There’s A Flip Side To USC Hype Video Plays

Freshman tight end Michael Trigg drew rave reviews for this play in practice yesterday. USC is so proud it put the play on social media.

Trigg shows USC needs to use its tight end.

But why is no one mentioning the flip side of this play? Is defensive coordinator Todd Orlando happy with the tackling on this play?

Most of the defensive players are true freshmen (which no one mentions). Veteran linebacker Juliano Falanaiko is in there too.

In any event, the tackling on the play is shambolic. And if USC had this level of tackling in the actual season it would be a disaster. But it probably won’t so it becomes a hype video.

21 thoughts on “There’s A Flip Side To USC Hype Video Plays

      1. There’s a reason why Alabama and Auburn were interested in Trigg.

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      2. I remember when the Trojans couldn’t run the football at practice last year at this time, and some clown 🤡 said “It was much ado about nothing” . And guess what? USC was last in rushing in the PAC 12 in at the end of the season . 😂😂😂😂

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    1. If players ” tackled ” like that at Bama or any other program that is actually good, they would be on the sidelines getting their ass chewed out.

      The amount of bad plays on that one catch should surprise no one, fundamentals are not taught at USC these days


    1. Carol: Mike, did you read that lovely open letter to Clay?
      Bohn: I think it was meant as mockery, Carol.
      Carol: No, I’m sure it was sincere.

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  1. Actually, I think that USC will be a very exciting team to watch this year. They are loaded with talent. Offensively, they should be explosive. But I still think that they will finish 3rd in the Pac-12 South. I’d be shocked if Utah came into the coliseum again and lost. Utah has never won in the Coliseum. Kyle Whittingham has always said that this has to stop. I can’t see him losing again. I don’t think that SC will beat UCLA either. UCLA is going to surprise people.

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    1. Forget Whittingham’s empty promise to end the USC streak. Justin Wilcox said Cal wouldn’t lose to USC in 2020…..


      1. We’ll see. I just think that Utah will march into the coliseum this year with one of the most talented teams that they have had in a long time. They’ll still have less talent than SC but a lot better coaching. And they’ll come in here with a score to settle. And SC won’t have Lady luck on their side. They got every break last year that you could possibly get. Don’t expect that to happen again. Maybe I’ll change my mind but I am still predicting an exciting team that finishes 3rd in the the Pac-12 South. I’d pick them 4th if ASU wasn’t having so much trouble with the NCAA.

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      1. I think watching hellton lose is pretty exciting ,not the team…but it is like like cutting out a cancer, some good has to die when killing the bad…


      2. What if they lose with scores like 50-48? That would at least make them exciting offensively.


  2. I read about this play this morning. The paper (Scott’s old stomping ground) made the pass seem well beyond his reach. (He barely left the ground) The writer also made it seem like he carried half the team ala Fred Flintsone getting new eligibility in high school football. He can move the ball upfield, but Drake does that already.
    Oh well the lesson learned is that writing which makes the school happy is better than complaining all the time.
    Clay won’t play the kid anyway. Winning isn’t who we are.


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