Dalilah Muhammad Wins Silver Medal

USC runners have been involved in two incredible races the past two days in Tokyo and tonight, Dalilah Muhammad was involved in the better one.

Muhammad led most of the 400 hurdles until Sydney McLaughlin won in a world-record time. Muhammad won the gold medal in 2016 at Rio and is one of the great runners in USC history.



4 thoughts on “Dalilah Muhammad Wins Silver Medal

  1. I remember when I used to care about the Olympics. That’s back pro basketball players weren’t allowed and actual athletes competed for pride. Now pride means a different thing and some competitors have more money than half the countries combined.
    I remember when I used to buy tickets to USC games…


  2. Olympics are nothjing but two weeks of commercials with a sprinkle of a sporting event. I have no interest in them. I used to when it meant to represent your country and you were at an ameture status. Now, these athletes have a political statement ot make or some will show signs of hating their country. I have seen a few appreciate the opportunity though. good for them.


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