. California and Washington (the state) are following form.

        Texas and Okie going to the SEC would be awesome! Okie is rated somewhere in the 200’s (out of 800 ranked universities) academically. I think the Okie endowment is about $65million (most schools with gravitas have $billions.) Okie would fit in well with the SEC schools (other than maybe Vandy and T A&M) that don’t value educating young Americans for the money they spend. Texas actually ranks reasonably well academically. They would be “upper-tier” academically for the SEC.

        I’ll weigh in on re-alignment below…

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      2. I don’t think it’s football ain’t liberal as it is economics. The elite talent on the East Coast is funneled toward basketball because East Coast elite talent tends to be concentrated in dense and older urban areas. Football, like baseball, needs room and fields and equipment money and a lot of people. Basketball needs a hoop and ball. Southeast talent is more diverse, Florida has elite kids from the urban areas, but the elite talent is also spread out, and many come from smaller towns and rural areas, where there is room. Then there are the cultural aspects of football unique to Southern history and hyer-strong allegiances to the State schools. For example, if you grow up in Georgia, U of Georgia Sports is a huge deal all across the State, no matter of you attended Georgia or not. It isn’t the same on the West Coast (with perhaps the exception of (Oregon). Even way way back in the day, Californians were never united around Cal, for example, even before Berkeley became weird.

        The West Coast is more oriented to Pro Sports. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that USC football (and to some degree UCLA, especially in basketball) have declined relative to SEC schools as Los Angeles hosts two football teams, two basketball teams, two baseball teams and two hockey teams.


      3. IG–I see our “talking points” as converging. Football (and baseball) facilities DO take up a lot of space–space which is in short supply along the East Coast. East Coasters more likely to vaccinate. East Coasters more likely to not have their boys play a game that can destroy their cerebral cortex. East Coast University presidents fine with having irrelevant FB teams. Based on population numbers alone, the East Coast disappoints when it comes to producing FB talent. The East Coast economically does fine without football. East Coast–deep blue.

        Texahoma and the SEC NEED the economics of College FB.
        They also have plenty of space to build epic FB and Baseball facilities.
        For the most part…deep red.

        If you are the rare 4+* or 5* HS football talent in New Jersey, are you going to Rutgers or Syracuse?

        There are a few kids competing in HS football on the East Coast who go to Penn State,
        USC (Brian Cushing?), etc. Still, when you look at the recruiting rankings and the ultimate results on the field, the competition in the Southern region, the Southwest (Texahoma), and Los Angeles predominate.

        ….and yes, the East Coast is just fine with its Pro Sports: NY Giants and NE Pats. Philly Eagles. Pro Hoops, for sure. Interesting that USC FB thrived when there were no Pro teams in LA. Soon, the West Coast will only care about Pro Sports also.

        The SEC and Texahoma live and die with CFB. (And college hoops keeps ’em somewhat engaged for a few Winter months.)


      4. Good example of this is The Univ. of Chicago — the Original Monsters of the Midway — they essentially invented modern college football. First Heisman winner went there. But four years later they closed the football program, left the Big 10 and they are quite happy with 90+ Nobel Laureates instead.

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    3. There’s less chance of Oklahoma and Texas players getting hurt if they moved to the PAC 12. As of now, they could come in, dominate the girls who play in the PAC and really make a name for themselves.

      Oklahoma and Texas being able to make trips out to Los Angeles regularly gives their players a lot of media exposure.


  2. #1 It’s about university and image, associations, students, culture (the “big tent”), and money. (University budgets dwarf athletics, and Universities use athletics as a front door.)

    #2 The talent pool and California shrinking stuff is political bullshit. Florida went through a period where it lost population for years, so did Texas. California had one year of population decline (and considering some of the ways the Census was handled that’s fishy– note I generally vote GOP and I’m conservative.) California still has a whopping 10 million plus more people, the nation’s biggest economy and growth economies. That’s more money, more affluent consumers, more advertising any way you cut it. And a lot of the people that do really leave CA (or the Northeast) head to areas in the Southwest or West (Nevada, Arizona, Utah, the NW, Colorado, etc. which are the fastest growing areas.)

    Austin to Columbia SC, 4 hrs and a nothing destination… That’s why there are divisions in today’s sprawling conferences. We all know a conference without our old ratty teddy bears we drag around, Wazzou or the Beavers is a better business model but everyone has their crosses to bear.

    As for talent, CA, West, Pacific Islanders, doesn’t have to divide talent among so many D-1 and Power 5 programs like Texas of the underpopulated areas of the deep South, (or for that matter FL); those areas feed the Big 12, the SEC, much of the ACC and much of the Big 10, along with Conference USA, Sunbelt, the American, etc. who play very high level football. California has very well funded, well coached high school athletics, and .

    As for quality and fit on an educational and status level, that is pretty clear- that was the reason for Oklahoma and Texas to look at the PAC the last time, because of the anchor of the California schools and their ranking, status and location.

    For all of that, the PAC 12 has two things against it, namely it is extremely poorly run, the worst by far among major conferences. And some large part of that has to do with university presidents that don’t think that it is a positive trade off to have athletics be a front door and big tent for their universities, and they don’t like the culture or image or students that come with it. The doom and gloom can only be about the direction of new leadership, and speculation on its direction.

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    1. Much to agree upon, GC.
      Much to disagree upon.

      Pac 12 sports revenues have been lagging the B1G (big 10+4) and the SEC for some time. I see no interest in the liberal-leaning University Presidents in the Pac spending more of their own money on Football (and thus–with Title IX–on other sports) over the long run. Oregon has her sugar daddy, so she does not count in this calculus.

      After a lost decade for the Pac12, leadership–or lack thereof–will show whether “they” have the will or the talent to resurrect a dying brand. Football aside, there was a time that Pac schools dominated the “Olympic” sports, Volleyball, etc. No longer. We’ll see what 2020-29 has for Pac 12 football and the other sports. Putting a lot of hope in Mr. Merten Hanks aren’t we?

      Is California still a booming economy? Hell yeah. Number 4 or so GDP.
      Some great schools developing some great talented minds.
      Interestingly, if you take the collective GDP of the 12 states comprising the old school B1G (before Rutgers and Nebraska joined, etc) the Great Lakes region/Iowa etc would be the #7 economy in the World. And they have 24 senators who vote. And they like their smashmouth football. (Rutgers does not belong there.)

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      1. Jokelahoma is shambolic educationally, and we all know it.
        Good BB. Good FB. Cute Co-eds.
        A joke of a University otherwise.

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      2. Thanks, Michael.
        I’m trying to stay on target.

        With Pudly76 gone, it has gotten a tad quiet over here.
        Remember when you guys single-handedly resurrected this dead site with 15,000 or so posts?


      3. #1 the P12 spends lots on sports, more than most anyone else all totaled, which is why Stanford, SC, UGLY and CAL dominate so much in the all around champion count and Olympic tallies. For many programs with Covid, etc. there is dipping into the large athletic endowments– among the biggest in the nation– that typify these schools.

        #2 The money race has everything to do with bad management. For a while the PAC 12 was ahead of all conferences in money under Scott which seemed to have gone to his head. , Scott screwed up with follow up contracts and getting his wholly owned network dreams off the ground, selling his inventory to outlets, and the pipe dreams of using new platforms. He let his ego ruin expansion then turned against the idea after opening the pandora’s box coming out the loser in a race he started. His general sense of disinterest in his job or the P12 became a collapsing cliff he buried the PAC under which may be why no one can see our games..

        #3 It didn’t have to be. We were the hands down favorite to have gotten Texas and OK, OK St but Scott drew the line at the Longhorn Network, which is laughable now (and was foreseeably so) both by the network’s lack of profitability and Scott’s ineptitude in handling a network.

        #4 It doesn’t do to compare CA (and ignore the NW, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, etc. and their alum and that economy and market, vs the American Great Lakes region and Big Ten territory– Buffalo doesn’t even have a B10 team, people in Chicagoland, Greater Philly, or Greater Detroit (which I have an unfortunate familiarity with) aren’t really the drivers of CFB watching or attendance. The Big 10 is an area hemorrhaging viewers and people and has been for many years, thus the Big Ten always begging ND to get a national audience (and ND declining), hence ND begging Texas teams and the decline, hence the reach for the metro DC audience in U of MD which has been a flop, and Rutgers for Greater NY as an bigger flop… the Big has made it a point to reach for and sell as their market the graduates on the coasts rather than just their viewing audience just like ND does. But they sold the NY and DC market to TV execs when they were doing their deal which was smart and good management. And they’ve pursued the bowls and made new ones, and they were competent with the network, and their deal, and they didn’t do anything ridiculous like splitting their rights between ESPN and FOX leaving no clout with either…

        I dunno if that covered it, but my point is we had everything to kill the bunny, we have everything to kill the bunny but leadership is just not there. I don’t think it is with this hire either. None of it has to be this way but it is.


    1. Apparently not a BS story. Intentionally leaked by Texas A&M. Someone said this would require approval from 11 out of 14 schools. Pac12 could add 4 schools and Big10 2 to keep at 16.

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  3. How many of those players listed above do you think have been approached about an endorsement deal?

    My guess, none.

    She-don Slovis might get a call from the Band-Aid company, seeing how everytime she gets knocked down they put one on her knee as she goes crying to the sideline like a little girl.


  4. Scooter,

    If Texas and Oklahoma leave, what happens to the former conference? Will thy take Utah St and one other lesser known college to fill in the conference, will Colorado and Utah go to the confenrence? Let us know what you think

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  5. Pardon my wonk:

    I don’t think major conference re-alignment is in the offing, but a rational move would be to add BYU and Notre Dame to a conference and create 4 super conferences of 16 teams each (predicated on football). The Power 5 encompasses 66 schools, so we’d need to boot 2 schools out of the Power 4. Suggestions on whom to boot out?

    I don’t care much about the group of 5. Second tier generally–academically non-competitive up and down the scale, poor competition athletically from bottom to top. “F” ’em. In the Power 5, you mostly get beat up 12 weeks in a row. In the Gof5 you have plenty of scrimmages, and then maybe 3 sporty games a year. Sure they can play a power 5 team in the regular season and impress due to a chip on the shoulder. “F” ’em.

    The beauty of the Power 4 is…
    1. Conference Champ games would matter again. We also just increased the college football playoff system to 16 schools (Pac 12 N vs S, SEC East vs West, etc). After the Conf champ playoff round, the 8 winners work down to 4 and then two–per usual.
    2. Personally, so as not to extend the season, I’d shorten the regular season to 11 games. Make every game matter. Admittedly, there would be fewer intersectional games played in September. No Oregon vs Auburn. No USC vs Va Tech. But……….
    3. Bowl games would matter again, as Power 4 schools not in the 16 team playoff would be playing each other during Bowl Week with plenty on the line (recruiting, NIL, etc).
    4. Maybe the SEC and ACC would have to stop scheduling their November scrimmages with Saint Ignominious’ school of the Virtuously Impaired.

    Won’t happen, cuz ESPN runs this show and they like this Group of 5 bull shit,
    the worthless scrimmages, the worthless bowl games, etc.

    But pardon my wonk, friends.

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