Aaron Corp In The News

In a bit of non-Pac-12 media day news, former USC QB Aaron Corp is the new offensive coordinator at Orange Lutheran, his alma mater.

Corp has been quarterbacks coach at Norfolk State and Richmond. He played at Richmond after transferring from USC.

10 thoughts on “Aaron Corp In The News

  1. Perhaps one of Pete’s errors (there weren’t many) was playing gamesmanship on the week leading up to the UDub game, and not letting Corp know earlier that week he was going to start.

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    1. I think Pete was really hoping Barkley would recover from his Ohio State shoulder injury in time to play…. I don’t think he was too high on Corp (not his kind of QB — good legs, but not a threat on timing patterns…. and he knew Sark knew it]…..

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  2. Aaron Corp was too much of a dual threat QB, that being said, he never had a chance in hell to start at USC.

    A – a ron had some wheels, granted he played against and out-ran mostly white kids.


  3. Great young man & gifted athlete….but….he DID start at USC —and against college competition he couldn’t get past scrimmage passing or rushing….

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      1. By the way, my go to guy on all computer problems is a Hawaiian dual threat QB named Jake Manning — the guy was an unbelievable high school QB. Watch him on YouTube!


  4. Corp was a very good QB, got hung out to dry on one game unfairly– CEO noted that he knew everything that was being thrown at them bc SC or CLK specifically, didn’t even bother to change the play calls and design from the Chow days and after, that CEO had to face for years. Even then, 2/3 of the playbook was out. Are we going to forget that he won out as a starter but got hurt?

    Corp did well after transferring, was a gamer without support but it was a bad place to go. Was getting demolished physically, kid had guts but it seemed like a broken this one day and broken that the next… He effed up by not being patient and waiting out a year, jumping in at Richmond which was losing their players and bringing in a new staff that didn’t last long– I think he ended his career with a broken collar bone or something. Corp did a stint as a OC at an HBCU and a pretty good one and a surprisingly good recruiter in the talent rich Tidewater Virginia area which could serve him well in addition to his So Cal ties; can totally see him on the express lane as a D-I OC and eventual big thing.

    Sark didn’t light things up as an OC there– he’d have to wait for Bama which used both guys as passing coordinators while Saban kept the type of running game mix. Suckiffin keep faliling upward. CLK at Ole Miss isn’t lighting things up, and the best thing he did under his own volition was to hire Kendall Briles. Sark has failed everywhere except the one season with Saban (same limits). That man even screwed up the Falcons offense when it was the hottest thing n the NFL before he took over– and what happens when he got fired? UT! Smh Norm & PC gave the losers an underserved halo.


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