USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


The tight end committed to Arizona. The offensive lineman committed to Alabama. Neither position does well at USC.


He settled his case for $8 million, if you believe Reggie Bush.


No longer has to cover for Andy Enfield’s bad decisions.


The No. 3 pick in the draft meant USC had three straight first-round picks in three seasons. Only four schools can say that. And USC has won zero Pac-12 titles in that time.


He is really going to be head coach as USC opens training camp Friday.



Can he just stop talking? He didn’t have anything to say when he needed to help the players at USC in 2010. But now it’s a huge travesty that must be addressed so he can get his Heisman back.


USC rented the stadium out to the Major League Rugby championship Sunday, which was won by the LA Giltinis. They had the fans all sit on one side of the Coliseum so it would look like the crowd was bigger. Maybe USC should do that for football games.


An early study says the average name, image and likeness endorsement deal in the first month is worth $923, before taxes.


When will USC address the name of the interior of Bridge Hall named after former trustee Tom Barrack? Probably after it gets to dealing with Cromwell Field.


A slapped-together cover for the football media guide is hardly befitting what is supposed to be one of the nation’s marquee programs.


34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. I’m not so sure losing a tight end was a big loss. Since we dont really use them, it just isnt an important position.

    As fall camp begins, it will be interesting to see if the o-line starts to shape up. I think that Cortland Ford is underrated and will do pretty well at left tackle and that Jonah Monheim is going to step up and take over the right tackle position. If USC can keep those 2 players for the coming 3 seasons, they might start to develop the core of a strong o-line. I also wonder if some of the younger interior linemen might push for playing time. Clay McGuire actually be a decent player development coach. And practicing against this defensive line might actually push the o-line to a decent level.

    With the first full year of practice for the defense under TO and hopefully some more schematic diversity in the run game with a better o-line, this team might actually start to deliver on the field. Utah and UCLA are going to be tougher opponents this year, so SC needs to take a big step forward this year.

    The lack of momentum in recruiting shows that alot of potential SC recruits want to see what happens on the field before they commit. Everyone knows, if the team loses more than a game or two Helton is definitely gone. The plan for a new HC at the end of this season might already be a done decision.

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    1. …I’m not sure Utah will be so sporty. Their trf QB Bentley could be a “star in the making.” Their top TB accumulated all his yardage against inferior defenses in 2020, so his stats were “inflated.” Sadly, he was killed back home in Texas a few days after Christmas. The Utes best WR, Brittain Covey, is so old that he is supplementing his scholarship with his Social Security check. The NCAA is looking into whether this is a permissible benefit for a student athlete.

      The fighting Chipsters will be sporty this season on offense. If the Chipper figures out defense, they will be a tough match.

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      1. UCLA will be a problem. Chip may not be the coach UCLA needs —but he’s pretty good at getting ready for USC….and this year his job depends on doing more than scoring a bunch of TD’s —he’s gotta win & he knows it.

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  2. So we have Reggie Bush as the loser and Clay Helton as the winner? Hmm…Scottie must be reading Alice in Wonderland. And why is the media guide a loser?

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    1. No!! What’s really crazy is that the Coli management decided to use only half the stadium for a small crowd to save money on staffing?

      Like they cared what the crowd looked like…. SMDH

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    1. Bet the Coli had more hometown fans for that rugby game than sow will for theirs…

      💦💦 why would anyone publish a picture of their new unis while their model had wet pants?

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      1. Not so fast, Pudly. The wet pants thing might just turn out to be a big draw for the kind of recruits UCLA is looking for…

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      2. Dear Pisley:

        1. Kal ’86 and you are the only slugs who care about intramural Rugby.

        2 Haven’t seen the pix you’re (not your) continually whining about.

        3 No Andyain’twinning contract extension

        4 And on point, zero bozo BB NC’s-OUCH!


      3. You’re way too into 0-4 and waiting for Andy to leave. That’s normal for sow fans who’s coach can’t figure out how to get by him.

        But then 0-4 (including losses in the sewage collection pit called johnnie and nellie court) gotta hurt.

        Who said I cared 1 iota about rugby, it was scottie that brought it into the discussion, I only mentioned how their crowds were BIGGER than a sow football game. Which btw, I don’t give a rat’s azs about either.

        And in closing, I’ll just say that I’m saving the pic of DTR and his wet pantelones for the apropos moments during the season, of which I’m sure they’ll many. There is something called google, if you’re in the least bit curious 🤡

        Suck ruin tittie you wannabe 💋

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  3. Only the blogger can write a “Winners and Losers” post and insert a whining commentary for both sides.

    If the blogger is ever declared a winner he would say “This sucks.” If he is ever declared a loser he would say “Why am I here?”



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  4. Winners of the week:
    1. USC football fans–a month away from kickoff.
    We should know our destiny by the end of September.
    Y’all can stop whining in a few weeks.

    2. The SEC. Great move. Texas AM just might struggle (even more).

    Sideways of the week:
    The PAC -12.
    U Colorado might consider a move back to the Big 12 (now the big 8).
    Rumor is that Nebraska might consider a move back to the Big 8.

    Again, I see the Pac 12 adding Baylor and TCU as they are reasonably successful in FB and Baylor has built a great BB program. Excellent academic profile. Both are private schools. I’d add BYU to the Pac 12 also. While KU is academically inferior, I suppose we could add them to the Pac 12 for the BB gravitas.

    BTW, I think we lost to KU in Football the last time we played them.
    Time for some payback.

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    1. Yes! The kind of payback I like! The “sure thing” kind.

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    2. Here are a couple of curveballs. Houston, because it is 3rd in enrollment and in the Houston market, has a very respectable hoops program, a Heisman winner, and they have a very healthy fan base. They’re not academically Rice but Rice has like 5 students.

      And the not so curvy Ok St. Oklahoma State has 52 NCAA team national titles, which ranks fourth in most NCAA team national championships, very Conference of Champion-ish, and a state following in both OK City and their home in metro Tulsa.

      (I’ve always thought Vegas is a gimme, and doesn’t need an official presence esp with our championship tourney and games in their turf so I won’t go there.)

      As for the rest… BYU has always made sense except for the anti LDSers, because they bring a national audience like ND and good academics (schools entered the P12 that weren’t Tier One Research schools and became so).

      The obvious schools in Texas with major football like TT (what’s the Lubbock market size?), TCU, Baylor, and at least a look at SMU (which seems to unfairly carry a permanent stain to their FB but a rabid fan base and Dallas location)… could in combination be as big a market share as UT and UO. They don’t have to get an equal cut but could get something dependent on a number of variables… The P10 used to have unequal sharing before Larry Scott and he kept the provision of SC and UCLA being guaranteed a certain amount if the contracts didn’t reach a threshold.

      You’re convincing me on Kansas too. Hmm, an 4 or 5 Texas schools, BYU, OK St, Kansas… I hear Mizzou wants to leave the SEC… The 20 team monster conference of the Pacific and West. PAC West to compete with 16 team SEC, and 15 and a 1/2 ACC in some of the biggest and growing markets. And a scheduling partnership with the ACC.

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      1. I agree the Cowboys would be great addition. The increased recruiting footprint would do us much more good than too many Texas schools.

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    3. I’d gladly trade BYU and or Boise State for Colorado. Just make sure no 26yr olds from BYU are eligible.



    1. Right from the beginning Bru has proven he’s the sort of stable influence the team can look to and depend on. If Bru goes it will be a blow to team maturity.

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      1. Without McCoy we’re gonna be relying on Kyle Ford, Gary Bryant …and of course, Drake London.
        Time to start thinking about throwing to our backs, please!

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    2. Don’t worry Pisley, Bru’s momma, daddy and the McCoy family mouthpiece are on it.

      Bru says he didn’t do squat. ~Osa Messina, author of the acclaimed Pepsi Bottle Chronicles and PBC video series.


  5. Michael is right on point about UCLA being a problem this year.
    1) They have more experienced players returning this year than any other Pac 12 team.
    2) Chip Kelly has to win this year, and if he does not he will be gone.
    3) Has an experienced QB returning means everything in the Pac 12. History proves that as few teams win with an inexperienced rookie QB.
    3) Darian Robinson Thompson is a talented Duel-Threat QB. If he eliminates the mistakes he has made in the past -LOOK OUT.
    4) They have improved each year under Kelly, and now they have some depth at each position.

    We shall see how far they have come when they play LSU at the Rose Bowl in September.

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    1. If UCLA beats LSU (which is highly possible), USC will need to start thinking about the Big Game as being for all the marbles, not just the bell.


  6. A Dear Pisley in context quote:

    “Who said I cared 1 iota about rugby, it was scottie that brought it into the discussion, I only mentioned how their crowds were BIGGER than a sow football game. Which btw, I don’t give a rat’s azs about either.”

    Remind me Pisley, why do you harp on subjects you claim you don’t care about? Mucho loco!

    #SUCC no Final Four since 1954
    #zero bozo BB NC’s
    #no Boner contract extension for Andyain’twinning
    #”Facts Matter” ~Dear Pisley, after chugging a C45, 40.


    1. You’re still an idiot. My comment was about why they opened half the Coli for a rugby game… not about rugby. But my comment about sow was because “I can” and so shove that.

      Sow give coach new contract extension for being winless at home and on the road in crosstown rivalry.. continually finishing lower in conference standings than predicted!!! I say extend him again and may as well do chippie too!! Hahahahaha

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