USC-Notre Dame Tickets Are Not What They Used To Be

Notre Dame single-game tickets went on sale this afternoon.

The Cincinnati game sold out in 7 minutes.

There are still tickets available for the USC game, which is “college football’s greatest intersectional rivalry.”

Thanks, Helton.

I know a USC fan who bought 7 tickets. That is unprecedented.

When will USC care about what is happening regarding fan interest?

20 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Tickets Are Not What They Used To Be

  1. Elites are all the same, especially the ones that were educated in far left universities(which includes most of the universities today). They all think that they are the little Einsteins of the world and the other 99% of the people are morons. You see those 3 little letters behind my name(PhD)…..that means don’t question me…just obey.

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  2. It is the same as the last drought with USC. There was guy who owned a dog which would run victory laps when Notre Damage (suggested spelling) won a game against USC. When he was asked what the dog did when USC won, he replies “ I don’t know the dog’s only 12 years old.”
    It used to be that losing occasionally to Notre Dame was normal, but losing two in a row was enough to get the coaches fired. Now without the tradition that was USC leading the program, it’s just another day at the pillow factory.

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  3. Flow: Slovis not a captain after being a “starter” for the past 2 seasons? Any inside scoop?! Sure, maybe he’s not “vocal,” but c’mon. With all his hype, shouldn’t he be a captain? I guess the players have spoken…

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    1. If that’s true it’s not a good sign. The players —for whatever reason — weren’t high on J. T either……and it showed.


      1. Or maybe Slovis is a good dude who’s already been a team captain and is letting someone else have the experience? It’s not like it really means anything. It’s not super hard to call a coin flip and then make the ball/ direction choice Helton has already made. It’s not like it’s 50’s high school we’re being captain of the football team is revered by all. He’s the only one with an NIL, right?

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      2. They didn’t not like JT they just thought Jack Sears gave them a better chance to win and deserved to start over then Freshman JT. This is when Clay Helton famously said “my hands are tied” when it comes to JT. I’d really like to know what he meant by that. This was a moot point his second season when he turned away from the rush of Fresno Poly Tech of Corcoran or some shook like that and did his knee. Maybe the line tries harder when they like you and believe in you? Makes ya wonder…

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      3. The odd thing is– –the o-line immediately played better when Slovis came in. Everybody noticed it. I wonder if the way Harrell fawns over Slovis is taking the same toll on the team as Helton’s fawning over J. T.? Anybody who has played team balls knows how much it starts to grade on everybody when the coach has a pet.


      4. At this point I’m of the belief that the rampant incompetence has snuffed out what ever bonus you gain when you’re protecting someone you like and believe in. The Slovis also really appears to be missing the flight part of the fight or flight instinct thing. He hangs in there way to long. More than once he’s thrown a long TD and gotten smoked so hard he has no idea how his pass turned out. A lot of the Sears thing, conjecture here, was about the team showing out to show Helton how wrong he was. They had a chance to win the ASU? game Sears started they had a chance to win but offensive play calling genius Helton called a roll-out to the left that broke down and then Sears had to throw against his body and momentum. Infinitely stupid call. I think that’s when Helton decided he had to shank Tee Martin square in the liver from behind. It doesn’t really matter, they’re still going to wildly undisciplined and get flagged for stupid penalties – especially in the secondary. Vice Chairman for Propaganda Bohn appears to have great faith in Secretairat of Football Helton, so nothing really matters. There’s definitely a book to be written by someone more driven, less ambivalent, and smarter than me.


  4. Back in 1966 Notre Dame beat USC 51-0. John McKay wrote on the blackboard Notre Dame will never again beat a coached John McKay team. He almost pulled it off. Over the next 9 years or until he went to the nfl he went 6-1-2. In 1967 he beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame, it was the first time that had happened since 1938, he went on to beat them two more times at Notre Dame.

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    1. I remember running into Coach Craig Fertig after that 24-7 game —he was all smiles & said “We beat the hell outta them.”
      That 51-0 was a blessing in disguise. It woke USC up. I think Helton’s pink slip will do the same thing.


  5. Back in 1966 Notre Dame beat USC 51-0 , John McKay wrote on the blackboard that Notre Dame would never again beat a John McKay coached USC team. He came close to doing it. Over the next nine years or until he went to the NFL his record against Notre Dame 6-1-2. In 1967 he beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame it was the first time USC had beaten the Irish at Notre Dame since 1938. He went on to beat them two more time at Notre Dame.


  6. Just curious, what does 1938 and 1967 CFB have to do with 2021 CFB?

    Chances are, ND will roll Clown U in a South Bend alley.


  7. Wow, in 2011 we were still using 2 back sets and power running, and the QB could still line up under center. And still had blocking from the OL, TE and FBs that could knock the fillings out of the other team’s players. But that’s “not who we are” now. K.


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