USC Ranked No. 15 In AP Poll

The Associated Press Top 25 preseason poll is out and to no one’s surprise, USC is ranked No. 15.

The Trojans were No. 14 in last week’s coaches’ poll. Both polls had USC narrowly ahead of LSU.

1Alabama (0-0)1SEC1,548 (47)
2Oklahoma (0-0)6Big 121,462 (6)
3Clemson (0-0)3ACC1,447 (6)
4Ohio State (0-0)2Big Ten1,393 (1)
5Georgia (0-0)7SEC1,364 (3)
6Texas A&M (0-0)4SEC1,223
7Iowa State (0-0)9Big 121,160
8Cincinnati (0-0)8American Athletic1,014
9Notre Dame (0-0)5ACC1,009
10North Carolina (0-0)18ACC999
11Oregon (0-0)Pac-12968
12Wisconsin (0-0)Big Ten743
13Florida (0-0)13SEC728
14Miami (FL) (0-0)22ACC663
15USC (0-0)21Pac-12660
16LSU (0-0)SEC631
17Indiana (0-0)12Big Ten549
18Iowa (0-0)16Big Ten513
19Penn State (0-0)Big Ten456
20Washington (0-0)Pac-12449
21Texas (0-0)19Big 12350
22Coastal Carolina (0-0)14Sun Belt232
23Louisiana-Lafayette (0-0)15Sun Belt208
24Utah (0-0)Pac-12176
25Arizona State (0-0)Pac-12125

Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 107, Ole Miss 106, TCU 40, Liberty 36, Auburn 32, North Carolina State 14, Michigan 12, Northwestern 8, Boise State 7, Nevada 7, Brigham Young 6, Ball State 6, Houston 5, Boston College 5, UCF 5, West Virginia 3, UAB 2, Army 2, UCLA 2

Point values in parentheses indicate the number of first place votes.

66 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 15 In AP Poll

  1. The cool part is nobody from our conference is in the Top Ten. Things look bright for Clay. Get the “Pac 12 South Champs” t-shirts out!

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    1. San Jose St. has 1 “4 star” and zero “5 star” and a total of 18 “3 star”

      USC has 32 “4 or 5 star” and a total of 40 “3 star” players on their roster.

      Sept. 4

      San Jose St. vs USC

      So this game shouldn’t be close.

      USC has afforded Clay Helton an overwhelming amount of talent to work with against an undermanned overmatched far less talented San Jose St. Spartan team.

      USC will play down to their head coach’s 3rd rate at best “coaching talent” and pull out a squeaker win at home, narrowly avoiding an upset…

      USC. 29

      San Jose St. 27


      1. I think SJSU pulls the upset.

        They were rolling last year with a 6 – 0 undefeated regular season before being upended in their bowl game. They might be tougher than people realize.




      2. Horrible that Helton, folt, and Bohn are still here. After the booster had wanted to pay for Helton and the new coach, Folt should have said yes. She is a traitor to USC and USC football..

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      3. It’s probably gonna be close —but probably not for the reasons you stated. Most of the people rating teams by unit rank San Jose State’s Offensive AND Defensive lines ahead of ours. It’s not gonna be a cakewalk for USC…..

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  2. I for one, and for the first time in over 20 years, am not the least bit excited for this football season. My wife is shocked. The only excitement I’ll get will hopefully be during the middle or the end of the season when Helton is finally fired. “Hopefully.” USC needs to turn this sh** around and be USC again.

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    1. Save that comment for your friend owns MG! The rest of us on this blog already know what the ruins lofly standing is. Only the hard head blow hard owns, don’t!

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    2. You shouldn’t worry about UCLA’s AP ranking. Instead, you should worry whether SUCC can take a advantage of their (not there or they’re) cupcake FB schedule.

      Also, I think it behooves Helton to announce before the season starts, if SUCC intents to accept a Bowl Bid if one is offered, regardless of weeny injuries.

      Clown U: The any team, anytime, anyplace FB pussies.

      UC Davis Memo to Clown U: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”


      1. UC Davis Memo to Clown U: “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

        – JustOwns


        AHA HA HA HA HA!

        Good One!

        UC Davis nearly beat a good Stanford team a few years ago in Palo Alto, they probably would have beat a Helton coached USC.


  3. Clay is in the Bohn’s office asking for a raise… “See coach Bohn, I have a perfect record-heck I have the same record as Saban and he’s number one. So why treat me like number two?”
    There are going to be at least 5 game balls to deliver if we beat San Jose State in a couple of weeks

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  4. The way college football has evolved, the top 4 or 5 of that list will be there every year. They are the schools with traditions and who really value college football.

    After that, it is a bit of a coin flip. Having 4 or 5 heavyweights and then everyone else isn’t the best for creating highly competitive and interesting college football, but just the way it is.

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    1. Luckily, at least two of those top 5 (Alabama and Clemson) will experience problems when their coaches leave…

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      1. Absolutely true. But it would be better for CFB if more universities cared about their football teams and made the necessary investments for them to be competitive. No reason why only the same 4 or 5 teams every year dominate. But they do because very few colleges outside the south and midwest care enough about the sport to make it relevant. The interest of most college prez in football stop outside of the amount of revenue it brings in.

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      1. This team has enough talent to go 12-0. I am not predicting that, just saying that the talent is there to go 12-0 against the schedule they have.

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    1. Remember last year before the Pac-12 Championship game @ the crumbling mausoleum vs mediocre Oregon, 98% of the Rah-Rah SUCCster’s had Clown U defeating Oregon and as a result, s/b worthy of a berth in CFB playoffs?…….LOL, shock the world.

      Mr. Smith is correct; SUCC plays a Cupcake FB schedule. It’s the only reason the bozos are rated #15 in the pre-season AP poll.

      Lest we forget SUCCster’s, Kiffy-Goat had a team voted #1 in the pre-season AP poll and, after a final, humiliating Sun Bowl loss to a sub-.500 GT team, finished the season rated north of #70 in the final AP poll.

      #Kiffy-Goat sartorial splendor: 50 gallon sombrero and shades.
      #And Kiffy wasn’t cold-cocked in a Lightweight, SUCC locker room bout.


      1. My Dear Friend Owns,
        Even after last year’s first half collapse against Oregon, we still wound up with more than 2 (Two) votes in the Associated Press Poll…


      1. glad you found something even if it is 20 yrs old…so then you think ap is correct & sc is a solid # 15?


    1. Su’a Cravens another bust by way of the polynesian pipeline.

      That girl played like a year and a half in the NFL and she was done, they hit too hard for her.

      That’s what happens when you play for Clay and go through all those pillow soft practices, you get exposed at the next level.

      I’m sure Su’a Cravens had fun practicing when he wanted to and having a leisurely time about it while playing for Clay, bet he ain’t laughing now.

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      1. I am looking forward to a football season. Especially after last year, I can’t wait to see our guys play. I’ll let others worry about stuff I can’t control.


      1. they have a q/b this yr, whereas LSU lost theirs for the season but their backup q/b is seasoned…both would throttle sc…they have real offensive line and scheme , does sc? and the B10 is a much tougher conference,when is the last time sc beat the top B10? PennSt , 6 yrs ago?


  5. Memo to: MG

    Whether you finish runner-up or 34th, you’re not on the winner podium; therefore, you’re an irrelevant loser/succer – ex.: Donald J. Trump; bozo FB pussies.

    SUCC FB 2021 – 22 is virtually the same team as SUCC FB 2020 – 21. Worse yet, Tyler Vaughn has matriculated to the NFL and Bru McCoy is suspended for his nasty, domestic violence arrest.

    The bozo’s won several games in the last 2 or 3 mins last year, but that doesn’t mean that will happen in this year’s cupcake schedule.

    #That’s why games are played, instead of just prognosticated by Rah-Rah FB fanatics. In 2021 -22 you aren’t invited to the CFB playoff for what your team did in 1939.


  6. I actually think that SC will finish 3rd in the pac-12 south. I think UTAH will win and UCLA will be 2nd. I can’t see Kyle Whittingham losing another one at the Coliseum. I don’t think that lady luck will be on SC’s side this year. Lady Luck is shaped more like a football than like a basketball. If you put a chair on the court and bounce a basketball towards it, it will hit the chair. If you do that 10 times, it will hit the chair 10 times. If you do it 100 times it will hit the chair 100 times. It is the way it is shaped(perfectly round). Do that with a football 100 times. About 45 times it will bounce to the right, 45 times to the left and maybe 10 times it will hit the chair. Lady luck bounced towards SC last year. They finished 5-1 but the needed 3 miracles(3 not 1) to keep from going 2-4 with an easy schedule. Don’t expect Lady luck to go SC’s way this year.

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    1. I’d like to expand on your theory if I might. When a center snaps the ball to the Qb you expect it to wind up in the QB’s hands 10 times out of ten times. Helton watched Toa dribble the ball on the ground, snap it sideways and, on 2 occasions, snap it so far over the QB’s head that it ended up in our own endzone.
      He didn’t even THINK about switching centers.

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    2. not bad…I think it is utah also, probably ariz st….ucla could be 3rd or 4th , depends on the sc game,which I see as 50/50…the dual threat q/b sc never can defend…if 2 backs are in the backfield with q/b who can run,block and receive


  7. LA Times reports that Korey Foreman is tearing it up on the D-line, people saying they have never seen a guy at his size with his explosiveness and speed. Maybe this will help make the o-line come along by practicing against him every day…

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    1. Say what ’67; so Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux doesn’t rate. I’m sure K. Slovis would beg to differ.

      #Heard in the Clown U huddle from Slovis: “Can anybody block KT?”

      #KT bounced Slovis like a basketball.


      1. Little buddy, your post is so far off topic, even for you. Speaking of being bounced like a basketball, we have:



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