USC Plans To Sell Beer To All At Coliseum

I’m told USC has made the decision to sell beer again to the general public at the Coliseum this season, for the first time since 2005.

I wrote last week I expected USC to sell beer again. There was no way USC was going to let UCLA or any other Pac-12 school sell beer without getting back in the action.

I think USC was happy UCLA did it because USC did not want to be the first to make the decision.

23 thoughts on “USC Plans To Sell Beer To All At Coliseum

      1. Eddie,

        SC fans do not know how to fight. They are pussies compared to Raider fans. I had season tickets to the Raiders when they were at the Coliseum. the first two seasons were tame. However season three is when the fights exploded. by the beggining of the thrid quarter in the closed end of the Colisuem, the fghts would start, they would have about 10 people involved. At that time, you could bring in 5 gallon thermos jugs full of booze. Well those were used in the fights. As time went in the season, the fights started in the second quarter, more of them, adn they were moving towards us. People were leaving on stretchers. Since they were getting close to me, I decided not to renew the tickets. i sat in Section 11 just east of the tunnel. Next season the fights were in Section 11. Good thing i left. People were injured in my section. There were at least four to five fights in the stands per game. It got so bad that Raider fans fought Raider fans.


  1. With so few people attending games this season I bet Coliseum regular lot parking will be $200, and a beer $40………..USC will do anything for money greed is what caused all the problems USC is having at the moment.

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    1. Wow that’s probably the most truthful logical comment you have posted on here without talking shyt, Tebow. I knew you could do it. Or should I say you had it in you. By the way I couldn’t agree more. USC needs a serious house cleaning if they want to be a big time player in college sports again. No more Folt, Bohn or Helton, they can take most of the BOTs with them as well.

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  2. There will also be a $5 charge to have your tickets scanned before entering the Coliseum, and $10 to use all the restrooms per trip.. Hot Dogs -$25, Peanuts- $10, SODA $10. I saw SC averages 35,000 a games, and probably less for the mid-season home games against teams with records.

    No thanks…….until Helton is fired.

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  3. That explains the high tailgate price though. USC probably had to guarantee high prices outside the stadium to lure vendors. The joke’s on them because nobody’s going to the games. First the sub par coaching and then the huge building that will crush people in a small earthquake, finally flat beer and salty hotdogs. Did I mention the security? They are not coordinated. We had to throw away a clear bag we, bought through the university for the stadium, because the guy at the gate said it was too big. When we got to our seats after getting a temporary bag, the group in front of us had the same bag we had to throw away.

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      1. Actually, I said that. But I discovered yesterday there are still seats left in both 40’s, 30’s, 20’s, 10’s and end zone.

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  4. As a senior for the 2003/04 football season, I can honestly say that drinks sold at the games were great. Not to mention the upward trend of football dominance. Both together made for some amazing Coliseum times. Beer and football go hand in hand. Unless you’re Owns of course, and you can’t handle your booze like an adult.

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    1. Lol I was wondering if someone was going to take a dig at that ruin lush owns; because the coli is selling alcohol again. I bet you, you see him all liquored up at USC games now. Stalking Trojan fans and alumni like he does this blog.


  5. Good thing Mike Bohn, Carol Folt, and Clay Helton won’t receive bonuses for the decrease in attendance at the games this year.


  6. Wonder if this includes his salary reduction due to covid? Didn’t Stanfurd shut down multiple sports??


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