USC Mega-Donor Wayne Hughes Dies

Wayne Hughes, the man who donated more money than anyone to USC athletics, died today. He was 87.

Hughes donated between $400-450 million to USC and he was usually involved in any significant project with athletics. He donated money, often when there were no other options. He made a significant donation to the construction of the McKay Center. He gave $5-10 million to name the basketball court “Jim Sterkel Court” at the Galen Center. He got Lynn Swann the athletic director’s job at USC.

Hughes’ inner circle of USC players was O.J. Simpson, Al Cowlings, Sam Cunningham and Swann.

Unlike other donors, Hughes never wanted credit for his donations. He endowed the track-and-field coaching position but put his friend’s name, Ted Banks, a long-time track and field coach at Riverside City College and UTEP among other places.

In 1972, Hughes founded Public Storage, the nation’s largest self-storage company.

If you think Hughes’ ties to USC will no longer exist, his daughter, Tamara Hughes Gustavson, is a lifetime member of the Board of Trustees at the university.

27 thoughts on “USC Mega-Donor Wayne Hughes Dies

  1. There is no more “dorkier” picture of Pat Haden anywhere than the one accompanying this blog post.


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    1. little buddy, knock, knock, anyone home? Moe? Hughes was one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the last 40 years, creating thousands of jobs, and his philanthropy extended well beyond USC, including the Hughes cancer center for kids, which focuses on childhood leukemia. Owns, drop down and give yourself a three stooges two-finger:

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      1. Then ’67, what’s he doing associating with Manny and Fireball St. Pat?

        Is Mr. Hughes just slumming and smoozing for the camera with two bona fide SUCC AH’s?

        Next thing you’re going claim ’67: Mr. Hughes cheerfully replaced the money St. Pat looted as the trustee from a private Scholarship Fund.


    2. Just Rent,

      All I know is that the Three Stooges are smarter and funnier than you will ever be. They still are awesome, unlike you.

      U Clowns Lose Again, and don’t you ever forget that.


  2. As with anything, there’s much to be said about babies, bathwater, and wearing another man’s moccasins. In the case of WH, and as it applies to our University, anyone who’s contributed as much to the Trojan cause as he did, deserves, and gets, my respect.

    In other news, if you’re gonna do a football vid series, and you’re claiming proximity to Hollywood lends to the quality of your product (here’s lookin at you “BLVD”), you may want to watch (and take notes):

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  3. Dear “BLVD”,

    I know I’ve been bitchin’ and moanin’ about the quality of your work for quite a while now. Recently I made a promise to someone I love that I’d quit acting like the buring bush on a handful of topics, all things Trojan being one of them. So in the spirit of helping not harming, thought I’d help get you get going on that suggested list of notes. The first note you should jot down is to tell the guy you hired for voice-over is that it’s pronounced “football”, not “football?”. Hopefully that points you in the right direction. Peace.

    Sincerely – Box Is Bento

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  4. RIP.

    I am surprised he is the largest donor to USC. There are a lot of other school boosters that donate that amount and then some. T. Boone Pickens comes to mind.

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  5. RIP – WAYNE HUGHES. – Hard to believe if anyone did more for USC. We should all appreciate all the wonderful things he did for this university.

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  6. Wayne Hughes knew, understood, and full supported the rich tradition USC has had in athletics. He will be very difficult in replace, but I think we all know the next best step for USC is to replace Bohn, Helton, and Folt. USC deserves the best leaders to make the correct decisions for tomorrow not fake politicians.

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  7. Michael Trigg has worked his way from 3rd string to top of the list for TE. They can’t double both Trigg and the Drake. I hope all works out for Bru, but the offense shouldn’t miss much with Trigg getting the reps.

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