USC Saturday Buzz: Do They Play Defense In Utah?

Remember last year USC got a lot of credit for its handling of COVID-19, including getting the media to buy into that story?

USC isn’t winning any awards at the moment. Defensive linemen Jamar Sekona and Kobe Pepe are in COVID-19 health and safety protocols. This comes just as Drake Jackson came out of the same protocols.

  • Do they play defense in Utah?

USC commmit Devin Brown threw eight TD passes in a half of football last night for Corner Canyon High School. He broke the school record of seven TD passes set by current USC QB Jaxson Dart.

Brown is highly regarded and Dart is doing well at USC.

But what kind of defense do they play in Utah?

25 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Do They Play Defense In Utah?

  1. High school football in Utah is a JOKE.

    Once a program gets hot, like Corner Canyon, parents will move into the area or claim that they have a relative in that school boundary to get their kid to play at the ” hot ” school. It used to be Alta, then it was Bingham, now it’s Corner Canyon.

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      1. Pudly, I’ll give it a shot: “No surprise that the team’s best player, Drake Jackson has already announced – before playing one snap of his jr. season – that he won’t be back in ’22. This is what happens when you have a rudderless ship without a real head coach.”

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      2. Also, for those hoping he’d be putting his hand in the dirt more this year, it doesn’t look like that’s happening. He has looked much trimmer this summer and looks like he’s committed to playing linebacker.

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      3. I’m sure Scottie will crap on the decision to employ the Drake primarily at OLB or elephant, but FWIW, the draft guys are saying that he will max his draft position if he can show he has that versatility, particularly given his size and explosiveness.

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      4. If that’s true, at least Drake isn’t pretending he’s torn over whether or not to leave early — the way Sam did (when everybody knew he couldn’t wait to get away from Helton)….

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      5. 67 –Thanks for kinda rescuing me from my error (by saying I’m probably right by accident)….but now I’m REALLY sad…..

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  2. High school athletics are a mixed bag. When I attended high school there were two “power teams” in our conference. Bishop Amat and Glendora ruled the football landscape. My high school was the bottom feeder who celebrated if we didn’t lose by eight touchdowns. A win is really only a feat if the other team puts up a fair amount of fight. Most home games I saw in high school were not contests, but what we call bullying today- an unfair match.
    This fact might play a part in my allegiance to USC. I was born into a Trojan family and liked being on the other side of a winning game.
    Unfortunately we have become a (as Owns points out) clown college. Clowns are funny and do silly things, but respect is not found in most circus acts where clowns are involved. Not many people walk away from a circus saying I respect those clowns. A circus uses clowns to distract people while they set up the next death defying act.
    We simply have the wrong ringmaster for our circus. Mike Bohn loves clowns. Why else would we still have a second string quarterback running the act?

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  3. Reminder than Lane Kiffin’s team and Saban’s team are 100% vaccinated. But no discipline Helton’s team is down significant contributors. You’d think it’d be the other way around considering the States involved.


  4. Reminder– even those that have been vaccinated including myself are still getting Covid-19 also in addition to those that have been not been vaccinated.

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    1. True. However it’s impact on you is wildly milder. You’re contagious for days instead of who knows how long it is w/ OG COVID as it was quite variable. If you know the whole team is vaccinated there’s no need to make a big deal out of it. We have no idea. So this could be really bad for the team or kinda meh. We know with Alabama and Mississippi – of all places.


  5. I’ve seen the guy play in things like the ‘Elite 11’ and I do think this kid has talent. But Wolffy is right…..when they start throwing 8 TD passes and scoring 65 points in the first half, I can’t help wondering what kind of competition he is going against.


  6. If any one cares to do a little research, it appears that the opponent in that Utah high school game is playing football for only it’s third season ever.


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  7. Just had a small bout with the Covid- more like a light cold and flu but was still positive. Don’t be fooled with the politicians and news reports that only those that have not been vaccinated are still getting covid-19 it is not true. Thanks for all your support I think it is important for people to know that the vaccine helps but is not the total answer to solving Covid.

    It’s behind me now so I am looking forward to a successful season by the Trojans despite all the negativity that is quite obvious within the athletic dept. I will not root for Helton or Bohn or Folt, but will stand by for the players who work very hard at their craft, and deserve the support. Trust me they are going to need it as Utah looks very strong this year, and UCLA might sneak up on some team.

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    1. I somehow caught it back in the Summer and I’m youngish and super healthy. It beat my ass. I luckily never had any respiratory problems. The fatigue and the fog headed ness took a couple months to clear. I got both my shots and somehow caught Delta. My immune system cycled through all the symptoms in about 16 hours. I was fine the next day. I tested positive on a Saturday, again on a Monday, and negative on Wednesday and again Thursday. If I was a player I’d have been unavailable for just 5 days.

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      1. Now we need to be getting boosters before long. Moderna seems much better against Delta than Pfizer or J and J, so that is the one to get.


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