Tom Barrack Resigns From Board Of Trustees

USC finally released a statement today that Tom Barrack resigned from the Board of Trustees following his arrest/indictment on Tuesday.

“Tom Barrack has voluntarily resigned from the USC Board of Trustees effective immediately,” the statement said.

Why did he voluntarily resign? USC should have made him resign immediately.

32 thoughts on “Tom Barrack Resigns From Board Of Trustees

  1. To save face, Scooter– Barrack’s and SC’s. Better to quit than be fired. And SC does not have to admit making still another mistake.

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    1. Mike Caruso letter to Trustees: “Hi all! I’ve been giving this matter a bit of thought and I’ve decided to ask for everyone’s resignation. The future is so uncertain —some of us may expire from covid, some may leave the USA for foreign safety, some may be in federal prison —- that I believe it’s best that I personally appoint new members next week….but even then only on a day to day basis.”


      1. Tom Barrack is a Trumplican like most of you clowns.

        And yet you Trumplicans keep saying it’s the liberals who are responsible for the dumpster fire that USC has become.

        The liberals wanted more Asian students at USC and they got their wish.

        Then the republican pervert faculty with a fetish for Asian women had to go and commit a wide scope of sexual assault which created a whole other problem.

        It never ends well with members of either of those two knucklehead political parties.


  2. Innocent until proven guilty even in a witch hunt. I don’t know him, I have never heard of him, but he’s caught up on the wrong side of the ruling party. This party wants to make it illegal to have spoken to the Trump. I wish him good luck, but expect he will be Clintoned soon.

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      1. “USC finally released a statement today that Tom Barrack resigned from the Board of Trustees following his arrest/indictment on Tuesday.”


        In other news, Rick ( I party on my yacht with young YouTube girls like I’m Rick James, Bitch! ) Caruso…is aid to be considering giving Tom Barrack lifetime tenure and a promotion once the smoke clears from the Federal indictments.


    1. The trumplican republi-clowns act as though it wasn’t the GOP controlled House and Senate that were responsible for the Trump Collusion with Russia investigations.

      Same way they like to blame democrats for not funding the wall Trump wanted to build. The GOP controlled House and Senate refused to give Trump the money, but it’s the democrats fault.



    1. Yes and no, my dear friend. Federal prosecutors are notorious for over-investigating their cases…. running up their exhibit lists into the hundreds….and, then, losing.
      With the high number of purely political prosecutions coming up [which juries hate] their winning percentage is only going to dip further.

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      1. I don’t think trying John again [in absentia] will help anybody’s trial stats that much….. but, hey! ….. it can’t hurt…..


  3. Did the FBI do a pre-dawn raid on 74-year-old Barrack like with Roger Stone and tip off CNN!? Carol Folt celebrated this one tonight at $8 million USC-paid Adelaide Place.

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  4. We need all the Board of Trustee members to resign including Caruso who is the worst of the worst. Lots of bad decisions, and people using USC for outside reasons including running for political office. If one is corrupt there has to be alot more. This guy Barrack talks like am underground member of the mob.

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  5. No more Caruso ……..he is at the top and must go. He thinks he controls USC we can find far better more ethical donars.


      1. “CalSeventyFive

        JULY 22, 2021 AT 11:12 PM

        All the guy had to do is register with .gov as a foreign agent. What a maroon.”

        Cal Hippie

        Yeah, if the guy had just registered it would have been fine to sell out this country. GOP logic at it’s finest.

        Kind of like what the SEC does, they self-report their violations to the NCAA and it’s all good.


      2. Barrack should have self reported to the NASA scientists who faked the moon landing.


  6. Tom Barrack will get lifetime tenure, a nice yearly salary and an office right next to Max Nikias on the USC campus.


    1. There’s already a business school building w/ his name on it. I’d guess that’s where his office is gonna be.


  7. MG, I’ve no thoughts of trying Gotti in in absentia as he was convicted on the Government’s third try. Gotti died of cancer in prison?

    What I meant by Gotti is that when the Government is determined to obtain a hi-profile conviction, they have the resources to make it happen however long it takes. Trump sucker sycophants are hi-profile targets these days.

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  8. 3 thoughts while waiting for carne asada fries at The Bucket:
    1. Edibles always last longer than planned
    2. When jt comes to random & unexpected entertainment, this comments section always delivers the goods
    3. This country’s current majority generation was weened on all things WWE. Every kid of a certain age at one point in their young lives swore a playground allegiance to a Stone Cold, to a Rock, to the Bushwackers, etc, etc. For all intents and purposes, these kids were the first gen to widely accept scripted & staged hysterics as a norm of sorts. The bigger the melodrama the better. In many an elementary school, and at least amongst da boys, WWE behavior was glorified. All this begs the question: should we be surprised that political buffoonery is at an all time high, whereby the current gen in charge has allowed it to flourish at a min, assisted it at max? Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’? You know what they say: brainwashing is like physical fitness… best done early & often.
    Anyway, I can smell those asada fries cookin’ which means its time to quit thinking and time to start eating.

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    1. You’re going to need a bucket after eating carne asada fries at that place, those fries are known for giving people food poisoning.


    2. Dear boxisbento,
      Here’s how to avoid being surprised by edibles: kinda plan on being out of commission for 4 or 5 hours. [And having 2 to 3 religious experiences]……
      [Special Note: Your brainwashing observation is brilliant]……


  9. Apologies in advance for posting today bout some yesterday sbit, but that how it goes with stuff that just occurs. Believe it was MG & Pas Trojan who also did time at Catholic school. Here’s a tune my 6th grade teach, Ms. Clark, and possibly you boys might dig…

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