Saturday Buzz: Is Anyone Going After USC Coaches?

Did you catch this comment from USC administrator Brandon Sosna when he was asked about his interview with the Detroit Lions?

“We take a lot of pride in the fact that when, whether it’s administratively or from a coaching perspective, that when people are looking for talented members to add to their team, they look to us,” Sosna said.

Who is looking to USC?

I haven’t noticed a rush of schools hiring USC administrators. The last football administrative departure was someone who didn’t even have another job but left because they couldn’t take the unprofessional atmosphere.

Has their been a rush of schools trying to poach USC assistant coaches? Graham Harrell has been mentioned for job but what he did really turn down? A job with the Eagles (maybe) that was less than he had at USC? Todd Orlando was linked to the defensive coordinator’s job at Tennessee, probably at a pay cut, by the way. And who would care if Orlando left?

So, no, I don’t see people “looking to (USC)” when they want to hire someone.

  • It seems like every time Nick Saban speaks, he distinguishes himself from Clay Helton. Today, he was asked about a player needing to live up to some responsibilities.

“This is not a democracy.” Saban said.

Can you imagine Helton saying that?

19 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Is Anyone Going After USC Coaches?

  1. “We take a lot of pride in the fact that when, whether it’s administratively or from a coaching perspective, that when people are looking for talented members to add to their team, they look to us,”

    – Brandon Sosna USC Administrator


    This Sosna clown is smoking crack.

    He may be dumber than Clay Helton…and that’s saying something.

    How is the USC Board of Trustees not totally embarrassed having so many asshat’s in the athletic dept. representing the university? When are the boosters/donors going to wake up and stop supporting those fucking idiots running USC athletics into the ground?

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    1. I request you watch Sosna and Bohn’s joint presser after practice (on YouTube). Sosna is not dumber than Bohn. Bohn is WAY dumber than Sosna.
      [You need to watch that presser for another reason: Bohn spends half his time praising Carol Folt and acting like the gimp in the leather outfit Bruce Willis has to punch out in Pulp Fiction]…..


      1. Sosna is highly regarded in CFB and the NFL and some believe that he may be being groomed to be the heir apparent to Bohn. He has connected with football alumni more than Bohn and by all accounts the football alumni like him much more than the A.D.


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  2. In Other News…CIF-SS Football

    Mira Costa 40

    Paramount 6

    Looks like Paramount could use a new waterboy, a job perfect for Clay Helton.


  3. Leaving work yesterday I noticed a “we’re hiring” sign. I’m sure we would be interested in Harrell as a middle school inter mural coach. Helton could teach math. Orlando could be a high school coach. I know there’s interest in our coaches

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      1. I admire the work Hunter put into this—it took him $22, 982 worth of drugs, $14,765 of bourbon and champagne and a trip to Shipwreck Joey’s Topless Bar in San Pedro to get in the mood —but it was worth it. Of all of Hunter’s love ballads I like this one best…..


  4. Helton screwed the pooch…

    Ohio State QB battle: C.J. Stroud named starter for Week 1 game vs. Minnesota

    C.J. Stroud from Rancho Cucamonga High School.

    Helton & Co. never bothered to recruit Stroud.


    1. You must be new around here, screwing the pooch is the only thing that man is proficient at. Oh & I would miss Orlando, my memory still recalls the train wreck that was Pendergast.

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      1. I’d miss Orlando too. [So would Graham Harrell —it’s tough to have to score over 50 every week to win games]…..


  5. Napoleana Folt would have a stroke if HER head coach was like Saban and spoke like a real man who is training men for success. She likes docile kiss asses like bohn and helton who sing her praises while failing the student athletes depriving them of real QUALITY player development to prepare them to be successful in the NFL How is that “woke”, carol???

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    1. Good for you, Carra. Watching Bohn dish out love talk to Carol Folt at FOOTBALL practice was nauseating. Nothing good will come from having this guy around.


  6. Hahahaha‼️

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