USC Selling Recent Graduates Seats At Student-Section Prices

USC announced it will sell tickets “near the student section” to recent graduates from the Class of 2020 and 2021 for the same prices as student-section tickets ($200).

If I were a recent graduate, I would like this idea.

It also reveals, to be fair, the desperation facing the athletic dept. in generating enthusiasm for a football team that does not excite its fan base, thanks to Clay Helton.

28 thoughts on “USC Selling Recent Graduates Seats At Student-Section Prices

  1. Supporting Clay Helton and supporting the players are two different things.

    SC might be alot better this year than some people believe. The defense might be one of the best in the Pac-12. And it is possible that the offense is even really good, if they can move the schematics beyond the simplicity of the air raid. There are some incredible athletes they have to work with.

    My concerns are more about the long-term impact of Helton on the program. Every year under him moves USC away from being elite, and more towards just another football team.

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    1. You’re right. Both the offense and the defense will play with energy. We’ve got stars on both sides of the ball. But everybody already knows the o-line is a lost cause. It’s such an obvious mess high school players steer clear of joining it. I guess Helton and Harrell believe a fast break offense doesn’t need a developed line —but last year’s rushing output & QB injuries sez otherwise.

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      1. Hi Michael, Terrific-T, and others – I took a little break, couldn’t take much more USC real estate sales, news about the BOT, Scottie’s critiques of Helton that we have heard about 100 times. Didn’t seem there was anything new other than what you guys were posting. Not that those critiques aren’t spot on. I guess fall practice begins soon?

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      2. I hear ya, old buddy! I bet even Scott is saying to himself, “Let the games fricking begin!”

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      3. P. S.
        SO nice to have you back, 67 —even if you’re just checking in until things get going in Fall…

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      4. I believe the OL is more athletic. Courtland Ford is untested but unusually athletic for a big man. Jalen McKenzie is being challenged by Jonah Monheim who looks like an upgrade. Andrew Vorhees is finally learning consistency after struggling for a couple of years at low consistency level. Brett Neilon is smart but can be bowled over by brute force at center. A problem is that Slovis can’t get the ball out fast and wants extraordinary set up time to throw. This puts pressure on the OL and gives the opposing D time to react. And Harrell runs a very very predictable offense that fans can even call the next play. And there is no deception or mixing of schemes so the opposing D does not worry about being fooled. I’m less worried about the O Line than the Coaching Mind.

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    2. “My concerns are more about the long-term impact of Helton on the program. Every year under him moves USC away from being elite, and more towards just another football team.”



      USC hasn’t been elite since 2008-09.

      The only thing USC has been under Clay Helton is irrelevant and that’s all they’ll ever be under that clown of a coach.


    3. “gametv

      JULY 22, 2021 AT 10:10 PM

      Supporting Clay Helton and supporting the players are two different things.”



      Support the players my ass! Those girls are no better than that idiot Clay Helton. They love Clay’s soft practices, texting all through practice, being able to practics when they want, lounging around and goofing off. That was all confirmed by Taylor Mays after he attended a fee of Helton’s practices.

      The best way to show support for “USC Football” is to not attend games, let USC feel the crunch from low attendance, see if Clay’s buyout is to high a price to pay when they’re only seeing 40,000 fans in the stands. Clueless Clay’s buyout will look like chump change.


  2. Maybe there is little excitement because the season is fairly predictable:

    SC will be in a dogfight for the No 2 or 3 spot in the South;
    The Trojans will lose at least 2 games they should have won;
    South Bend will be more cocky than ever;
    In close games the opposition will control the ball in the 4th quarter;
    And Helton will be retained because to fire him would be fiscally irresponsible.

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  3. Mike Bohn and Carol Folt should hang out near the concession stands and voluntarily pose for pictures with USC fans and sign autographs before and after games and at halftime. This idea would create enthusiasm among NO USC fans✌️

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    1. Carol Folt will instruct Mike Bohner bring in busloads of bums from skid row to fill the empty seats. They’ll be given “2020 Pac 12 South Champions” T-shirts to wear. Free concession food and a free night stay and free mini-bar at the USC Hotel. Don’t be judgmental if they drop trou and relieve themselves right on the spot.

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      1. Good point, Charles. But I can see the haters objecting to something as natural & beautiful as the exercise of sphincter muscles in public….

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  4. Maybe SUCC should throw in a free, irresistible $29.99 value, Clown U, 2020 South Conf. winner tee shirt with each seat purchase.

    What’s SUCC got to lose; the bulk of those penny-ante tees will wind up at an El Salvador town swap meet.

    #SJST. vs Clown U FB: A Milli Vanilli concert would draw a bigger crowd at the crumbling mausoleum Sept. 4.

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    1. Hate to disillusion ….but (although I concede you’re involved in the more watchable game that day) I bet we draw roughly the same size crowd as you do on September 4th…

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  5. If you go to the game, who knows if youre supporting players or coaching staff? No one as the funds go to the school.

    Players must be taight to boycott usc until coaching staff is changed. If not, pay the consequences of no crowds.

    Its neither here nor there.


  6. Memo to: MG and ’67

    Las Vegas O/U projected attendance for SJST. VS Mighty SUCC game: 7500 paid!

    Of course Clown U has the right to keep the paid attendance secret.

    #SUCC FB: Tough as Cotton Candy.

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  7. I received mini season ticket package offers at every email account I have ever used today. I may be able to swing a single home game this year but between Covid and poor play I have trouble convincing my family to go through the hassle of going.
    I Imagine students have the same feeling especially with Covid coming back for more mandates.


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