USC Sunday Buzz: The One Time You Want To Hear From Clay Helton

If you are a diehard USC football fan, the one time you want to hear from Clay Helton is after a scrimmage.

But during the Helton era, a weird quirk has developed during training camp and spring practices. Helton does not speak after Saturday scrimmages or allow players to talk to reporters.

When else do you want to hear who stood out or did something worth highlighting during camp?

  • Coach Bohn allows this dumb policy.
  • The Boy Wonder (Brandon Sosna) allows it.
  • USC sports information allows it.

Why? It makes zero sense and deprives image-conscious USC a chance to easily promote its players. Just another example of USC shooting itself in the foot.

  • Five-star defensive lineman Mykel Williams announced he will enroll at USC in January.
  • USC received a commitment from shooting guard Oziyah Sellers of Modesto. He was also recruited by Santa Clara, San Diego State, Mississippi State and Arizona State and is ranked the No. 142 prospect in the nation by 247Sports.

23 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: The One Time You Want To Hear From Clay Helton

    1. When it (pink slip) happens, only seals will be able to make out the sounds Helton is making.
      btw, Biden’s statement about “orderly transition” in Kabul jumped the shark…..


      1. All U.S. military personnel and thousands of contractors who help maintain equipment and supply Afghan troops would have to leave the country under the deal former President Trump made with the Taliban. An additional 6,500 military personnel in Afghanistan from NATO and other allies would also probably depart.


      2. Trump also abandoned bases in Northern Syria, basically handed them over to the Russian’s. The minute Trump pulled those troops from Syria, the Russian’s were there occupying and flying their flags over American military bases.

        The least Trump could have done would have been to bomb/blow up the bases so that no one could use them, but no the idiot left the bases intact, communication, powerlines and water/sewage still operable.

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      3. Dear tebow…
        Read your stuff. So deep. All Trump’s fault. Biden is in the clear on this one. And yet….. that doesn’t seem to be the way the governments of Germany, England, France, Japan, India, Italy, etc., etc. seem to be viewing things.

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      4. Here is (R) Moscow Mitch blasting Trump for making a deal with the taliban to have American troops pull out of Afghanistan…

        So yeah, this Afghanistan mess is all on Trump


      5. Yes –that’s right. Its all on Trump. Keep telling yourself that all next week.


  1. Even (R) Moscow Mitch said that Trump cutting a deal with the taliban to have U S. troops withdraw was a huge mistake.

    Comrade Bone Spur Trump doesn’t know shit about the military, all that little bitch wanted to do was appease his daddy Vladimir Putin. Comrade Bone Spur had been taking orders from his daddy Putin since the day he took office and got caught handing over classified information on Israel to thw Russian spies he had in the Oval Office.

    From the Wall St. Journal…

    WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump shared sensitive intelligence obtained from a close U.S. ally with Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador in a meeting last week, according to U.S. officials, potentially jeopardizing critical intelligence-sharing agreements in the fight against Islamic State.

    That Commie Loving Bastard Trump’s first day on the job and he was already committing even more acts of treason against America.


    That Piece Of Shit Trump should have already been executed already

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      1. 100%, my friend.
        #HisCompanySuppliedTheTroopsWith “Necessaries”


  2. Why are Bohn, Sosna, and Tessalone working so hard to shield Clay Helton from the USC media? USC media will say nary a harsh word about USC’s sacred cow Clay Helton. Since we’re all here, let’s hold hands and sing kumbaya.


    1. Clay Helton is C.L. Max Nikias boy, he’s untouchable.

      Helton has the football program right where Nikias wants it, being mediocre.

      If USC hired a quality head coach who could turn the program around and start contending for titles again, USC would draw a lot of media attention, Nikias and Caruso don’t want that.

      Who knows what other scandals and corruption the media might stumble upon if they start taking a closer look, poking aroybd at USC.

      Clay Helton is milk toast, no one wants to hear anything that idiot has to say.


  3. Totally agree Scott. Do not understand the USC Football program and administration lack of communication to the media and it’s alumni and fans. Sure they have the social media posts….but hopefully the media will be allowed in person press conferences at the beginning of the season and during the season so all questions can be asked to inform the media, alumni, and fans. With all the changes in college football ongoing NIL, conference realignment with OU and Texas, upcoming PAC12 television contract, and yes the 2021 USC Football season. This is a very critical football season and period for USC leadership and athletic department.

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      1. That’s goin in the rotation for sure. Didn’t realize my collection was in need of some Gene Pitney. Thanks for the tip… and by the by, wish it weren’t so about the point of a gun being the only thing some understand.

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      2. Agreed. 100%.


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