A Love Letter To Clay Helton From Archrival

Clay Helton is so bad that a Notre Dame fan has written a love letter to him at the Irish’s SB Nation site.

Excerpt: “We love you, Clay — and we hope we get to be together forever. You’re simply the best USC coach for us, in every way.

“We can’t wait to see you, and will be counting the days until we can hold yours and your team’s collective dignity in our hands once again following yet another rivalry win.

“You don’t get mad about our annoying habits — e.g. beating you 4 out of 5 times since you took over and 7 of 10 since you got to USC.”

25 thoughts on “A Love Letter To Clay Helton From Archrival

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    US news

    ‘He wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love’: Donald Trump on Kim Jong-un 

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      1. You related to Tom Maudlin by chance. You are the clueless one
        dimwit. Guess there were around 78 million of us who thought
        otherwise last November.


    1. Tewbobuma,

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      Impeach him for not holding up what he swore to do, and that is to protect the United States. This includes protecting US citizens here and abroad. This is a major cluster fu#k up and you know it.

      All I know is that President Trump had North Korea, the Taliban, Al Queda, China, and Russia by their balls. Now these countires have Biden by his balls. That is why he should have never been elected because he was bought by China and Russia.

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      2. P.T — Know what’s funny? If you say something to F.U. you get a reply from S. If you say something to tebow you get a response from F.U.


      1. Oh yeah! Let me grab the nearest Karen! They the only ones that eat that Olive Garden bullshit!


  2. B. Wayne Hughes was the guy that hired Al Cowlings after the O.J. trial when no one else would.

    Hughes was even thought to have store evidence from the Nicole Simpson crime scene at one of his Public Storage facilities.


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