USC Notes: Fans Are Tired

I’ve heard from USC fans today who generally have the same reaction to the $496 tailgate pass this season: “I’m not buying season tickets and I’m not getting a tailgate pass.”

That’s the attitude right now. There is so much USC fatigue that fans are just sitting out going to the games or planning to buy tickets online for 1-2 games, which saves a lot of money.

“I’m pretty much done unless I see some major changes,” a booster told me this morning.

I thought Mike Bohn was going to be a fan-friendly A.D. Instead, what’s changed? Besides being charged an outrageous amount for a tailgate pass?

  • Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff met with Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby today to discuss the “possibility of a scheduling alliance, merger or other options for their conferences to strategically work together” per the Athletic.

Why not meet with the Big Ten instead? It’s a better conference and has traditional ties to the Pac-12. Or is it too big now to become a true partner with the Pac-12?

  • Don’t laugh but USC wide receiver Bru McCoy will be eligible for the April NFL Draft.

24 thoughts on “USC Notes: Fans Are Tired

  1. Big Ten only wants the cream of the Pac12 crop. George might end up in charge of the P12 scraps. Not a very exclusive club and no high barriers to entry.

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  2. Bru McCoy might just as well declare for the draft. I assume this assault charge isn’t going away. Any “sexual partner” knows who they are with when they are together . A cry of wolf will ruin his career, and that’s a pretty steep penalty for revenge. Still like I said yesterday a statement like, “no charges have been filed and a trial is set for November” tells me they are figuring out which book they plan to throw at him.
    Not to worry, USC has several horses in their stable – wife receivers are a dime a dozen.

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  3. Carol Folt won’t be involved in any decision making if USC decides to entertain offers from other conferences.

    Folt is a puppet, that’s all she is.

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    1. Yet somehow the puppet was apparently able to nix any consideration of Urban Meyer being hired all on her own.


  4. The minute McCoy set foot on USC’s campus he was a problem.

    Report: USC WR Bru McCoy Involved in Altercation at Frat House

    USC freshman wide receiver Bru McCoy was reportedly involved in a fight at the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house near the USC campus Oct. 26.


  5. The only way to put Helton behind us once and for all is if we don’t purchase season tickets or attend home/away games. Don’t attend any USC football events what so ever. And don’t purchase any gear. We need to send a clear message to Folt that were NOT taking this any more. PERIOD!!!! We need to stand tall and say enough is enough. Hit her where she lives, in the wallet.


    1. Carol Folt is a nothing. Do you actually believe she has any say with regard to Trojan football? Folt is a puppet. Ask yourself if the BoT is going to allow a nobody by way of North Carolina, a UCSB grad, to call the shots at USC.

      Come on now!

      Folt does what she is told to do. She should be ashamed of herself for collecting a paycheck that she hasn’t earned.


  6. Helton is here to stay. He’s the curse of Lynn Swann who knew swimming with sharks wearing floaties was going to catch up with him. As long as Helton doesn’t keep any game day souvenirs he won’t break the curse. That’s why he’s giving away game balls.
    We need for someone to tackle Helton and jam a Lynn Swann bobble head into his back pocket on his way out of the coliseum. The scales will fall from Bohn’s eyes and Helton will be gone.


    1. Is there an example of another elite football program having decided that mediocrity was, in fact, OK?

      I get it that every program has its down cycles, but those tend not to be brought about intentionally and corrective steps are taken. The last time USC was this bad was Paul Hackett’s stint, and he was let go after 3 seasons. Helton is has been HC for 5-1/2. He should have been fired immediately after the Oregon game in 2019.


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