What It Says If USC Starts Two Freshmen At Offensive Tackle

Is USC really going to start two redshirt freshmen at offensive tackle (Jonah Monheim, Courtland Ford)?

I have no problem with it if they are the best tackles. The best players should play.

The problem is it illustrates the dire state of the offensive line. You are going to start unproven freshmen at BOTH tackle spots? The most difficult line positions on the team?

That tells you everything about USC. An offensive line in disrepair that requires two freshmen to start.

A healthy program doesn’t start two freshmen. Especially at tackle.

But the cheerleaders will make it out to be a great development because they cheerlead everything.

  • As usual, Nick Saban gets it:

When asked about Oregon having 100 different uniform combinations. โ€œWe have two. Red jerseys at home. White jerseys away. Our main concern around here is who is wearing them. โ€œ

16 thoughts on “What It Says If USC Starts Two Freshmen At Offensive Tackle

    1. “What It Says If USC Starts Two Freshmen At Offensive Tackle”


      Answer: Then that girl She-don Slovis will be done for the year by halftime vs Stanford, her USC career will be over.


  1. If Scottie had been watching training camp, he would know that Ford has been the best among all o-linemen at handling Korey Foreman. Sounds like he should be starting. And both guys redshirted last year, so they aren’t totally wet behind the ears.

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  2. Slovis will be out by game 3, maybe 4

    Oregon has to have all that shit to sell the kids, who wants to fucking spend all winter in the rain in that dump called Eugene Oregon ?

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  3. It says that a new coach has evaluated the old coachโ€™s work and feels better about starting over than trying to fix what was bad about the last guyโ€™s work. (Everything)
    You are right start the best players.
    I feel sorry for the old group they went to USC to be in the NFL and probably wonโ€™t be able to ballroom dance when all is said and done.

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    1. Right, starting two talented freshman tackles is potentially a very good development. If these guys succeed, it would provide a foundation for a solid offense for years to come and gives us momentum in recruiting this position.

      Scott is almost always negative. If Helton did not start the freshman, he would have a problem with it.


      1. They’re redshirt freshman. They’re not coming off a high school football field onto campus. They had a year of strength training and practices against college players. Typical Wolfie, he fails to mention real information. I wouldn’t allow him near the program.


  4. sc will have an ‘0o’ line twice the size of san jose st defensive line,well almost…lets just wait and see what happens


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