Four Trojans Make Pac-12 Preseason First Team

And now the moment you waited for all summer: the Pac-12 preseason team!


 First Team Offense  Second Team Offense
QBKedon Slovis, USC QBJayden Daniels, Arizona State
RBJarek Broussard, Colorado RBCJ Verdell, Oregon
RBMax Borghi, Washington State RBRachaad White, Arizona State
WRDrake London, USC WRJohnny Johnson III, Oregon
WRKyle Philips, UCLA WRBritain Covey, Utah
TECade Otton, Washington TEGreg Dulcich, UCLA
OLJaxson Kirkland, Washington OLNathan Eldridge, Oregon State
OLAbraham Lucas, Washington State OLSataoa Laumea, Utah
OLDohnovan West, Arizona State OLMichael Saffell, California*
OLNick Ford, Utah OLKellen Diesch, Arizona State
OLAlex Forsyth, Oregon OLSean Rhyan, UCLA
 First Team Defense  Second Team Defense
DLKayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon DLTyler Johnson, Arizona State
DLMika Tafua, Utah DLNick Figueroa, USC
DLThomas Booker, Stanford DLTuli Tuipulotu, USC
DLJermayne Lole, Arizona State DLTerrance Lang, Colorado
LBDevin Lloyd, Utah LBNoah Sewell, Oregon
LBDrake Jackson, USC LBEdefuan Ulofoshio, Washington
LBNate Landman, Colorado LBAvery Roberts, Oregon State
DBMykael Wright, Oregon DBIsaiah Pola-Mao, USC
DBTrent McDuffie, Washington DBMekhi Blackmon, Colorado
DBChase Lucas, Arizona State DBEvan Fields, Arizona State
DBChris Steele, USC DBVerone McKinley III, Oregon
 First Team Specialists  Second Team Specialists
PKJadon Redding, Utah PKLucas Havrisik, Arizona
PMichael Turk, Arizona State PBen Griffiths, USC
APThomas Booker, Stanford APD.J. Taylor, Arizona State
RSBritain Covey, Utah RSD.J. Taylor, Arizona State

ALL-PAC-12 HONORABLE MENTION (received votes from four or more members of the media): 

QUARTERBACK: Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA. 

RUNNING BACK: Austin Jones, Stanford; Brittain Brown, UCLA; DeaMonte Trayanum, Arizona State; Travis Dye, Oregon. 

WIDE RECEIVER: Travell Harris, Washington State; Renard Bell, Washington State; Mycah Pittman, Oregon; Dimitri Stanley, Colorado; K.D. Nixon, USC; Michael Wilson, Stanford. 

TIGHT END: Brant Kuithe, Utah. 

OFFENSIVE LINE: T.J. Bass, Oregon; Walter Rouse, Stanford; Joshua Gray, Oregon State; Luke Wattenberg, Washington; Alec Anderson, UCLA; Andrew Vorhees, USC; Liam Ryan, Washington State; Sam Marrazzo, UCLA; Henry Bainivalu, Washington. 

DEFENSIVE LINE: Brennan Jackson, Washington State; Isaac Hodgins, Oregon State; Luc Bequette, California; Otito Ogbonnia, UCLA; Viane Moala, Utah. 

LINEBACKER: Kuony Deng, California; Cameron Goode, California; Carson Wells, Colorado; Caleb Johnson, UCLA; Jahad Woods, Washington State. 

DEFENSIVE BACK: Qwuantrezz Knight, UCLA; JaTravis Broughton, Utah; Clark Phillips, Utah; Quentin Lake, UCLA; Elijah Hicks, California; Stephen Blaylock, UCLA; Kyler Gordon, Washington; Josh Drayden, California; Jaylen Watson, Washington State; Kyu Blu Kelly, Stanford; Isaiah Lewis, Colorado. 

PLACE KICKER: Parker Lewis, USC; Peyton Henry, Washington; Nicholas Barr-Mira, UCLA. 

PUNTER: Ryan Sanborn, Stanford. 

ALL-PURPOSE/SPECIAL TEAMS: Kyler Gordon, Washington; Keegan Markgraf, Utah; Damon Johnson, USC. 

RETURN SPECIALIST: Mykael Wright, Oregon. 

34 thoughts on “Four Trojans Make Pac-12 Preseason First Team

  1. I am guessing the fact that not one Trojan RB is listed, even at honorable mention, is a first.

    And young Mr. Foreman is going to surprise some people on the defensive line.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes sir, and for my second big prediction of the day, young Mr. Ford is going to surprise some people on the o-line.

        The big man has great footwork and check out the takedown against the super quick LB:

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It would be so cool to see Ford do that in the Championship game to Oregon’s blitzing linebackers…..

        Liked by 1 person

    1. USC DL Tuli Tuipulotu?


      That girl had 22 tackles in 5 games before she got injured and was done for the year…what a shocker, huh?

      22 tackles is now good enough to be PAC 12 second team conference?

      Good Lord, the PAC 12 is Officially A Dumpster Fire!

      If she were in the SEC, Tuli ( Fragile Tulip ) Tuipulotu might be 1st team Mississippi St. cheerleading squad.


  2. To me Slovis has alot to prove this year he looked average last year especially in the loss to Oregon, and in the previous year the bowl game vs. Iowa. We shall see no question he can throw the ball if given time the question is how good a leader he is especially in the close games that mean something.

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    1. Slovis was leading us back against Iowa when he got hurt —and USC showed absolutely nothing on offense after he left the game. Harrell went clueless as an O. C. without his favorite QB. He had no answers at all.
      You’re right about the Oregon game. It almost looked as though that game was too big for Slovis. The 2 early interceptions were so boneheaded. And throwing the ball away without getting it out of bounds was the killer in the 4th quarter.
      But let’s not forget all the clutch throws against Arizona State, Arizona and UCLA. That’s what he offers when his head is on straight —bad arm or not.

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      1. Without Slovis last year, USC doesn’t get to the conference title game, and probably goes 3-2 at best. In fact, Slovis probably saved Helton’s job last year. Damn!

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      2. So true. If Slovis hadn’t hit TD passes in the last minute of 3 different games last year, Helton was toast.

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      3. “Slovis was leading us back against Iowa when he got hurt —”

        – Michael Guarino

        “when she got hurt” FIFY

        That should be Slovis middle name.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. No one would give their little boy “when she got hurt” as a middle name, tebow….
        It just wouldn’t happen….


  3. I’m surprised Helton isn’t coach of the year yet. After all he’s single handed in making the Trojans an also ran team. The rest of the league loves this. Vote Helton!


  4. Preseason is just that – preseason! Let’s see who’s all Pac-12 after the season’s schedule has concluded. I mean how many times has Clown U FB been a PRESEASON TOP 10 FB team and ended up #85, more or less?

    #It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. ~ The Turtle.

    SUCC FB: Tough as Pisley’s whiny, obnoxious, verbal diarrhea


      1. No MG, you are correct, but bozo’s were the RUNNER-UP in the P-12 Championship (SUCC was favored), at the crumbling mausoleum, and then rudely pussied out of a bowl game bid ’cause two(2) bozo players got hurt. Cue “Crying in the Chapel”

        I mean WTF happened to the ‘any team, anywhere, anytime’ SUCC blowhard, Hollywood BS? SUCC didn’t have a adequate B/U QB or another receiver to replace Amon RAH-RAH – huh?

        MG, What’s the excuse this time?! Oh I know, 3 – 2 Oregon had the better team! Or, SUCC FB just can’t stand competition.

        #SUCC $29.99 P-12 South Champion FB Tees, what a f**king joke. St Pat wouldn’t own one.

        Cue “Sent in the Clowns”


      2. And still the spotted sow a bunch of points then went on and kicked the ruins’ collective asses.
        If we’re soft, wtf are you? Eh mud.


    1. #It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. ~ The Turtle.

      Says the guy who says losing by 3 is as good as winning…. What a dope.

      Hey mud, you see that pic of DTR pissing himself yet?


      1. I don’t think I ever said losing by 3 points is as good as winning.

        What I actually said is losing by 3 points in the Final Four is better than SUCC’s humiliation of losing its Elite Eight game by 19 points. Three minutes into the 1st Qtr. bozo players were bending over crying “Give It To Me.”

        #SUCC BB: It’s been 25,000 + days and counting since they last were in a Final Four(1954).

        Whine all you want Pisley, but SUCC’s NCAA Tournament record screams “Stinking Failure.”

        #OOOOOOOOOOOOOOferever-dem’s the facts

        #Facts Matter. ~ Dear Pisley


      2. Now you’re just flat out lying. You’ve been crowing like a rooster about how great that game was and all you managed to do was lose. So try and rewrite history like the rest of leftist buddies. You lost. You’re school hasn’t won anything significant since before the turn of century.

        Oh wow, we lost by three…AGAIN!!!🖕🏽🖕🏽

        Liked by 2 people

      1. SUCC the RUNNER UP in the P- Championship game at the crumbling mausoleum.

        #Slovis says: “Here you take it”
        #SUCC BS: “Any team, anywhere, anytime’


      2. But we bet the snot out of chippie and his stars…

        Hey did you notice the pic of DTR in his new uni? He wet his pants!! What a woke operation they run over there across town. Showing that incontinence is okay…

        Tinkle tinkle little guy…


  5. Dear Pisley, you stinking cockroach

    UCLA hangs only NCAA NC banner’s at Pauley.

    SUCC brags about a bozo BB team that lost its 2021 Elite Eight game by humiliating 19 points. Defeating UCLA didn’t earn Andyain’twinning a contract extension. Maybe if he made the Final Four like Cronin…..

    #The Turtle
    #SUCC FB: Tough as wine soaked paper bag.


    1. Who lost more games this year?
      Who beat who 2x?
      Who had fans crying to keep them home?
      Who loses and acts like it’s a victory?
      Who’s qb goes out in public with soiled uniform pants?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. WOW…nothing like getting all worked up with fall practice about 5 days away.
    Wish hellton was 1/2 as fired up and capable to match his rhetoric.
    I actually think ucla q/b may out do slovis and utah q/b too…maybe Ariz St q/b and Oregon…What about Washington? in Pac12 final?
    This conference has turned to North Div dominating South,and how about concentrating on some of these facts instead of getting so personal.
    I don’t see Pac12 merger with Big10,unless TV money makes it happen.


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