USC Morning Buzz: It’s Time To (Over) Hype Football

It’s getting closer to actually talking more about football as USC players report to campus today and open training camp Friday.

One thing I noticed is some people are already trying to anoint Courtland Ford as a star left tackle. It’s a lot of pressure to place on someone before even starting a game at the most difficult position on the offensive line.

But that’s how thirsty some are to prove the offensive line is not a weakness. Ford may or may not be the answer.

But no one knows based off spring practices.

You find out in actual games. But then how can you overhype USC if you have to wait for an actual game? So some people are getting busy now in the overhype dept.

  • How bad was today’s 400 meters at the Olympics for the USA?

It was shut out of the medal podium for just the second time since 1908 (not counting the 1980 boycott).

  • Mike Bohn has really made USC the leader in hype videos.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It’s Time To (Over) Hype Football

    1. Tebowabuma,

      dont you ever insult a pig like that ever again. Comparing a pig with lipstick to the cluster bomb called USC football is blasphemy. Hoping and praying that Helton is drunk on the sidelines from the beer being sold in the Coli. Now that would be worth the admission price.


      1. PT —All (well, not all but much) will be forgiven if Graham and Orlando get our team to South Bend unbeaten and kick the crap outta the Irish on national television …..

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  1. I don’t know exactly what to say about that underwhelming video —but its probably wrong to call it an example of OVER-hyping……..

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    1. I have been a USC fan for sixty years I put up with Smith and Hackett even Kiffin, but I have never seen a coach so unequivocally hapless as our current commander clueless. He’s been called a Cat because of his nine lives and just about anything printable in family fare.
      So even though I expect the Trojans to win every game, it has been a long time since common sense has allowed me to believe that expectation. Putting it nicely if missed opportunities and wasted time outs, committed by unprepared student athletes won games, nobody would have much to say. However the only thing the cat has done for USC is raising the bar for circus acts. Between the administration flubbing and the basketball team collapsing how can this site be boring.

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      1. It’s the same thing everyday. All things USC is bad, there is no hope. Oh, here’s an old picture and cool story. Now back to USC being bad.

        I’ve read his stuff and been on the boards for a long time, he’s always been negative, but he actually was connected to the program and would give some good insight. Now he is not, offers no real insight, and is only worth reading when talking history. The commenters go out of their way to be obscene, or racist, homophobic, or ignorant. It’s no longer worth jumping in here. Hope it gets fun again one day for you all. I’m out.

        2Fity, Brumby, Mrs Helton, and a few other names I can’t remember over the last 10 or so years.

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      2. Don’t go Mrs. Helton. Most of us really wanna see USC do well in every sport all the time…. we just get scared about the future when we hear certain USC reps talk [or when we read their tweets] and it makes us say crazy stuff…..
        Today was actually a pretty upbeat day —all the bad boy stuff is attributable to tebow …or the bad influence he has on others (like me)…..


      3. Mrs. Helton, a.k.a. pudly76, Gabby, gotroy22, etc. etc. etc., you’re never going to convince the overwhelming majority of posters on this site that Clay Helton is worth a shit because he isn’t.

        The idiot Helton is 18-13 over the last three years and that’s with USC affording him 3 to 4 times more 4 & 5 star recruits than every other team in the conference. Most of those 18 wins came against the weak ass teams in the PAC 12 and Helton was extremely lucky to have won some of those games, barely beating the worst of the worst the PAC 12 has to offer.

        So yeah, Helton sucks and he deserves all the criticism that goes his way. If you don’t like hearing the truth then go post on one of the USC football message boards where there are more Helton Humpers like you.


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