USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week



There is an attitude that pervades USC on a daily basis I don’t notice at other college football powers. It’s where Drake Jackson can say, “I gotta get out of here” in mid-August or that this is his “money year” as he prepares to leave for the NFL. Usually, a player says he won’t be back until after his junior year, not before.

I suppose the honesty is good. But it also seems to minimize team goals at the same time.


A no-hitter in his first major-league start. A former USC baseball player makes good. That’s not something you can say every day.


USC hired him for a pre-game and post-game role on its radio broadcasts. Let’s hope USC can handle his honesty.


The USC QB commit was 18 for 22 for 451 yards with 8 TDs and 1 INT in a half of football.


The former USC wide receivers coach is one of four former Tennessee players who will get a “larger than life” statue outside Neyland Stadium on Sept. 2. Lester McClainJackie Walker and Condredge Holloway are the other players. USC could use Martin’s help recruiting wide receivers.



If he speaks to the media today, it means he won’t answer questions about Saturday’s scrimmage until Monday evening.


I could be referring to defensive tackle Maniloa Tufonoa being in Honolulu (I actually had a an item on him in the newsletter at the end of spring when Jay Toia transferred that might explain it). I could be referring to freshman offensive lineman Casey Collier being in Texas. Or the 20-plus players who were out before the first pads practice.


After losing out on three 4-and-5 star receivers, USC took a commitment from a 3-star receiver.


It comes out around 9 a.m. PT. Let’s take a wild guess: USC will be ranked between 15-20.

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Su’a is another in a long by line of former ball players to be asked to be a talking head. If he’s good and doesn’t have a lisp he could replace Petros someday. Paul McDonald was color commentator for radio broadcasts and we cannot forget Reggie and Matt on TV.
    I doubt Su’a will grab that kind of cash, but it beats having nothing to do.

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  2. Loser

    Chimezie Metu: Google it and see what he did, totally bush league move on his part, surprised Wolfie wasn’t all over this.

    Scott Wolf: His constant whining about COVID and people who don’t want to get vaccinated is pathetic.


    Clay Dough Helton: He’s the Joe Biden of college football. Failed up, makes no sense when he talks, totally unremarkable career, can’t think on his feet under pressure, making loads of money and brain dead.

    EPL fans: Whether you like soccer or not, looking at jammed stadiums full of people singing and cheering, 99.9% not wearing a useless mask, sitting like sardines AND HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES LIVING LIFE, was great to see. Not a word from the blogger about this, hmmmmmm.

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  3. Where’s that ass-hole Tebowobama now?. With his laughing so hard my side aches lame ass smack over and over again. Hey liberatards this is no laughing matter now is it? It’s fucin sad all caused by our useless leaders in office. Mr. Potato-head as President causing the fall of Saigon all over again. Here’s a potato pie in your face Joe Biden! De ja fucin vu! Coming from one pissed off American. Way to be the worst President ever in history.

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  4. Drake Jackson is not a sure thing for the NFL. There’s a big question about his speed he looks pretty slow out there at times. What position is he actually going to play at the NFL level. As far as the star ratings go Scott (you should know as well as anyone), they really don’t mean diddly squat most of the time


    1. The Drake has RB speed, he has run a 4.5 40. In his frosh year, I recall several plays where he caught RBs from behind.


  5. Like I said…..that 3 star receiver was not recruited by the big football schools. Either they see something in him that I don’t see or they are trying to, at least, get back into the 20’s in the national recruiting rankings(they were 33). “We’re going to take back the west”! Yeah right…..that’s why Oregon is #12(right now) and SC is #30 behind Rutgers, Missouri, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, South Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Boston College, Indiana, Stanford, Iowa State, Baylor, Tennesse and Mississippi State. Yes Sir, we are “taking back the west”. Instead of giving the scholarship to another 3 star WR, we should have saved it and given it to a 3 star O-Lineman. Maybe he will develope.


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