Keyan Burnett Commits To Arizona

Tight end Keyan Burnett of Servite, who was previously committed to USC, committed to Arizona on Sunday.

Not a surprise at all but these quotes pretty much confirm why he is not going to USC.

“They see me as a traditional tight end,” Burnett told 247Sports. “They want to feature the tight end in their offense and like how well I fit in.”

USC does not utilize its traditional tight ends or feature them in the offense.

21 thoughts on “Keyan Burnett Commits To Arizona

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    1. I’d like to be the tight ends coach at USC — time to see the sights, pursue women, learn to speak Japanese, maybe become an Arthurian scholar…..

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  2. Losing him doesn’t worry me because, like the wolfman says, we don’t use tight ends. What worries me is not being able to recruit a decent O-Lineman. The best we can hope for is a 3 star. Pretty soon we’ll be down to 2 stars.

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  3. No loss for SC…….Trojans are loaded at TE. He will get all the run he needs at univ Arizona mediocre football program bottom of the pac 12 south

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  4. We could all five stars but clay would not know what to do with them. Moot point really.

    Basically a waiting game until helton’s contract expires really. Then football may have a chance.

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  5. Saw the precious lil vid’ posted on Twatter about our brave young warrior persons having an “electric” last weightlifting session. Wow, electric, imagine… gosh, it sounded so fuckin fun I had to watch. And wouldn’t ya know it, sure as sbjt, those happy little young persons were yelling out loud, dancing around, literally, without a care in the world or any weights in their hands. They were carrying on like Betty Lou at the sock hop in groups of 1, 2, 3 and more. Boy o boy, a grand time was being had by all. I suspect it was cause they had a real life DJ doing his 2 turn tables and a microphone DJ thing dead smack in the middle of the weight room & session.
    A goddamn DJ in the weight room of a football team who just 2 short years ago had Iowa run 3 consecutive QB sneaks on em, all the way from the 10yd line down to the 1in line. Perfect.

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    1. Whoever runs USC’s football marketing is a complete idiot. Worst I have ever seen. Could be that Helton is heavily involved in this, or appointed one of his picks.

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      1. Agree. BLOWStudios🌴 has Clay “What Is A SAG?” Heltons mangy pawprints all over it. Of course this means Ms. “Foreplay Requires A Big Direct Deposit” Angela” is busily filling his shiny but empty dome with precisely the kinda genius ideas that one might expect from a chick married who married a buffoon that would still be a buffoon, but way more broke, if not for the patron saint of rewarding mediocrity, St. Swanny


    1. Thanks for the video! This a case of the Trojans showing that special kind of “want to!” that Clay talked about when he was hired.


    1. Steve Martin’s most ‘insightful’ joke (delivered at a large businessmen’s luncheon held at the Anaheim Convention Center). “This is the kind of group that —when I used to walk down a hotel hallway and see one going on in the hotel conference room —I’d always say, ‘gee, I’m glad I’m not in there'”


  6. USC does not use tight ends but yet they still have close to 7 tight ends on the current roster. Why do you need that many tight ends? This shows me the whole program is poorly organized at this point of time. Injuries happen but you don’t need that many tight ends especially if you are not using them on Saturday’s. If your going to have that type of depth it should be on the offensive and defensive lines, and linebacker.


    1. There is no roster management at SC. USC is a valuable degree. They need to make sure not to get players with an injury track record or who really just want a free ride to college, but are not serious about football.

      It will take 2-3 years for a new HC to clean out the bad in the program. Every player who is not 100% committed to giving 100% dilutes the program.


  7. THE USC vs. IOWA bowl game video clearly sums up the entire Clay Helton era of finesse football. IOWA, had very few highly skilled athletes in that game, but year in and year out they have very physical offensive and defensive lines, and they develop the 2-3 star talent over a 4-5 year period, and some even make the NFL. Imagine what Iowa Coach Kirk Firentz could do with the type talent USC brings in every year.


  8. THE USC -IOWA bowl game video is the perfect summary of the Clay Helton finesse football era at USC. USC looks like a Jr. High Flag Football team playing against grown adults in their first tackle football game.

    Iowa- has very few highly skilled players year after year, but they win games because they develop offensive and defensive lineman year after year, and teach a physical brand of football. Most of their players come in as 2-3 star recruits especially their lineman, and few leave early until they are ready for the NFL. or in most cases graduate, and move on to other careers. Are they national championship contenders each year the answer is no, but the Iowa program is very solid.

    Kirk Farentz at Iowa is a very underrated coach. Imagine what he could with the talent at USC. One thing for sure he is would quickly restore our running game. Not saying he is the perfect replacement for Clay Helton nor do I think he would leave Iowa at his age, but this is the type coach we need. USC needs to keep it simple with their next head coaching hire perhaps even focus on a defensive minded coach. ! They have failed every time with these offensive guru’s who run the fancy offensives like Tollner, Hackett, Helton, and now the Emperor Graham Harrell.

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