USC v. UCLA: Olympics Edition

USC and UCLA put out statements within four minutes of each other today: The Trojans won 21 Olympic medals. The Bruins won 16.

And this chestnut from USC: “If USC athletes had competed as a country at the 2020 Olympics, they would be seventh in the gold medal standings and tied for 12th in overall medals.”

But this is fuzzy math because individual medals won by athletes as part of the same relay, boat or team count as one collective medal. USC had multiple runners on at least two track relays and multiple winners on the women’s water polo team but counted each medal separately.

USC says its athletes won 11 gold medals, 5 silvers and 5 bronzes. UCLA won seven gold, seven silver and two bronze.

Both USC and UCLA count 400-meter hurdler Rai Benjamin as a medal winner because he competed for both schools.

By the way, Stanford won 26 medals to finish first among American universities.

15 thoughts on “USC v. UCLA: Olympics Edition

  1. OMG Little Scotty — is their anything positive from USC that you won’t take a dump on?

    You can be so pathetic — why are you so consistently bitter and sad? It must suck to be you!

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    1. Honestly Mr. Terrific, we’re the fools for continuing to read Scotty’s blog.
      I know it’s easy to get worked up on his negative shit, but as long as you know you’re not gaining insight to USC, you’ll be fine.


      1. I really would love it Pud — but the only downside is “guess who would get an extension?”

        But I still would love it and we should be good enough to get it done.

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      2. Is Fox directing that question to Scott?
        P. S.
        Where are UCLA and Notre Dame? #’s 11 & 12? #’s 111 & 112?

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      1. Pretty much… if you read the Wilner article below, what’s funny is that when the Pac12 commish started his tour of schools at USC the day after Media days, he left LA without calling on sow. Like we’ve said…. irrelevance matters.

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      2. The funny part is the Michigan State story is just a cover — Jarmond told friends he just wants to “disappear before certain things become public.”

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      3. Ha!
        Cinderella: “They say if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true.”

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    1. If you love hearing shit like “excited to partner with”, “excited to hit the reset” and “not excited about declarative statements” (as opposed to all the other kinds of statements?), Bohn is sure the guy you want to be in “constant communication with.”

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  2. Stanford a big metal winner? Fine, but I’m not wearing Red and White or Trees any time soon. In fact my middle school is the Timber wolves, they use trees as a bathroom . And our colors are not red and white they are burgundy and white (there’s a difference) The high school my students will graduate to, plays ” Fight On” as their fight song. (about as good as the 1960 alumni band)
    My point is I will never root for Stanford even if they have more medal winners in a professional sport such as the Olympics.


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