USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Kedon Slovis

He signed an NIL deal with Klutch Sports. Now all he needs is an offensive line.

Nick Saban

He destroyed Clay Helton without meaning to with this answer last week at SEC media day regarding logevity: “That’s simple, you have to win. What does it take to win? That answers the question better than anything. You have to have culture.”

George Kliavkoff

Whatever he says at Pac-12 media day Tuesday, he will not be Larry Scott, so he will get favorable reviews.

Texas and Oklahoma

In joint statement they say they notified the Big 12 they will not be renewing their grant of rights when the league’s agreement expires in 2025. It’s the first step toward departing the league.


Carol Folt

She was turned off by Urban Meyer but not turned off by Tom Barrack being a trustee the past few years, despite allegedly being involved in a Varsity Blues pardon (he denies it) and getting a Qatari royal a visit with Max Nikias before controversially gaining admission and rarely attending classes. The fact Barrack is worth $1.1 billion could not possibly be a reason, of course.

Tom Barrack

Just a USC trustee forced to post a $250 million bond following his arrest.

Nick Rolovich

When you coach at Washington State, you’re supposed to go the extra mile to attract recruits to Pullman, Wash. This guy seems intent on turning people off.

Arizona State

Tight ends coach Adam Breneman was placed on paid administrative leave this month, the first shoe to drop in the investigation into potential recruiting violations.


I can’t see how the SEC/Texas/Oklahoma getting even stronger helps USC in any way other than making it even more of a West Coast novelty.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. Winners of the week:
    Trojan sports fans who are a mere 5 weeks away from CFB season…

    Losers of the week:
    The snarks who can’t wait to drop their doom and gloom on the rest of the World.
    (Must be tough always looking around for someone with whom to share your miseries.)


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    1. John 3:17…….”For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved”


  2. There are a bunch of great kids on that team who work their butts off. Hoping they succeed to the top despite being coached by the village idiot.

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    1. Yes, sir. Like the song goes, 67, ‘it’s up to them.’ ALL on them. We have plenty of talent —hope there are some LEADERS on both sides of the ball. [I know we got a couple of Drakes who will be good at keeping spirits up when things get tough].

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    1. Where have you been, old buddy? Great to see you back [even if you’re trashing my pal, Scott —who did go a bit overboard today]. I’ve been typing my fingers to the bone trying to make up for your absence. Luckily I successfully recruited 67 to come to my rescue.

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  3. Winners – USC Fans

    The re-alignment of OK and TX to the SEC is going to require USC to get serious about its football team, or else risk becoming irevelant. My bet is that Folt/Caruso will finally be willing to let Clay go now. You simply cant have him coaching USC as we try to throw our weight around in recruiting, division re-alignment and media rights/conference split negotiations.

    My guess is that another purge of the athletic department will come after a new head coach is hired.

    Or… if Folt and Caruso do nothing, then USC fans will simply stop caring and that would also make them winners because the worse thing possible is to care about a team that doesnt care enough about itself to put in place the best leaders/coaches possible. Keeping Clay at the helm is not just about competence, it is about integrity. You dont have integrity when you tell recruits and fans that you care about winning, but then do nothing to actually try to win.

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    1. That last paragraph is fricking beautiful. It puts things in perfect perspective. How can Folt claim to care about the program if she retains the conference’s perennial “hot seat” coach?

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  4. I am confused. (Almost daily now) Doesn’t the BOD, Trustees , whatever they are called, hire the school president? Why would Folt give a flip about board members? She may be a loser for not understanding football, but she had no control over the actions of a single board member.
    For the record I couldn’t find out how USC selects board members. Do they put an ad in the daily bruin?

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    1. Don’t be silly. Everybody knows that prospective candidates simply have to correctly answer a list of 3 questions posed in the Beijing Daily News.


  5. Ahhhh yes!!! Scott said it perfectly! USC Football is nothing more than a West Coast novelty 😂😂🤣. So I guess USC is to football what Tommy’s is to fast food!?


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