When Does USC Take Back The West?

USC loves to say it is taking back the West or it owns L.A. on social media.

But let’s look at the past two weeks:

  • WR Makai Lemon of Los Alamitos committed to Oklahoma.
  • WR C.J. Williams of Mater Dei committed to Notre Dame.
  • WR Tetairoa McMillan of Servite committed to Oregon.

That doesn’t even count Los Alamitos QB Malachi Nelson committing to Oklahoma over USC last month.

Notre Dame’s actually been a thorn in USC’s side this recruiting class as Alemany LB Niuafe Tuihalamaka switched his commitment from the Trojans to the Irish. And WR Tobias Merriweather of Camus, Wash., committed to Notre Dame. He was a USC target too.

45 thoughts on “When Does USC Take Back The West?

    1. “When Does USC Take Back The West?”


      As soon as the USC Board of Trustees pulls their head out of their ass, stops taking orders from the Greek Euro Trash, Fires that idiot Clay Helton and hires Chris Petersen.

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    2. Charles, to do that, SC needs to change its philypshy of being soft and Political Crapness to wanting ot win. Bong head, eer. Folt doesn’t understand this. Gotta get rid of her and replace her with Ronnie Lott. he gets it about USC


  1. Q: When does USC take back the West?

    A: When the following people get fired:

    – Helton
    – Orlando
    – Bohn
    – Folt
    – Harrell
    – BOT
    – Anybody Helton/Bohn “hired”

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      1. Defense did not improve enormously last year. Mildly yes.

        The difference between Orlando and the past two years with Clancy is minimal. Points allowed per game differential was like -2 for Orlando. Plus, Clancy played against better teams!

        Do not believe a fluff piece.

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      2. 2019 USC defensive ranking was 78th in D1,
        2020 USC defensive ranking was 40th, and they held Oregon to something like 250 yards of total offense in the Pac 12 championship game.


      3. “USC defense improved enormously last year?”

        WTF? You need to stop smoking crack!

        USC barely beat a 2-2 ASU, an 0-5 Arizona, a 3-2 Utah, a 1-3 Wazzu and a 3-4 UCLA team.

        And they should have lost to both Arizona schools. USC beat 1 team with a winning record and you’re going to sing the praises of their defense? Hell, 0-5 Arizona ran all over them…GTFO!



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    1. Breaking News…

      Trumplican trash shoots Deputy Sheriff in the head during an attempted traffic stop in San Bernardino.

      SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) –  A San Bernardino Deputy Sheriff was shot in the head while attempting to make a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon at Waterman Avenue and Olive Street.

      CBSLA’s Desmond Shaw, overhead in Sky2 Chopper, reports that the suspect used a long rifle to shoot the deputy.

      San Bernardino County Sheriff’s are tweeting out that the officer is awake and alert, after being transported to the hospital.

      Authorities are still searching for the suspected shooter, who is described as a white male in his 20s wearing a white shirt and red MAGA hat. He is believed to be driving a white BMW 3 series.

      That trumplican filth is toast when the San Bernardino County Sheriffs get a hold of him.

      Bye Felicia!


      1. If true (repeat, IF) —what was he thinking? This is the kind of mistake you don’t come back from…

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    1. Stays healthy and he’s good for 2 TD’s a game. Orlando’s bunch holds up their end of the bargain & we’re in very good shape…..

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      1. Defense it will be really good, The offense is a total mess, how do you expect a running game when you have a junior high school offense line coach. You can’t get four and five star players when nobody’s ever heard of you.

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    2. He’ll get doubled a lot, obviously will need to find Bryant, Ford, Trigg, Washington, Nixon, Christon, Michael Jackson. This should be fun to watch.

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      1. If we start seriously throwing to our backs and tight end–it’s gonna make it very hard to double our wide outs. If we mix it up we are gonna be really hard to defend.

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    3. The third WR this cycle decommits from OU. All are ranked in the ESPN300. A 5 Star Luther Burden. We can’t get any top WR’s at the moment while they can’t hold onto any.

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    1. He’s “teaching everybody a lesson” —-just like he promised when he got picked later than he wanted…

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    2. Shanahan has been incredibly critical of Rosen during camp. Almost seems like he has regressed since entering the league. Hope he catches on somewhere.

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      1. I don’t feel sorry for him, 67. I’ve never seen a QB point at a receiver more than Rosen when a play blew up.
        And whatever you think about Mora (and I think he was a way better coach than Chip), Rosen threw him under the bus when he took the whole season off for what the team doctors said was a 2-3 week injury.

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    3. Yeah, he doesn’t have the best judgment. Remember the
      F*** Trump” cap? He supported the dimwit who has created one mess after another during his first 7 months in office!

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      1. Rosen was an arrogant guy at UCLA. Even his coaches said so. Very few people liked him(or , at least, that’s what I heard) because he seemed to think that he was so intellectually superior. I really think that he wanted to use football to launch him into politics. He’s going to have to rethink that.

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      1. I had heard that he was very arrogant. Although I had no way of verifying that, this little short video makes me more convinced of that.


      2. Didn’t have many friends at SJB either. Not sure if that’s on him or his parents… but in the long run he always had hot tub sales to fall back on.


  2. Relax, Wolfie. We’re taking back the west. Oh, it’s that right now Oregon is #8 nationally in the recruiting rankings and SC is #30. But we don’t bother with minor details like the facts.

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  3. Hidden secret weapon for USC in 2021 is: Kyle Ford. Great skills, and big play type of receiver with a big body. If he stays healthy finally he can be an All-American like Mike Williams. Sad everyone has forgotten about him due to injuries for the last 3 years.

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  4. the theme, they are ‘taking back’ says it all…means they lost it under hellton, and they obviously are not ever going to take it back under hellton…


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