USC Loses Another WR And It’s A Big One

Back in the spring, I was told that Servite wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan was USC’s No. 1 target at the position.

Well, tonight he committed to Oregon.

Think about that: He didn’t go to Arizona with his buddies from Servite. He didn’t go to the Air Raid offense at USC. He went to Oregon.

There needs to be an inquest over the recruiting of Clay Helton-Graham Harrell-Keary Colbert. Instead, everyone will just say how great some kid from Texas looks at practice tomorrow.

It’s been a bad couple weeks for Colbert and Co. McMillan is the fourth wide receiver to pass on the Trojans in that span and they were 4-or-5 star prospects.

It’s like a rerun for me. But I’m always the one who has to point out that USC is not doing the things USC should be doing for far too long.

Coach Bohn? Carol Folt? Anyone?

13 thoughts on “USC Loses Another WR And It’s A Big One

  1. Anybody else find it odd that losing out on a 4 star football recruit ranks a huge photo op for the guy whom we lost, but a 5 star hoops recruit signing on barely gets a mention from Scottie, much less a photo?

    That said, it is concerning why WR recruiting has fallen off. The USC QB talent remains at a high level and USC WRs are succeeding in NFL. Maybe “Inside USC” can shed some light on this?

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    1. That 5 star bozo recruit you’re whining about ’67 was mostly recruited by 2nd tier BB Programs – BFD! Did Andyain’twinning have to hire the recruit’s auld man?

      #SUCC FB recruits itself is another bozo mushroom fallacy.


      1. Still not making sense, little buddy. But now that you mentioned mushrooms, well, that might give us an answer as to why.


  2. I think we need to come to the realization that Helton is going to live out the remainder of his contract, Bohn’s hands are tied, and Folt simply doesn’t care about USC football. These kids just don’t believe in Helton. And why should they? They read and hear what everyone else does and knows… he can’t coach and get kids ready for the next level. Who can blame them for going elsewhere.

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    1. It’s the culture. Oregon pushes a masculine, warrior spirit (as well as smoking pot) while Helton pushes the Bible and even in bowl games does not get the team to warm up as a group and work together as a group like other teams do; witness the OL. Helton’s love your opponents culture does not appeal to many players wanting to go to the NFL. However, it probably does appeal to parents. This is why Helton has lost 4 of 5 bowl games. He is too nice a guy while at the same time not being a stickler for group discipline. His players don’t fear him. Helton just does not have the “right stuff” to attract top players looking for more than a religious atmosphere.


      1. “7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; ” Galations 6:7

        Helton teaches the Bible as he does football. He is an inept fraud in both. He steals money he hasn’t earned, he cheats the young men of a future, he lies, lies, lies………..this is not a follower of God’s Word. BTW, he lied directly to me in a face-to-face meeting. I have have first hand knowledge he IS a situational liar.


  3. Let’s get real here- USC has a great tradition in football, and can still get some good recruits based on an excellent history. However, the entire program is a mess under Helton’s leadership, as is the State of Calfornia so you can’t blame these kids for leaving the state especially with the Godfather Phil Knight/ Nike, and Oregon’s strong marketing sales pitch to the players. Sadly, it is more of a surprise that kids still want to come to SC with the uncertainty of this football program at the moment.

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  4. well, who would not want to play for the best coached team in the Pac 12. That is along with Utah taught to actually block and tackle,etc…it is the only way to improve.

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    1. I hate that you’re right, Tim.

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