Michael Norman Fifth In 400 Meters

Former USC sprinter Michael Norman had a disappointing 400-meter final and finished fifth.

Norman started strong but wilted as the race continued.

The U.S. finished the men’s sprints, flats and hurdles without a gold medal.


Here is the race:


4 thoughts on “Michael Norman Fifth In 400 Meters

  1. Speaking of Olympics, I had a stats teacher at Pasadena City College who attended USC and won a Silver Medal in the 1948 Olypmics in London. His name was Roland Sink. he went by Rolly. He went to South Pasadena High. He used to say, if you use an SC pencil, you will always get the correct answer. I used an SC pencil and passed with flying colors. Very nice man and he loved USC.

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    1. Hey PT —remember how our fencing instructor at USC won a medal at the Olympics? Whenever we fenced he always smiled at me and called me a “gambler.” I didn’t know whether it was meant as a compliment or not.


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