Chimezie Metu Rips Nigeria For Mistreatment Of Athletes

Former USC basketball player Chimezie Metu is playing in the Olympics for Nigeria.

After the basketball team was eliminated last night, he blasted the government and Olympic Committee of Nigeria. For example, the basketball team’s flight from Oakland to Tokyo took 30 hours because it went through Germany to save money. A flight from Oakland to Tokyo takes 11 hours.

Seven members of Coach Mike Brown’s staff were unable to stay in the Olympic Village because of visa problems.

“I’d like to use this time to bring awareness and comment on the off-the-court things a lot of Nigerian athletes have had to go through in these Olympics,” he said. “It’s extremely difficult to go out there and try to focus on the basketball game when you’re dealing with so much stuff off the court.

“For a lot of athletes that are here that represent Nigeria, our country, we’re ready to risk it all and put it on the line, but our government and the Olympic Committee of Nigeria, they make it extremely difficult to go out there and just focus on performing on our sport. I’m not just talking about basketball.

“I’m talking about the track athletes. I’m pretty sure everybody has heard about the 10 track athletes that were disqualified and it had nothing to do with what they did.

“It was a lack of attention to detail and lack of empathy for the hard work that’s put in by us athletes by the Nigerian Olympic Committee as well as the government. For 60-something athletes to fly halfway across the world and get disrespected and humiliated by our country, that’s something that I’m pretty sure none of us will stand for. I commend coach Mike Brown; he’s put a lot on the line for us.”

“We had to practice with no coach before we played the best team in the world, Australia,” Metu said. “I just feel I have to bring attention to that and try to use this platform to speak out against this. We’ve got 60-something athletes here and every single one of us has had a hard time since we’ve been here.”

“We see other countries and how they’re living and it’s just so smooth for them,” Metu said. “Man, what I wouldn’t give to have that. Like I said, all of us would die for our country. We would put it on the line, every last one of us. They make it extremely difficult to want to go out there and want to represent honestly, but over and over again, they continue to (mistreat us).

“I would like to use this time to ask the government and the Olympic Committee to kind of reflect on it and just see the stress they’re putting on us athletes that are coming to represent their dream. Like I said, the game is secondary to me at this point.”

24 thoughts on “Chimezie Metu Rips Nigeria For Mistreatment Of Athletes

  1. Metu’s frustration is understandable and the case he makes is compelling—but expect the government & Olympic Committee of Nigeria to be unmoved.
    [I like the way Djokovic melted down the day after he lectured the Americans about what a pleasure it is for him to play under pressure]…

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    1. Well-spoken young man. WTF are people thinking to save a few $$ if they have to add 19 hours onto a flight? Sounds like a question that Ed Garratt could answer…

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  2. Insidenigeriadotcom by scottie wolf

    Not sure what to say. Perhaps they should call themselves UCNigeria and have the state bail them out? Worth a try, hire Guerrero as chair of their OOC

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    1. Where’s SUCC’s Dr. Geo. Tyndall’s $800,000,000.00 scandal settlement funds coming from – uh Pisley?

      #Pisley’s momma’s student body nickname: “night-train”


      1. My friend Owns kind of walked into that one……. [perhaps the time has come to 100% switch allegiance to his co-favorite school]…..

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  3. One has to wonder why the US born Chimezie Metu doesn’t resort to his usual aggressive, angry behavior and kick someone that’s responsible, in the Nigerian Olympic Committee, in the ‘nads.

    I bet the Nigerian check issued to Metu for his BB services bounces higher then Pisley’s kneeling momma’s bobbing head.


    1. You’re a racist – sexist – homophobe who pretends like the rest of the liberal woke mob to be inclusive when they need votes but clearly uses derogatory comments towards others to make his little self feel bigger.

      Little self=prick
      Mud=dumb as dirt


      1. Pisley, you worthless POS, YOU’RE (not your) the only person on this blog that verbally assaults a person’s mother with pejorative accusations when they don’t buy YOUR (not you’re) SUCC verbal BS or when you start losing an argument.

        Your (not you’re) self-esteem is so teeny, it has to look up to look down.


      2. As YOU KNOW…

        It’s look up to SEE down.

        You and your buddies have always used pornographic and perverse descriptions (which you’ve upvoted) for a long time. The fact you deflect your homophobic, misogynistic, racist rants and “humor” as okay because of what anyone does speaks clearly to who you are. A little, little guy who needs to put others down to prop themselves up.



  4. Christ Pisley, you cretin, I asked you where the $800,000,000.00, Dr. Geo. Tyndall settlement funds were coming from; not where its not coming from.

    #Is it from SUCC FB’s $29.99, So. P-12 Conf. winner, t-shirt sales profits?


    1. Taking the Lords name in vain now too? Not surprising.

      What does it matter to you if it comes from one account or another. As you’d know if you had two nickels to rub together, how and where you spend them is nobody’s business but your own.

      Tragedy of all this is that knuckleheads who don’t know you may believe you’re actually a sow grad. But you’re not, nothing more than a wannabe. A mean spirited, know nothing, do no good oaf who can’t even keep a quorum together on a sow board to discuss their teams, mediocre as they are. Yet you come here to crow about some existential interest out there that will sell out the rosebowl for sow’s game with a middlin lswho team. NOT EVEN IF THEY GAVE THEM AWAY W/FREE BEER…. Hahahahaha


      1. That was the plan. Remove them from the beach and offer them a tailgating and free beer for sitting through at least 3 qtrs

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      2. Did you read Chip’s reply memo?

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  5. Good for Chimezie Metu for speaking up. People on these Olympic committees are just corrupt degenerates (and not just in Nigeria).

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  6. “Looking for something refers to searching for something. ‘Seeing’ is defined as, “to perceive by the eye; to perceive or detect as if by sights.” It is a more active action. In order to see, not only does one look at the object but he/she also understands it, perceives it and pays attention to it.”

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    I have an “…existential interest…” WTF?!! There’s no such thing cue ball.

    Cue “White Punks on Dope”


    1. You are dumb as they come. No matter the convoluted logic you pretend to use, it is and has always been and will always be “look up to SEE down”

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    2. He’s right, you are a racist scumbag. I don’t know how a perverse racist like you could be so proud of himself. It pains me to imagine the horrible, hateful, loathsome things that I’m sure youve taken part in. You’re just the worst sort of person.


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