USC Sunday Buzz: A Light Medal Haul So Far At Olympics

Usually at this point in the Olympics, we’ve already heard USC pull out its standard Olympics saying, “if USC were a country, it would rank — in medals won.”

But it’s been a light medal haul so far, that will pick up with track and field underway especially with Michael Norman (400 meters) and Dalilah Muhammad (400 hurdles) coming up. Kendall Ellis won a bronze medal in the Mixed 4×400 relay.

Andre De Grasse finished third in the 100 meters today, which is a bit of a disappointment given an unknown (Lamont Marcell Jacobs) won and others were either disqualified or ran poorly. Isaiah Jewett was tripped and fell in the 800 meters.

But forget all that because the Scottish Daily Mail has a feature on USC sprinter Nicole Yeargin and says she went to the “prestigious University of South California.”


17 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: A Light Medal Haul So Far At Olympics

    1. I’d make an unkind remark about the Scottish Daily Mail …but it would put me on the wrong side of Mr. S. Mcnghy (I think that’s close to the right spelling). He’s got the noble blood of William Wallace & Robert the Bruce running in his veins so best not to offend….

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      1. We haven’t seen the young man in a while, have we? The perfect foil for some of the trolls. Though I only follow about 1 post out of 3 of his. I may need to break out the Good Book…

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    2. If beat writers could receive medals, Little Snarky One would have an empty award shelf. He’s bitter and sad if you must know. Poor, poor Little Wolfie. 😦

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  1. “South California” … excellent Frank Black reference. Clay Helton should change his twitter profile to read “Proud to be head coach at University of South California.”

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