USC Offers Fan Guidelines For Games

Here is what the athletic dept. is sending to season-ticket holders for the upcoming season.

You must wear a mask unless you are “actively eating or drinking.”

I’m guessing a lot of people will say they are eating or drinking the entire game, especially when it’s hot.

15 thoughts on “USC Offers Fan Guidelines For Games

  1. they will or pass out from not getting real oxygen into their blood stream , just increased carbon dioxide…thereby starving their bodies of a very necessary ingredient for functioning .

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  2. Someone please inform USC, Carol Folt, and Mike Bohn that cloth and paper masks don’t stop the transmission of the coronavirus. Another charade … kind of like keeping Clay Helton as coach.


    1. Students have to be vaccinated…now it is time for fans to be fully vaccinated too! Better yet the entire world needs to be fully vaccinated!


  3. Keep an eye out for that pervert Rick Caruso, he’ll probably be wearing Olivia Jade’s Tampax Maxi-Pad as a mask.

    And Mike Bohn, that spineless wimp, he’ll be wearing his boss Tim Tessalone’s jock strap over his stupid looking face.

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  4. Watch JT Daniels, Stepp, and Carr become All-Americans this year after leaving USC. If this happens Clay Helton, and Graham Harrell look really bad, and frankly I would not be surprised because all 3 have exceptional talent.

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  5. What if students are “actively making out in the student section?” Does that count for a time when masks can come off?


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    1. Lol I’ve Sat in the student section during a Notre lame game in the rain a few times at the Coli. There was no making out going on. Just a bunch of liquored up students rooting for The Trojans and trying to keep up/ sing along with the song girls. Lol
      Fight on!

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      1. Let’s just say not all hands were giving the Victory sign during the game.



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