Morning Buzz: USC Blew It With Tetairoa McMillan

A parent of a USC football player took exception to my tweet about Tetairoa McMillan being the latest wide receiver to ignore the Trojans.

“We are deep at WR,” the parent wrote on Twitter. “That was a no- brainer looking at his choices.”

Oh really?

I’m old enough to remember when receivers didn’t care who was at USC. Did Steve Smith not come because of Mike Williams? Did Dwayne Jarrett not come because of Smith?

Did Marqise Lee not come because of Robert Woods?

I also think this is disrespectful of McMillan. He doesn’t strike me as someone who fears competition. And Drake London is going pro anyways, so who else is there to fear? Bru McCoy? I kid, I kid.

USC blew it with McMillan. Plain and simple. No excuses.

  • Some housekeeping:

Clay Helton finally admitted Monday that offensive lineman Casey Collier is back home in Texas “for personal reasons” and will rejoin the Trojans today.

  • Two defensive backups (safety Briton Allen, cornerback Adonis Otey) are out for the season. Allen tore his ACL while Otey broke his wrist.
  • Tight end Malcolm Epps has turf toe and will be out 3-4 weeks. Epps is wearing a protective boot on his foot/ankle.
  • Cornerback Chris Steele was feeling ill Monday morning and is in health and safety protocols. The other expected starter at corner, Isaac Taylor-Stuart, is out with a sore knee. Defensive lineman Jamar Sekona remains under health and safety protocols, which usually means the player has COVID-19.
  • USC high jumper Morgan Smalls, who finished fourth at the NCAA championships, has transferred to LSU.
  • Looks like a former USC tailback is having a good training camp:

38 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Blew It With Tetairoa McMillan

  1. Actually, Marqise Lee was originally recruited as a D-Back. I don’t think that he thought that he would be competing against Woods(whether that would have mattered is speculation)

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  2. It’s not that USC blew it on this recruit, but they blew it with a Helton. That guy could chase maggots off a meat wagon. The difference between Helton and a dead tree branch is that a tree branch can useful after going through a Chipper.
    Hershey’s milk chocolate tastes like vomit to most people around the world because Hershey invented it when refrigeration wasn’t available. By the time refrigeration was available he’d been selling it with spoiled milk used in the making. He switched to fresh milk, but by then everyone was used to the spoiled milk and didn’t like the new bar. (Which is symphony bars now)
    That’s the way it is with USC for some recruits. They love SC but playing for Helton tastes like vomit.

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  3. Wouldn’t that be something if Stephan Carr at Indiana, and Stepp at Nebraska lead the Big Ten in rushing this season. That would not be a positive for future running back recruits at USC.

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    1. Carr is playing for a better team than the one he left, Stepp went sideways with his choice, both have to stay healthy which they haven’t been able to do, but both are playing in offenses that weren’t invented on a grade school playground

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  4. Look at it this way, these kids aren’t choosing ucla either, says a lot about So Cal college football these days, one school is coached by a has been, the other is coached by a never was

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    1. Basically, you hate decadence as much as I do. Did you know —with all the suffering going on here and elsewhere—Biden was scheduled for a face lift during his vacation? All the caps had been removed from his Big Teeth in preparation — that’s the reason he gave yesterday’s “update” with caps missing.

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      1. Honestly a face lift? They just pull the skin at the back of the neck until his eyebrows are his bangs and they are done. Trouble with this procedure is when you sniff someone’s hair your nostrils flare out and you wind up sucking hair into your sinus. Later the hair forms a ball and you cough it up. On the bright side, with a hairball up his sinuses Biden will have more cells that are alive in his skull, than since before he entered politics.

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      1. 67 — Double Whammy. Clay was retained AFTER the Holiday Bowl blow out (49-24 …against a really average Iowa team!)…and AFTER his totally clueless post Holiday Bowl comments (“we’re good, not great”, “we fought like gladiators”, “I want to commend the Iowa fans who cheered against us ALL 7 times they scored TD’s!”)………

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  5. Whenever suits, Hellton has his media machine serving up press releases bragging about USCs overall draft history, which I suppose would be cool if he weren’t lowering the bar on an increasing basis. It’d be interesting, now that his first full batch of recruits that turned pro are now hitting that 2nd contract. The so called money contract. How many are gonna cash in? How many spend most their first contract seasons catching up development wise? (instead of kicking ass on the field which helps the players val come 2nd ink.)…
    Figure todays recruits are kids who are chasing NIL me me me dollars, who are declarong for next yrs draft but haven’t achieved dick on the field, who are all about building their “bramd”, who apparently watch crap produced by BLVDstudio? They’ve done the math on Clay. The money he’s telling/told kids they can/could earn has yet to materialize. Other schools are doin more. Bob Weir sang something about love of money vs loyalty, history, faith, family, and friendship

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  6. Never good to start an argument, “I’m old enough to remember..” Because time change. Glad the parent spoke up to state the obvious, we are loaded at wide receiver & kids will walk. Instead of going on a wild goose chase on a non story why don’t you tell us which underclassman wide receiver are coming up next? Those are the targets & the signees you should be focusing on. & guess what? If competition is thin next year & they sign elsewhere, you would then have an actual story.

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  7. This person was recruited widely, including programs ranked higher than Oregon, but he only visited Arizona and Oregon. Sounds like he had made up his mind early in the process.

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      1. Great, shift that Pineapple Express pipeline straight into Eugene. Maybe then USC will recruit blue collar players that can actually hit and take a hit without having to be sidelined for weeks on end.

        The problem with those polynesian girls is that when they’re in high school they’re a lot bigger than the other kids, they’re not used to playing against players their size. Once the get to the D1 level and play against and get hit by players just as big and strong as them or stronger, they don’t hold up. They wilt like little flowers.


  8. Remember the when blog Rah-Rah’s would claim that a SUCC heavily recruited HS player “didn’t want to compete,” if the recruit chose to commit to a different University?

    #Cue “Those were the Days”


      1. Ha! I respect Owns —but I think he might be quoting ME [when I’m facetiously quoting Helton]. Kiffin came up with the line first, then Helton barfed it up a few years later. The only person on this blog —beside me—who ever said it was Scott himself [when he was being sarcastic]…..

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      2. The “it’s the mushrooms talking” defense is a good one, 67. Thanks. I’m gonna use it a lot around the house now when I accidentally annoy the ‘little woman.’

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      3. Michael, you as well as anyone know that you set up the right hook with the left jab. I think the mushrooms are the right round-house – that Maui weather should produce some interesting fungi…

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      4. 67 — For me, the easy punch [after two left jabs] is the straight right. It doesn’t take much to land it. You have to slide a little bit to the right to throw the right hook to the head…..and sliding right never feels natural. [For everybody out there who puts on the gloves —the easiest punch in the world to land when someone is resting on the ropes is the wide right hook to the body — it’s always there for the taking]…..
        How does this connect to Helton and mushrooms? To quote Pee Wee from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure: “I don’t know!”


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