USC Friday Notes Column Supplement

I wrote this morning about John McKay benching five starters after losing his USC debut to Oregon State, 14-0, in 1960 as the Trojans fumbled five times.

Well, McKay didn’t get his first win until Game 4 when the Trojans defeated Georgia, 10-3, at the Coliseum. Georgia featured QB Fran Tarkenton but the Friday night game drew only 28,120. USC intercepted Tarkenton four times.

“This will be the first night in a long time that I’ll sleep after a game,” McKay said.

Note that USC wore its white jerseys for a home game.

Look how happy Jim Samuel was after the game.

And is running back Lynn Gaskill drinking a coke at halftime? My kind of team.

Georgia right halfback Bobby Walden, quarterback Fran Tarkenton, fullback Bill Godfrey, and left half Fred Brown pose during 1960 season.

12 thoughts on “USC Friday Notes Column Supplement

      1. Extra E because I f’ed up and misspelled the name. Dinner conversation was boring. But that’s not an excuse.


  1. Great to hear that my 1960 Trojans team (albeit prior to my birth), thrashed the Tarkenton-lead Bulldogs on a Friday night game.

    As a kid growing up I always liked Fran Tarkenton. Cheered for him 100%.
    The adoration turned dark when my wife and I bumped into him in the 90’s in Washington D.C. and he proceeded to undress my beautiful wife with his eyes.

    I guess all those sacks he took in all those losing superbowls were well worth it now.

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    1. How many of today’s QBs could take the punishment he endured? Heck, I’d bet he’d been hit out of bounds more violently during games, w/o penalty, than anyone today.

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