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Today is Mae West’s birthday.

She made quite an appearance at USC in 1968 at the the DKA (Delta Kappa Alpha) professional cinematic arts fraternity annual dinner on campus at Town and Gown.

It was like a mini-version of the Academy Awards: Jimmy StewartMae West and famous director Mervyn LeRoy were honored (pictured above).

Who else was there? Raquel WelchGreer GarsonVera MilesWalter Pidgeon, Andy Devine plus legendary directors George Cukor and Robert Wise.

John McKay even showed up with All-Americans O.J. SimpsonTim Rossovich and Adrian Young. They got the loudest round of applause outside of West. 

When West was introduced, she had a full-length mirror, furry rug, bed and chandelier surrounding her on the stage. Simpson, Rossovich and Young were in front of her.

“I’ve been honored for many things,” West said. “But this is the first time I’ve become a fraternity brother.”

In the picture below, she was named Sweetheart of USC fraternity Sigma Chi.

Mae West Voted SWEETHEART OF USC FRATERNITY SIGMA CHI WEST Mae Loves Her  Men #2 | Zaragoza, Eva peron, Eva

13 thoughts on “On This Day

  1. Word around Hollywood was that Mae West coochie stank. Maybe she had bad hygiene or the stank was just her natural stink…who knows.

    Maybe that’s why W.C. Fields was always making those weird faces when he starred opposite her in a movie, her stink was too much to handle.


  2. USC’s pretty sexy when it wins National Championships. Celebrities want to be your friend. You don’t have to try so hard to manufacture PR.

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  3. Wolf is a disaster as a football journalist but I must say he does USC history better than anybody.



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    1. President Folt issued the following statement today: “I understand it’s Mae West’s birthday and that we’ve honored this date in the past. Let this be another tradition I squash. ….due to certain comments West once made about how happy Cary Grant was to see her.”


    1. Now HERE is a video made for tebow to critique…..


      1. In the video is pudly, gotroll22 and Cal Hippie at last years Log Cabin Republican Halloween Party.

        They showed up wearing the same costume and were having a pose off to see who would get to wear the costume for the night, how they determined a winner out of those three loser’s is anyone’s guess.


  4. Shawn Holley is a great defense attorney.
    Trevor B is going to win his case.
    The accuser is a ho who was with 2 other MLB players.
    She knew what she was getting into.
    She is dirty and has no credibily.
    MG – did you ever go up against this Johnnie Cochran protege?


    1. I went up against Johnnie himself. Great defense attorney. Check out Buzz Magazine, September 1993 for the whole story (and the name of the winner).


  5. Scooter,

    You should have added about Mae West and a commercial she did. I forget what she was selling but she had a bunch of men around her and in the last scene you see Tom Selleck withouth his mustache and just before Magnum started. Back in the early 70’s.

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