Is Coach Bohn Losing The Boy Wonder?

Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reports that USC administrator Brandon Sosna met with the Detroit Lions this week to discuss a front-office role.

First, did Sosna leak it (probably). That calls into question whether it was a serious interview or courtesy interview.

But’s let say it was serious. That would give Coach Bohn a problem because he pawns everything off to Sosna (The Boy Wonder) and doesn’t have another ready-made lackey to replace him.


21 thoughts on “Is Coach Bohn Losing The Boy Wonder?

      1. Hey, no argument here regarding your thoughts on Flow. However, I think it’s pretty clear Flow’s just doubling down on the asinine comments from Helton calling his AD and school president “coach” after games in the past. I gotta give Flow credit when it’s due because that’s some of the dumbest shit a coach could ever say.

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      2. Helton, in the locker room after a game gave the game ball to “Coach Bohn.” That name ain’t on Scott.


  1. Here’s an idea, elevate Helton to the post Sosna is leaving. Let Helton keep a closet for an office, but release him from his current contract. Then Bohn probably needs to replace Helton. If he wants something close to Helton, he can buy a bamboo pillow at Walmart. Otherwise please please please please please hire a real pedigreed coach. Keep assistant coaches through their current contract, but once evaluated by a real coach, they can work for Helton as an assistant assistant assistant.

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  2. Can we just scrap the whole system and be done with this Shitty Marriage? I guess some people are ok with a shitty marriage. I guess whatever makes you feel like you will get to heaven. Ha


    1. Big news in 2026… a lot of schedules are booked through 2030, so I’m not wasting a bit of energy paying attention to this.


  3. Brennan realizes that coming to USC was a mistake. Carol Folt hates football … more accurately she’s overly concerned about the mean things that Bill Plaschke and the Los Angeles Times would say about her if she ever ate the rest of CCH’s contract and spent big money on a replacement in the the aftermath of the George Tyndall settlements. Carol should ask herself “what would John Hubbard do here?” Carol Folt no backbone to stand up in the face of media criticism for what’s best in USC’s best interest. Carol Folt, Rick Caruso, Mike Bohn, and Brandon Sosna are all lightweights and in over your heads at USC.

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      1. LOL!

        Farmington has like 6 returning starters from a team that went 2-9 last year.

        My niece could throw 4 toucdowns against that team. And pudly dumbass thinks it’s some big accomplishment that this Brown kid is beating a crap high school team…LMFAO!

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  5. Memo to: ’67

    ’67 writes “65-14 at the half…wait a minute, is LSU-ucla today?”

    No ’67, 65-14 sounds like the SUCC vs Alabama game w/o SUCC TD’s.

    #Alabama 52 – bozo FB 6
    #SUCC shocks the world!
    #SUCCFB: Tough as a pile of fall leaves.


    1. C’mon man, don’t double down on a losing hand. chip has the worst power 5 record among all coaches. ucla football is in the gutter. g-u-t-t-e-r. Give it a cheer with an 8 clap.

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      1. Do you know what’s funny about my friend Owns constantly referring to the Alabama score as evidence of USC’s complete collapse as a football power? As Scott has frequently pointed out, Helton’s stubborn insistence on sticking with Max Browne all the way through the humiliation by Stanford cost us a shot at the National Championship. Once Sam took over USC beat everybody they played except for Utah (and we had that game in hand until a fumble in the endzone). One of the teams we beat, Washington, went to the playoffs and the team that beat them (Alabama) scored fewer points than we did. And the “weak” USC team that lost to Alabama went on to absolutely crush the crap outta UCLA.

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      2. btw, It’s been reported elsewhere that the collapse at Alabama was largely a result of the team watching Helton panic on the sidelines —players could hear him pleading with Tee up in the booth: “What can we do?! What can we do? Nothing is working!”
        Once Sam took over, the offence ran (and coached) itself.

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  6. Owns, Owns, Owns, didn’t you know after our five star unprepared quarterback was sacked for the umpteenth time versus Alabama, coach Helton sent a note across the field that read: “Oh you want to play that way? Well that’s not who we are.”
    Saban was not the gentleman Helton thought he was. Now, Kelly and Helton hug each other at midfield and say, “ I help you stay employed- that’s who we are.” Woke football at its best.

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  7. Putting USC football a side for a minute, I’m I the only one who notice how bad Carol Folt looks in the photo? And she should when you consider what she has put this football program through. When will this nightmare end?


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