USC Going With Two Freshmen Tackles

Redshirt freshmen Courtland Ford and Jonah Monheim are going to start at left tackle and right tackle, respectively, which they did at today’s scrimmage.

I’ve given my thoughts on that here. Would Alabama do it?

“We’ve kind of settled in on right and left,” Clay Helton said afterward.

To no one’s surprise, Jaxson Dart was the second-string QB. Memphis-transfer WR Tahj Washington also had a big day per Clay Helton.

“I thought Tahj really stepped forward and did that for us and really showed himself as a guy that can be an every-down guy,” Helton said.

57 thoughts on “USC Going With Two Freshmen Tackles

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      5. tebow —you’re getting into areas that require some knowledge of political science, history, economics and military planning…..

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    2. Please tell me our beloved Keely is not starting to take after her mentor, Dan Weber.
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    4. To start off with I detest social media and don’t tweet or have instagram. I wouldn’t be negative anyway in a public forum. Not my style. That being said, If 18-22 year olds are adults enough to make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in NIL money just by having followers on social media, then I think they are adult enough to either deal with or ignore a little negativity about their bungling coach and offensive coordinator. And if the coaches can’t handle it then maybe they shouldn’t have signed multiple million dollar deals. If you want to wear the big boy pants, then WEAR the big boy pants. I volunteered 40+ hours a week for the university for over 5 years. For those of you who understand the constraints of olympic sports on a D1 level know that staffs are comprised of paid and volunteers because of the paid spot limits. I worked harder than most of my football contemporaries and did far more development too,(and that was during the Carrol era) with far less talent. It is self pride in doing the job correctly and understanding that there will be critics. But the better you do your job the less criticism you get. If you are good at what you do, people don’t want you to go away, they want you to stay. Not to be arrogant, but I’ve never had to leave a job not on my own volition. I left the university because I couldn’t afford to volunteer the amount of time i felt it took to do the job right. I had to feed my family and pay the mortgage. From walk-on to earning a scholarship as a Sr. From volunteer with no scholarships and no talented athletes to multiple walk-ons who earned all-American status and scored at nationals. Sorry if I don’t have a lot of patience for athletes who can make a bundle just by having a social media account and a scholarship and are too fragile to hear anything but glowing praise. Or multi million dollar coaches who weren’t qualified in the first place and didn’t produce with all the advantages in place. Kind of a sign of where this institution and department has fallen to.

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    5. Yes, starting freshmen at both tackles demonstrates a huge past problem, but it is my guess that the offensive line under McGuire is a ton better than under Drevno and is on the right trajectory. The S&C program is also a ton better this year than in the past.

      Not making excuses for all the lack of development in the past and I’m not saying the o-line will be CFP level. But at least the players are now being developed a bit by the o-line coach.


    * Kenan Christon had a really good day, catching a short pass and turning it into a touchdown and also creating a long run when he got through the line and made someone miss in the secondary. Eventually Prophet Brown brought him down

    I am pulling for Kenan to have the opportunity to carry and catch the ball this year. We need more speed on offense especially with a below average offense offensive line. Kenan, is explosive we need guys at running back who can take it to the house on a swing pass or student body right. Vavai, is a good 3 yard cloud of dust type back we need a big play back who can explode off the line of scrimmage with just a bit of daylight.

    My concern is Helton and Harrell ruin this guy too like he did with Stepp and Carr. He needs carries, and if he does not see the field this year he will transfer I guarantee it.

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    1. That little bitch Kendra Christon ain’t shit!

      If that girl was worth a crap she would have been starting already. 3 years in and she can’t even get 3 touches a game…pffft!

      That clown won’t amount to shit! Bitch ass runs like a little girl with a skinned knee.

      Anyone want to put up any money that bitch ass girl will gain over 500 yards rushing this season? Put up or STFU!

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  3. Not sure who Keely is but we are entitled to talk about Helton and his shortcomings.

    This is the USA, Keely nor fucking Afghanistan!

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  4. Cortland Ford is a no-brainer. 6’6″, 330, and great footwork. He had committed to LSU, then came here:

    p.s. – Scottie, visit practice, will ya? Even for your standards, your lack of reporting on fall camp has hit a new low.

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      1. I don’t need to know any names from the Spartans squad, I know that girl Courtney Ford is already a bust…a bitch ass bust is all she’ll ever be.


      2. Explain how you know, since you believe you know more than Ed Orgeron, who recruited Ford for LSU. Maybe you want to argue that Ed Orgeron recruits “girls who will get tossed around like rag dolls.”

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    1. There is nothing to report! How many camps do you need to see? USC plays nerf ball and will not be prepared for the season. End of story. Get a clue you fucking retard!


  5. I do not know one player on the UCLA squad, I’m not obsessed the Booins I wouldn’t go to a game if they gave Me free tickets.
    So it boggles my mind that Tebowobruin keeps babbling like a WWE wrestler about players on a team he doesn’t give two shots for.
    His posts read like graphite cave drawings. His prose lacks cohesion and clarity leaving Me to wonder his nome de’plume is being used to hide the fact that he’s really Clay Helton. Come to think of it has anyone ever seen them together ?

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    1. Answer to Me’s question: I saw them recently. They were separate……
      #But,AtTheSameTime,United ..


  6. Georgia has the third best odd of winning the national title this year.

    JT Daniels looked like fool’s gold under harrell and helton. Now he is playing for a possible title birth. Coaching makes a difference.

    Dont give me that the system fits him better BS as the coaches dictate the system. Utilize the guys you recruited.

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    1. I admit that I will be watching a little Georgia football this season and rooting for JT. He got a raw deal at USC, with no development, a horrible scheme and offensive line and blamed for the bad season.

      Good luck to JT.


    1. As an impartial semi literate observer,
      I would posit that the WAR IN AFGANISTAN has been a complete success.

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      Carry on boys, you’re doing a bang up job. And (as an added bonus) you’ve successfully handed trillions of mineral wealth to the CCP on a silver platter. Well done lads.

      We now resume to our regularly scheduled football discussion.

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    2. Tell your friend that Cheney & Bush, Obama & Hillary (Libya) all belong in the same boat when it comes to the ‘war criminal’ conversation….


  7. They’d start for Alabama as freshman if they were the best. Isnt competition what we want ? You’ve criticized helton for starting his “favorite” upperclassmen at other times.

    Hopefully these two kids are talented!

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  8. Good news everyone. Biden is actually dividing the globalists into 2 camps: (1) The ones who continue to pretend he’s sane and (2) the ones like Tony Blair who call him an imbecile.

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    1. Sure! Like this Afghan shit was only brewing since the 8 months Biden has been in office. Say anything to defend that brain dead party you affiliate with. If you so know so much about politics then why didn’t Trump win in the land slide you said he would?


  9. I refuse to insult imbeciles on this forum.

    Where is our modern day Gertrude Stein when we need it?

    Re: POTUS, ‘ there is no there there’s

    Thank the Lord for advisors Susan Rice (Furd) and Valerie Jarret….where would we be without them?

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    1. Old courtroom rule —when things are imploding on the other side, don’t say anything….. just let the jury watch the trapdoor on opposing counsel’s forehead open up and the crazy bird on a spring fly out….

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      1. MG,
        I’m not getting a thrill up my leg by watching this train wreck. Interesting in a macabre way however. POTUS had 80 Million votes. Wonder what they think now. The decisions being made in DC illustrate no understanding of the situation. We’re ski-rooed.
        No cognitive ability, no reasoning, no stated goals or expectations. I’m not referring to a college FB coach.

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      2. The screwballs on this blog keep pointing to “all the votes, all the wonderful, wonderful votes” Biden got. Let’s pretend (for a few seconds) the numbers they quote are real: dems are still gonna have to face the Big Difference between running a demented man for office….and…. trying to prop up a demented man as he blows it on every front every day…

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  10. SUCC to start freshmen at the O/L Tackle slots.

    Question is, what will the bozos replace these freshmen tackles with should one, or both, experience extended down time?

    #Just asking for a friend who wasn’t aware SUCC did not have Jr. or Sr. O/L tackles on it’s roster.


    1. Owns
      Aren’t you 5’7″ & 275? Do you have any eligiblity left? You could slide right in.

      On a happier note, at least she can still laugh. ‘The big guffaw’

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      1. “Wait a minute. Ha ha. Wait a minute! Ha ha. I have a 15 second rehearsed speech I wanna give before we leave for the Motel.”

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      2. Actually, we aren’t done laughing at the fact that you old farts think you know what’s going on in the world 😂😂😂. You didn’t even have a correct beat on this country. So why the fuck would you idiots know about what’s happening internationally?? Just shut the fuck up and continue watching MEtv


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