Looks Like Another Offensive Lineman Ignored USC

Dayne Shor, a four-star offensive tackle from Alpharetta, Ga., committed to Alabama this weekend.

USC offered a scholarship to Shor.

Now I don’t expect any lineman with a chance to go to Alabama to choose USC, especially one from Georgia.

But the list of highly regarded linemen who don’t even give USC serious consideration while the Trojans intensity their efforts on three-star prospects is something the recruiting sites don’t seem to want to discuss.

I don’t care if USC loses a wide receiver or cornerback to another school. Those positions are easy to replace and USC gets more than enough players at those spots.

But Donte Williams doesn’t recruit offensive linemen. The Goobers do (Graham Harrell, Clay McGuire).

This cannot be ignored. The marquee programs have top offensive linemen. USC does not.

26 thoughts on “Looks Like Another Offensive Lineman Ignored USC

  1. USC would have the Western Kentucky line up if it weren’t for SC recruiting itself. Really, the goobers are negative recruiting against SC. SC had a haul of skill players always, Donte just acts as a distraction from the HC.

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  2. USC is not impressed with the star system. They evaluate the linemen by the pound. They are being penny wise and pound foolish.
    One of the reasons four and five star players have their stars is intelligence. The intelligent players take one look at the current offensive scheme and say, “I don’t think that it will work- can’t win games passing fifty times a game.”

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    1. In a game in which a John Robinson team was losing by 4 points midway thru the 4th quarter, he called a timeout and said to the offense “No more passing –we’re gonna win this game or lose this game rushing the football.”

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      1. Great historical reference, Michael.
        Takes me back to the days of USC dominance.

        Actually, even JR began to realize that rushing the ball against 8 in the box and the cornerbacks cheating the LOS was becoming a losing formula. This is why Paul Hackett–and then Ted Tollner–were brought in to bring USC O into the new age of passing. Sean Salisbury was really the first USC QB recruit brought in to be a passing QB.

        Your point is still well taken. If Harrell doesn’t use the run game effectively this year, both he and HC CH will be looking for employment in December.

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      2. It’s so obvious that Harrell has to leave his comfort zone and LEARN the running game. This is probably a bad example …but…I used to favor my forehand so much in tennis that I’d run all over the court hitting forehands [& use my backhand only when the ball was bouncing in the far corner of my backhand side]. A tennis pro watched me lose a match on a court in Marina del Rey by getting so out of position that I couldn’t cover the corner of my forehand side —& said, “look, kid –start practicing your backhand or get out of the game. It’s easy –just keep keep your elbow straight and follow through.” Helton needs to insist that Harrell insert a half dozen running plays into his offense, practice the hell outta them this fall and run them 30 times a game…. or get out of coaching offense. I’d rather see Reggie run the offense than watch another game like the ones against Iowa or Oregon.


  3. The big problem for USC is that Clay McGuire’s work history at Texas State doesnt even put him in the same ballpark as the offensive line coaches at places like Alabama.

    He might actually be a decent coach. I have heard that inside the program, people think he is a big improvement over Drevno. His knowledge of the air raid and background with GH might give him the ability to impact the schematics of the run game. And maybe he is better at developing talent.

    But that means USC is in a “prove it” mode right now. If USC proves to have a really good line and McGuire can show o-line prospects that they have a real run game in addition to effective pass blocking, it will turn some recruits. But that will only happen once the season gets going.

    And if they fail at a run game, they will only be able to get 3 star prospects.

    But honestly, USC should never be in this position. Hiring an amateur OC and then a o-line coach from Texas State just isnt what USC should ever need to do. Frankly, on the o-line side of the ball, Colbert might be the only coach that seems like he matches up to other top teams. Doege is a first time coach. Jinks has never been a real winning coach at a top program.

    The defensive coaching is much better than the offensive coaching. I could actually see the whole defensive staff remaining in place after Helton is fired.

    As I posted previously, USC is trying to get prospects to book official visits in December. Could this mean they plan on a HC change and close on prospects after a new HC is named?

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    1. Hope McGuire brings the enthusiasm that Drevno once had but lost. Harbaugh didn’t sack Tim cuz he forgot how to coach —he got rid of him cuz he was burned out.
      Similarly, I don’t think Todd is necessarily a savvier coach than Pendergast —-but he sure as hell exudes more energy. I think that’s why the Trojan defense got better each game in 2020. If it weren’t for Kedon’s meltdown, Orlando would have bottled up Oregon all day.

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      1. Yeah, gotta say that harbaugh has been a huge success since he jettisoned Drevno. Or did Drevno quit? No matter since harbaugh hasn’t developed anything but angst and loathing in Ann Arbor. Has he had one qb go pro since stanfurd?

        I’m not his biggest fan….

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      2. Me neither. Nixon once said “most mistakes are mistakes of diplomacy” …and the 2 point try against Pete was about as classless as it gets. Totally prick thing to do …like hitting a guy when he’s down (although I have to say he handled getting screwed outta a Super Bowl win….and losing to his brother of all people…. with a dignity I didn’t expect)….

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    2. Colbert is a fine WR coach.
      I think Jinks is a very good assistant coach. He didn’t seem to work out in his HC assignment.

      The problem since about 2014 has been the O-line, and HC CH has no answer for that gaping problem.

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      1. Vicious circle. Helton (and his o-line coaches) have sucked for so long that no one wants to play for them anymore.


  4. Totally agree…I believe part of the issue is the Air Raid offense that is currently been run by Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. The Air Rid style does not totally develop an offensive lineman. One of the reason so many Alabama offensive lineman are selected in the first couple rounds of each NFL draft – is because they are developed and coached to run block and pass block. At one time USC has this – with two or more lineman being drafted in the early rounds. Now it is usually one going in first round – Vera Tucker this year to Jets and last year Jackson to Dolphins. I am very curious to watch the offensive line this coming season.

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    1. We’ll know a lot by halftime in the San Jose State game —if we have 50 yards rushing and a couple of Slovis sacks it’s gonna be a long, long year.

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      1. I’m somewhat familiar with the players on the D-Line for San Jose State… they are really good. And they’ve got a pretty deep group of linebackers. If we handle them, I think we’ll be fine against the very average 2021 Stanford line….

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    1. No one who actually meets Helton (coach or player) is excited about being around him. But our program has other things to offer, luckily….


  5. Not only is there a list of highly regarded O-linemen who don’t even give USC serious consideration but when they were looking for a replacement for Drevno they went through a list of highly regarded O-Line coaches who didn’t give SC serious consideration(I think one of them took a job somewhere else in the Pac-12 but I could be wrong) before they finally settled on the guy we have now. Those guys were really good O-Line coaches. We should have kept Drevno and also Johnny Nansen(used him as a tight end coach or something). He was a great recruiter. That’s why we lost Jay Toia.


  6. CAUTION: I’m about to say some stuff that’s been said by many and understood by most. Why? Why not… without further ado:

    3 offensive keys to winning football
    1. Being able to effectively run n pass da ball, and
    2. Ability to do so no matter the field position, situation, and
    3. Not being predictable in your playcalling

    In my amateur-ish (Helton-ish?) opinion of things, you situationally master these 3 you’re gonna avoid sucking more often than not. Notice there’s no mention of balancing pass attempts vs rock totes, even distribution of yards, total yards, or any similar. Both me and Jack Daniels beleive having the ability to do both well (runnin y throwin) doesnt lead to wins because some mythical statistical balance, or some optimal ratio was attained. Doin both well (in the manner listed above) leads to wins because it keeps the defense unable to fully commit to one of two defensive modes – downhill attacking the run, or backing up into pass d/lanes/assignments (sans the defensive line play). One unsure step or one second of hesitation is all it takes for top shelf Trojan talent to be off to the races. That hesitation usually only happens when/if a defender has to guard against air and ground. If they know you cant run the ball for fuck, goodbye bonus opportunities created by timid steps or slow reaction. As far as this kinda thing being meaningful to Clay? Doubt it. He has a tough enough time keeping track of timeouts. If he doesn’t believe in the value of forced uncertainty, then he’s surely not going to properly value the run game. And trust since getting good at running the ball requires a helluva lot more work than mastering some fancy dan passing scheme, and kids today don’t volunteer to do anything resembling hard work, our soft as chiffon coach attracts, recruits, and sings kumbaya with soft as charmin kids. Mean, nasty football playin’ motherfuckers who understand hard work is what it takes to win dont want to spend 3 or 4 years around the silver-spoon country club pseudo tough afterschool flag football program clay babysits.

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