Bru McCoy Arrested; Suspended

USC wide receiver Bru McCoy has been “temporarily removed from team activities” following his arrest July 24 on suspicion of felony intimate partner violence with injury.

McCoy was released on $50,000 bail. He has a court date set for Nov. 24. The story was first reported on

Given the way USC has handled past cases, I’m not saying McCoy is “temporarily removed” is accurate, unless the case gets resolved quickly.

26 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Arrested; Suspended

      1. Clay Helton and C.L. Max Nikias competing to see who can recruit and support the most criminals.

        USC remains a dumpster fire. And a laughingstock.


  1. He’s gone. He’ll never play football for SC again. Luckily for SC it’s at a position where they have too many people. I’m always suspicious of all these cases where a boyfriend supposedly beats up his girlfriend. In todays america, the rule in these kinds of cases is you’re guilty until proven innocent(quite the opposite of how it has always been in america). So don’t decide to dump your girlfriend for another girl. She may just decide to accuse you of rape(when it was really consentual sex) and then you are really up the creek because try and prove that it was consentual sex. It’s impossible.

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    1. These players have so much to lose. So either he really lost his temper and did something violent, or he was targeted by a jilted ex. You have to wonder how a kid can disprove an accusation of violence if there were no witnesses.

      Possibly kissing away millions of dollars and his whole reputation, which might mean any big future career.

      Sucks for him, sucks for SC fans. Sucks for the girl if it is true/serious.

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      1. Save all texts, e-mails and other electronic communications with her. I’m not saying it will work every single time but if a gal reaches out to a guy multiple times (booty call, let’s hang out, let’s grab dinner, etc.) after an alleged incident it can help to show that she was not fearful of him after the incident.




      2. A wide receiver from U Wisconsin was similarly involved a few years ago.
        The FB team “benched him” but stood by him while the process worked its way out.
        Eventually, the FB player was reinstated and had a nice Sr year for Wisconsin.
        He is playing in the NFL now.

        This won’t resolve quickly. We will see how the facts play out.


      3. A hate to see any violence done to women by men who are bigger and much stronger. But the solution is not to change the whole system from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent”. That’s just not the answer.


  2. Give it a couple years and we’ll all be fucking with a GoPro strapped to our foreheads. Nothing says good time like crawling into bed looking like a naked prospector.

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    1. Why wait a few years? Since USC lost a WR today, every player should be arranging their GoPro hat right now.




    1. USC seems to be on the road to a “holier than thou/everyone else” approach that seems disconcerting.



  3. That dude obviously has issues. They whole transfer out then come back, the mystery illness no one ever explained and now this. Good thing the football program has such strong leadership…

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  4. USC will again take the stick with guilty until later proven innocent approach like they did with Matt Boermeister. Very sad for Bru I bet he takes the year off, and will head to Texas next year to play for Sarkisian at Texas. USC will want to keep their hands clear of the truth (Carol Folt principle) after all that has happened to this University.

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    1. That’s exactly the opposite of what they’re doing right now. Dude got arrested for a felony. They booted Jack Jones when he got caught robbing a Panda Express in Santa Paula. They suspended Joseph Lewis IV straight out the gate – he did 6 months in the pokey. So no, USC is not being tough here.

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  5. “I am shocked!” ~ Osa Messina

    Could this be a Bru can’t lock and load, and she wonders out loud WTF.

    Josh Allen s/b mentoring young Bru McCoy.


  6. These women go crazy on these athletes and if they can’t have him they’ll burn the entire house down. It’s as close to killing him as you can legally get. It always takes two to tango. I’m sure she was standing there not touching him or even verbally abusing him and just took her punishment until she could call the cops. Oh well — Bru is done here. He better get his GD act together if he wants to continue to play. I expected much more out of him and he’s turned into a mental midget— because that’s the type of guy that lets women burn his house down.


  7. Very sad news to hear about Mr. McCoy’s arrest.

    Looks like he will be the next one to enter the transfer portal.
    I am sure some SEC/ACC team will pick him up.

    I agree that he likely is done given the treatment of our 2017 Rose Bowl winning placekicker who never set foot on USC after having consensual sex.

    I hope McCoy gets his day in court but I will not hold my breath with Folt and the Title IX “aholes” in charge.


  8. hi football fans, these players mckoy having problems with women need coaching here women are prioblematic at best!? i see many of them as hoodlums opportunists ? mckoy needs to control his urges needs self control!? sincerely, E


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