USC Morning Buzz: Backlash Brewing Against Star

There’s been a backlash against Reggie Bush regarding his possible induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Click on the newsletter link for details.

  • USC has suffered a lot of injuries in training camp but cornerback Joshua Jackson going down with a knee injury Tuesday is worth monitoring since he could be starting this season.
  • Offensive tackle Casey Collier returned from Texas and practiced Tuesday. Defensive lineman Maninoa Tufono remains in Honolulu with his family.
  • This ad is convincing . . . or not

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Backlash Brewing Against Star

  1. I wonder who would start a backlash against Reggie Bush? What writer would forget all of the positive thing Reggie did on the field and focus on the harm the NCAA caused with a fraudulent investigation and that one play where Reggie inadvertently bumped into his friend Matt?
    Of course there are injuries in camp, it’s training and people get (even in pillow fights).
    Are Clay and Scott related? One writes as if he played football and the other speaks platitudes as if he knew literature. Clay- it was the best of times it was the worst of timeouts. Scott- the quarterback’s foot work is unbepenateruble.
    It’s in the name of making smile.
    But I hear there’s a freakish true freshman receiver who leapt impossibly high and snagged the ball one handed in midair yesterday. Scott won’t mention the play because of JT Daniels having a sandwich he likes. Clay won’t play the kid because he like another player.

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    1. Wow I can’t even understand what I said.
      “Making us smile” “training people get hurt”
      I don’t know maybe I should lay off the Irish coffee.

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    1. Scott: “No — not true! I am doing everything in my power to stop this anti-Bush tidal wave! But I’m only one person!”

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  2. Any QB is better off without Harrell. No one runs that system except in D3.

    What happened to all fake teams that wanted Harrell so bad during his contract signing? LOL. USC is so easy to sucker.

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      1. It’s everything made up Inside(USC) Scottys brain. Like the so called backlash of Reggie Bush that he claims, in his hateful diatribes.

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