Andre De Grasse Gets USC Gold In 200

USC finally won a gold medal at the Olympics.

The Trojans’ streak of winning gold at every Olympics since 1912 continued today as sprinter Andre De Grasse won the 200 meters in Tokyo, his first gold of his career.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment, I’ve been training hard for this moment,” De Grasse said. “I went back after the 100 meters and I was a little bit disappointed in myself, that I could have done better. I said, ‘I gotta go and get this 200, I gotta go and get it’.

“I knew the Americans were going to push me and they were going to take me to a personal best. It’s been five years since I had a personal best, so it was just good to get that finally out the way.”

11 thoughts on “Andre De Grasse Gets USC Gold In 200

      1. How could I take credit for something an American UCLA alum did. I merely report the facts.

        “Facts matter.” ~ Dear Pisley

        And the fact remains Helton, no ex-bozo QB has started a SB at QB and won or lost – get a grip.


      1. Yes TT, Clown U charging alumni $500.00 per home game for tailgating privileges inspires my envy of Clown U, “the any team, anywhere, anytime,” FB program,

        #Just so long it’s not the UC Davis FB team


  1. Congrats! 19.62 vs. a silver time of 19.68.

    Way back in the day when my dad was at USC, he was friends with Mel Patton. My dad told me Patton ran a 20.2 220 dash, which viewed today seems amazing given that was a cinder track, there are such large differences in training and diet, shoes, etc.

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  2. Thanks Andre!!

    Also, no comment from the demented one, debbie downer aka Mr Wolf, on Rai Benjamin’s silver the other day. Probably one of the best races ever. Breaks world record and comes in second.

    Thanks Rai!!

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  3. The team name on his shirt says, “Canada” not USC.

    In Other News, C.L. Max Nikias home of Greece (inventor of the olympics) have accumulated a total of 3 medals.


    No wonder Nikias hates sports, the Greeks suck at it.

    So USC hired a criminal (C.L. Max Nikias) to run the university, who’s home country bankrupted itself as a result of widespread corruption and has humiliated itself by accumulating a total of 3 medals in the very sporting event they invented.

    Does anyone else see a familiar pattern here?

    C.L. Max Nikias, The Man With The Mierda Touch…Everything He Touches Turns To Shit!

    Well Done USC…Well Done!


  4. Benjamin lost, that makes him a loser.

    Silver is the best loser participation trophy one can get, is that the way you’re seeing it now?



  5. Who gives a shyt Wolfman he was representing Canada not the USA. He should stay in fucin Canada for all I care. USA gold medals count not USC medals.


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