Todd McNair, NCAA Settle Lawsuit

Former USC assistant coach Todd McNair has settled his defamation lawsuit with the NCAA, according to ESPN.

The settlement was reached through mediation. Financial terms were not announced.

“After ten years of litigation, both sides have come together to resolve this matter to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved,” attorneys for McNair and the NCAA said in a joint statement on Monday.

I’m just glad this nightmare is over. A segment of USC media/fans turned this into their cause for the past 10 years and made McNair a martyr and it is true he suffered from the over-the-top NCAA sanctions.

It is also true that segment of media/fans never wanted to know what possible violations occurred from McNair’s involvement with Reggie Bush. They just wanted a vessel to strike back at the NCAA.

Now, thankfully, we don’t have to hear about it anymore.

29 thoughts on “Todd McNair, NCAA Settle Lawsuit

  1. Good for McNair. I only wish that the NCAA had to admit fault. It is a God-awful organization with no accountability that feel they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

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    1. Correct, 67. Maybe the reason USC fans “never knew what possible violations McNair committed” is because the NCAA never held an evidentiary hearing that complied with minimal due process standards.

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    2. “After ten years of litigation, both sides have come together to resolve this matter to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved,” attorneys for McNair and the NCAA said in a joint statement on Monday.

      Neither side revealed the mediation’s results. Mediation is a synonym for legal desperation, and rarely does either side achieve its litigation goals that, in this case, began 10 years ago.

      As to your labeling the NCAA “…a God-awful organization…” ’67, not once has any NCAA BOD’s been indicted for a Federal Felony; or deliberately ignored, for over twenty years, the female complains about a filthy, vile, on-campus gynecologist; or worship at the feet of its most famous alumnus, that 99% the US believe murdered his ex-wife and a friend.

      Your whiny SUCC was robbed BS ’67, is one tick short of Trump’s pathetic, gaslight “big steal” BS lie.

      Trump, like yourself ’67 and Clown U, are Loser/Succers. Reggie Bush deserves nothing but scorn for throwing SUCC FB program under the bus to suck on the tits of avarice.

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      1. Interesting that you’re so focused on cleaning our house, but I suppose that the passing of one of the ruin’s most infamous former students makes you feel better….

        “The planet is a better place without him, that’s for sure,” Tali Shapiro, who was beaten and sexually assaulted by Alcala in 1968 when she was 8, told the New York Times. She added, “It’s a long time coming, but he’s got his karma.”
        The 1968 attack was reportedly his first known crime. He stopped the girl as she walked to school in Los Angeles, according to California court records, offered her a ride and then took her to his apartment. After a witness called 911, police arrived within 10 minutes to find Tali bloodied and unclothed, with a severe head wound…..

        And such was the ruined life of one sow student… suspected of killing up to 130, including children

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      2. My Dear Friend Owns,
        I know 67 pretty well and he’s never sucked the tits of Avarice….
        P. S.
        I’m also pretty sure that an exhaustive investigation of the NCAA would reveal they have deliberately played favorites and conspired to take certain programs down while ignoring problems at other programs. What makes me think this? The fact that credible whistleblowers from Auburn, Georgia, Ohio Sate and LSU have been ignored —whereas USC got the full monty (including the invention of a new, after the fact “lack of institutional control rule” — I guess the constitutional ban on ex post facto applications of law didn’t matter when it came to USC).
        You are a good writer, though.

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      3. Owns’ has always had something of a knack for putting together a pretty fine poison pen post, 67 —but I don’t know how you and Reggie and vile gynecologists and Trump got yoked together.. I guess it’s kinda the “he’s on a roll” thing that happened to Bluto at the end of Animal House.
        #btw,TheNCAADoesn’tEmployGynecologists …

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      4. People in glass houses should not throw stones, never before UCLA- had a sitting President had to bail out 3 Ncaa athletes and university of a nightmare. I’m still laughing at the Bruins for using “ Riley this year & past season, so yet again “ just begging “ gets “schooled “. I will not ever forgive nor forget Bush’s transgressions as the asterisk in the record books concurs. I’m not surprised that a Bruin is ungrateful for Donald Trump interference on behalf of UCLA- it just demonstrates the lack of respect & courtesy that possess 99% of all Bruin alumni and fans.


      5. How ironic owns you want to mention losers but you root for a losing school, UCLA. Great way to make sense lush. Always obsessed with everything USC while your own back yard loser school is in ruins. Go pass out so you can forget about that lousy Athletic program you root for.


  2. This was the last impediment to Reggie getting his Heisman back. With pending litigation, the NCAA was not going to do anything to admit they did anything wrong. Expect this to happen in the next few weeks.

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  3. hi folks,well recieving requests to drop the pants!? well heres the thing i really dont want to butt !! it makes for entertainment!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Edward

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  4. Scott is SOOOOOOOOO mad that McNair was vindicated that it bleeds all over this post! Lmaoooooo The blatant targeting and errors in the NCAA prosecution, including stating that Bush got benefits a year later than recorded and after his final season was glaring.

    With Bush there was no competitive advantage or pay for play, and that there was no clear rule (and no clear violation) in a parent running up bills and starting a company with a non booster (vs say Cam Newton who was exonerated when there was pay for play).

    There were no legitimate eligibility issues, and the NCAA acted in malice and bad faith.

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  5. Memo to: Dear Pisley, Clown U’s official cockroach!

    Alcala isn’t in any UCLA academic or athletic HoF. Furthermore Pisley, nobody at UCLA ever invited Alcala to a FB practice for a type “We Are SUCC” Rah-Rah pep talk.

    Clown U stinks of corruption, infested with and crawling with roaches like yourself Pisley.


    1. That makes it okay by you eh? That figures too. Especially the girl who he tried to rape and kill while she was EIGHT (8) years old.

      You’re a real pip.


      1. Pisley, Alcala did what it did. Nothing he did was fair, but since when is life fair or fathomable. His mind was warped like Hitler, or Stalin, or OJ or the priest down the street.

        Blaming UCLA for Alcala deadly perversions is ludicrous. Alcala marched to the beat of his own drum (a cliché, I know.), but it’s a fact.

        Whether or not Alcala murdered 130 people including children is debatable, w/o sustainable evidence. But it didn’t take twenty years to catch Alcala and put him away. It did take twenty years before Dr. Geo. Tyndall’s vile antics were vigorously investigated by SUCC.

        #What’s that adage about living in a glass house and throwing stones?


  6. Memo to: MG

    I didn’t suggest’67 ever suckled on the tits of avarice; but, it was adjudicated that Reggie Bush did @ the expense of the SUCC FB Program.

    But I do suggest that the reason for SUCC harsh NCAA treatment be laid in the office of the then SUCC AD, Emperor Garrett. Garrett’s MO would piss off a satiated lion!

    Personally, I think ’67 has probably never had a traffic ticket, and if I’m wrong, ’67 would have been cited for something like ‘going too slow on the freeway.’


    1. I remember being in the back seat of a car full of Trojans coming back from a game —the driver (now a judge) was in something of a “state” and announced he was stopping on the freeway “because it probably didn’t matter.” I asked “what if it does?” With that our addled driver gently pressed his foot down on the pedal and we proceeded back to USC….at 4 or 5 miles an hour.

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  7. Dear Pisley, you tiny fart:

    Is it true now that OJ is out of the Nevada Penitentiary, he’s working diligently on So. Florida golf courses investigating Nicole and Ron’s murder in hopes of apprehending their murderer?

    #Just asking for a friend.


    1. And I thought you said only convictions matter? Oh yeah, only for mass murdering ruin students. Keep stroking yourself trying to rationalize how a couple convicts (as in convicted of murder under special circumstances) are somehow okay.

      You are as dumb as mud.


      1. Damn Pisley, you mindless cue ball:

        OJ is a convicted felon in Nevada and did 7 or 8 years of hard bop time.

        Secondly Dumbo, OJ, after his LA homicide acquittal, promised that he would do his best to find the killer(s) of Ron and Nicole – what a roar!

        So the question remains, what clues to Ron and Nicole’s murder is OJ investigating on So. Florida’s many golf courses?

        SUCC FB: Tough as Pisley’s Jell-O brains.


      2. Not a convicted murderer tho like your peeps, you impotent squirt. You were the one who said that matters..
        oh but of course, the rules for ruin’s are different.

        Hey! Did you see DTR pissed himself?


    2. Did you see how DTR pissed himself while modeling the new uniform? Word is they told him to pretend he was going out to play lsu and to really strut his stuff.


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