USC Morning Buzz: O.J. Simpson Remembers Wayne Hughes

O.J. Simpson posted this video on the death of his close friend, Wayne Hughes.
  • I couldn’t resist text a Pac-12 coach and asked for his reaction to the tackling on Tuesday’s big play by tight end Michael Trigg. His response: “What tackling?”
  • Cornerback Josh Jackson (leg) is expected to return next week. Defensive end Korey Foreman might be out until next week after getting banged up in practice.

7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: O.J. Simpson Remembers Wayne Hughes

  1. Without Wayne Hughes – USC would probably still:

    1) Be playing in Basketball the Sports Arena, and not the Galen Center.
    2) The Coliseum would probably still be owned and operated by the inept Coliseum commission and probably falling apart like the one in Rome.
    3) The USC Baseball team would still be playing on Bovard Field instead of the modern day Dedeaux field.
    4) USC students would still be shopping at the 32nd St. Market living in out of date old dorms on campus rather than the New University Village
    5) The USC Athletic Department would still be be centered around a much too crowded Heritage Hall instead of the new modern and spacious Mckay Center.

    Thank you Mr. Hughes! So far I have not seen a thank you to Mr. Hughes from Carol Folt, Mike Bohn, or Clay Helton who obviously care nothing about the past at USC, or building a new future without the generosity of Mr. Hughes which will be a difficult task.. Folks the Juice is correct this time we lost a great one, and I am not sure if USC can ever replace him.

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      1. hoping? vs real doing ,that is real preparation for the collisions that will take place vs real prepared football teams?
        these guys are getting hurt running around in shorts


    1. I worked with a boss(which is double sob backwards) who used to say, “wish in one hand and sh*t in the other – see which fills up faster.” I hope that sage advice doesn’t hold here. ( because it’s hard to wish you hadn’t just shat in your hand every time )


  2. I still SC will have an exciting team this year and I still think that they will finish 3rd in the Pac-12 South(maybe 4th behind ASU).


  3. Mr. Hughes, Clown U’s version of Sam Gilbert.

    Now we know why an on-campus student Apt. complex was named for Uber’s patron saint Al Cowlings – Mr. Hughes insisted.


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