USC Notes: Is Kansas Ready To Join Pac-12?

Here’s another picture from 1978 of my favorite USC basketball uniforms. With Cliff Robinson in the center, of course.

  • Kansas is ready to join the Pac-12.

26 thoughts on “USC Notes: Is Kansas Ready To Join Pac-12?

  1. All those things about Kansas and Kansas City are true, but I’m sure not up to George Kliavkoff and Carol Folt’s elite expectations. USC should go to the Big Ten.


    1. USC should of gone independent years ago instead of getting conned into that horrible Pac 12 network TV deal by Larry Scott. Nakias should’ve not only been shown the door for the scandals that happen under his watch. He should of been shown the door for allowing USC to get hosed nationally for game day exposure. Going along with the status quo and allowing the Athletic dept. to be run into mediocrity by hiring incompetent ADs because he was influenced by money from boosters. Instead of hiring the best candidate for the job.

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  2. Bohn needs to throw around his tremendous weight & influence in the Pac 12 to make this happen…
    Having Kansas join Pac 12 will cement our Brand forever….and ever…

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    1. We have the pieces — Slovis, Ingram, London, McCoy, Vorhees, Jackson — to be special. Hope we have the leadership—players & coaches— to make it happen.

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      1. MG,

        Wait a minute lad. Just hold on there.

        Wouldn’t be you rather be in Pullman in December.



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      2. Wintering in Pullman —with Carol—has been my secret fantasy for the last 2 years…..

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      3. the big question is graham harrell’s scheme. is he willing to let go of the air raid concept and create an offense more like oklahoma, that incorporates a great passing attack into a complete offensive scheme. you cant pass the ball if you have no threat of a run offense. you have to stretch a defense in every way, making it impossible for them to key on specific players.

        in addition to the players you mentioned we also have Epps & Trigg, Bryant and Washington. And could Kyle Ford see playing time? Our receiving corps could have more size than nearly any in the country. we can throw speed and size at any defense. We really need to learn how to use tight ends, both in the passing game and the running game. Chip Kelly is creating some interesting use of tight ends, because he is an innovative coach, even if he sucks at other areas of being a head coach.

        I read elsewhere that McGuire is a definite improvement as a coach.

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      4. Obviously Graham is a smart guy. How can he keep telling his guys, ‘everybody go out for a pass —just get open’ ? I’ve heard him say “I want a QB who throws to the open grass — nobody can defend that kind of offense cuz we practice it more than they practice defending it.” Can’t he see that —since the BYU game—EVERYBODY knows how to defend against it? We still win more than we lose but a lot of those wins came by way of miracle finishes in games we were favored to win by 2 TD’s. That is not success. I’m worried that a coach who ONLY talks about throwing to the open grass truly doesn’t give a shit about the run game, the o-line or balanced football.


    2. Right on – I believe he had osteotomies to straighten his legs, and that (wrongly) scared off others. When you check him out now, it looks like he will fit right in to protect Slovis’s blind side.

      Here is a 340 lb guy, with feet about as quick as a LB:

      Would love to see him at practice vs. Korey Foreman. It will make both of them better.

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      1. The sky is the limit for both of those guys. I don’t want to jinx anything ….but this could be the year…

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      2. Iron sharpens iron but Clay can’t figure out one of the many obvious traditions that made USC great. He wants to coddle these young men with hugs and shoulder rubs.


  3. It makes sense for Kansas to join the Pacific Coast. It is closer than the Atlantic coast. And the ACC isn’t as accommodating. But their reason, “We want to have the chance to be a conference champion before USC wakes up and fires Helton, “ is a little suspect.

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  4. USC had equal billing to ND and could be independent. Now, i am not sure. The past and present leadership equates to impotence.


  5. I read that USC is pushing local recruits to take their official visits to the school in December. Interesting. So they want to push the player decisions back to after the season.

    My read on this is that the plan is that either 1) we have a stellar year and go 11-1 and win the Pac-12 and that helps recruiting, or 2) Clay is fired and a new head coach will be in place by the end of the year, so that will help recruiting.

    I think the bar for Clay to remain HC after this year is incredibly high.


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