USC Officially Announces Beer Will Be Sold At Coliseum

USC made it official today and said it will sell beer and wine to the general public at the Coliseum.

It also added a couple other details: If you want to tailgate on campus, you need a permit. In USC tradition, it did not say how much a permit will cost: That’s the key. That information should be released tomorrow.

Also, the campus will now be open six hours before kickoff. Does that mean 3 a.m. for a 9 a.m. kickoff?

21 thoughts on “USC Officially Announces Beer Will Be Sold At Coliseum

  1. Hey Blogger,

    Post an over/under on what the price of a cup of beer will be. Posters can submit their guess on this post. Losers on the guess can only say nice things about the Blogger for say, the week of the first game.



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      1. Not even the coldest Pacifico, Heineken or Bud Light, etc. will get me to the Coliseum if “the coach” is Helton. The tailgating pass is just embarrassing to spring on people with the BS that USC has put out in football.
        I’m not a wine myself but I’d rather stay home. I can swirl, sniff, and sip a cold pop with a good chili dog and thank God I’m not sweating a game vs. San Jose St.

        Now if we’re looking legitimately tough and happen to be 6-0 when we play Notre Dame then it might become BEER:30 this season😀

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  2. As long as you’re not chasing family members around the house screaming, “I’m gonna kill you!”, beer is ok.


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  3. NEWS UPDATE: It will take more than beer to get people to come back to the Coliseum unless Helton is fired. UCLA is now taking all of our ex assistant football coaches who were fired by GOMER AND BOHN.

    CLANCY PEDERGAST- CLAY’S BUDDY who he later fired is now HIRED BY UCLA.

    Clancy Pendergast has been hired by UCLA as a defensive analyst.

    So now that’s Pendergast and Tim Drevno at UCLA as analysts, plus former USC assistant coach Johnny Nansen as the Bruins’ defensive line coach and former USC strength and conditioning assistant Keith Belton as UCLA’s Director of Football Performance.

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    1. There’s some great possibilities here for satire. I’m going to let Guarino handle it. He does superb hashtags.

      I wonder if there is an addendum to the employment contract that all new hires of ruins need to sell tickets on Colorado??

      Can you see Drevno with one shoelace tied and no sock on the other foot, floppy sombrero, swatting flies off his ass and shirt out and zipper halfway down(or up if you prefer)…
      ..”Game tickets right here, buy one, take 4″

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      1. Poor Chip has been told he’s done if he doesn’t beat USC this season — I never underestimate Chip —he’s still a dangerous coach —-

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    2. I don’t know what’s funnier the fact that Chip Kelly is on his last days when USC has sucked or that he’s hired a man who was the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR THAT ALLOWED (wait for it)…….7 TD’S YES, 7 TOUCHDOWNS ON SEVEN CONSECUTIVE PENN STATE OFFENSIVE POSSESSIONS.
      In the Rose Bowl game.
      That happened.
      It’s unbelievable how they scored that many touchdowns over and over and weren’t the winners.
      Clancy Pendergast was a joke before that game but Helton said after he was the best defensive coordinator in the Pac 12.
      Chip Kelly has decided to throw his season.
      Thanks Chip!!!


    1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve always respected J. T. but that respect is multiplied after listening to that smart, raw and honest interview.
      As for that Dumb Fuck Helton —this is just one of at least a dozen cases where players who’ve left confess they felt lost and Helton didn’t do diddly to help them. No wonder his players quit on him when things get rough. Wouldn’t you?
      Our only chance this season is players and coordinators step up and fill the leadership vacuum.

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      1. I’ve been quite critical of him for what he talks about at the beginning. It’s obvious now that that is not on him. It’s on the people who coddled him to advance their careers & his weird ass Dad. Him moving away from that bubble “protecting” him will probably end up being one of his better life decisions. And yeah, fuck Clay Helton with a dehydrated pineapple.

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  4. Chip Kelly is pushing all the buttons to beat SC this year. Could be the loser of that game gets fired before December 1 2021.

    Chip, appears much more motivated than Uncle Fester Clay Helton. He has our defensive and offensive playbook now that he has hired Clancy Pedergast, and Tim Drevno which now adds up to 4 former USC Assistant Coaches who were all fired by Helton.


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