Mike Bohn Disputes This Is Make Or Break Season For Helton

USC athletic director Mike Bohn was asked today if it was accurate for fans or national media to think this was a make-or-break season for Clay Helton?

“We recognize the improvement in the program and all the good things that we’re doing,” Bohn said. “Our trajectory’s strong. I don’t think that’s accurate.”

“We’re encouraged.”

30 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Disputes This Is Make Or Break Season For Helton

    1. If USC actually wanted the football program to contend for national championships they could hire Chris Petersen and they would be instant legit contenders. Do you people actually think the decision makers at USC don’t know that Clay Helton is in way over his head? They know just like everyone else that knows football, Helton is a crap coach and he’s at USC for a reason.

      USC does not want all the media attention that a Trojan team contending for national titles would bring to the university.

      The scandals and corruption that have been uncovered over the last few years involving C.L. Max Nikias is just the tip of the iceberg. USC can’t have the media poking around campus, they’re bound to uncover more of Nikias criminal dealings.

      Helton keeps the Trojans mediocre and the media uninterested. Clay Helton ain’t going nowhere.

      You all better accept that fact.

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  1. Mike Bohn has his nose so far up Carol Folt’s arse … he’s not really the athletic director. More like Carol Folt’s errand boy. Carol Folt is a football dipshit and Mike Bohn is a effing lackey. This is where USC football is at.

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    1. Are you sure it’s not that gnome Folt who is actually the one that is latched on to to the Bohn, literally? Instead of Bohn kissing her ass. She doesn’t even need to get on her knees to latch on either. Yikes! Something is going on behind clothes doors for them to except mediocrity with Helton running the football program for 5 years and counting.

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      1. MG, that’s not what Jay Toia thinks. Toia maintains the air, the food, the coaching and education is superior at UCLA.

        #”Ain’t no winos hanging out in the UCLA locker room like at Clown U.”

        SUCC FB: Tough as a dandelion


  2. Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf Wtf
    I’m fucin gripping right now! Wtf again!

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  3. No way he could answer that question with a “yes”, even if he thought that way, and note he didn’t say “no”, which I take as a good sign.

    I will be more optimistic and say that he left himself room to wiggle out of this. Plenty of HCs have been fired after receiving stronger support from their ADs than what Bohn said today.

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    1. True, 67.
      [But Wouldn’t have been more fun if he said “Dickshit is one loss away from being escorted off campus by armed guard— does that answer all of your questions?”]…..

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      1. “…one loss away from being escorted off campus by armed guard – and dumped at ucla’s 80 yard practice field in westwood.”

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      2. It is an ill wind that blows no good. That field is a stone’s throw from Westwood’s best pastry shop……

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  4. Bohn and Helton are a push-me-pull-you. That two headed llama that was highlighted in Doctor Dolittle. Speaking of Dolittle how much less can Bohn do? Helton sets the bar power than an ant’s navel and Bohn accepted this as if winning were nothing. I’m sorry that Bohn doesn’t see his mistake. It will cost him in the long run. It’s another case of someone calling bad good while Helton masquerading as an angel of light is blinding him.

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    1. 67 is right about Bohn just being diplomatic —but (as we’re seeing on other fronts), diplomacy only takes you so far. Bohn has to go medieval if Helton loses one of his first 3 games. A loss to Notre Dame is understandable …but a loss to San Jose State or Stanford or Washington State is not (and I hope he’s communicated that to Helton)…..

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      1. I have to start being more active in this Wolf blog because the verbal intercourse is the best in the nation (Scott Wolf’s negative-views of SC sports is what drives his blog) Well done, fellow Trojan……

        But Bohn’s comments, if translated into understandable English (aka plain talk) he is saying, “Look, you little L.A. motherfukers, I don’t care what you think, I have permanent staying power with my boss Folt.”

        He continues, “So our take on this Helton-thing, whatever you want to call it, is that he will be under contract for 3 more years or until the end of the 2023 season. It is partially a fiscal decision because SC still owes him some $15-million or so from this point on, and SC, as is the world right now, is having difficulty making ends meet. In other words, SC does not have spare money now or in the immediate future.”

        “And further, I am telling you that Los Angeles sports fans are a mean bunch.
        In L.A. Tinseltown image and instant gratification are everything. I am from small USA towns where most folks are pretty humble and can easily forgive a team’s mistakes in losing a game. I think the difference is that in small towns there is more of an intimacy, a feeling of “oneness” with each other, whereas in Los Angeles we are composed of 20-30 “City-States”, and so a feeling of oneness cannot exist. Pity!

        “Anyway, I digress. I think the football team has evolved, it is getting better. Everybody is encouraged by the incoming freshmen class with some great athletes making an instant difference. So wins and losses in 2021, per se, are not my main concern. Building to a championship-caliber team is where I believe we Trojans are headed.”

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  5. I’ve enrolled in online courses at Bama, my new future alma mater. The world is looking a lot better already. Wonder if I can check out their Row in person as a student, I can “identify” as a teen. Either way, Roll Tide.


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  6. Wolf consistently does focus on the negative.

    My optimism when reading the interview is that Bohn quoted Helton’s words about the expectations of a Rose Bowl and competing in the CFP. Included was also the point that the needs Helton said needed to be filled to help him win have been satisfied (Staff, social media, etc). It is inexcusable that USC Football has shrunk to this level of irrelevance but I hope the translation is: Listen you fucking overpaid gomer dipshit, you are now accountable to your words because the honeymoon is over and you’ve used up your excuses.

    Looking as a glass half full.

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  7. And there is it- USC needs to get rid of Mike Bohn period. I have not liked this guy from day one. It is difficult to trust this guy he is at the wrong university.

    His statement on Helton is much like the use car sales agent who is trying to sell what he says is a top performing used car that looks like it’s new vehicle on the exterior, but he really knows the car is a “lemon” with a blow head gasket.

    USC fans need the truth from Bohn not all this BS. Clay Helton is a “lemon” and everyone knows it. A true athletic director who has the trust of the players, and the fans needs to say our expectation is to win all the football games we play this year, and if we don’t we will closely evaluate the entire football program at the end of the season from top to bottom. . To me Bohn is saying I make the decisions here, and we have already improved the football program without even playing a game yet.
    What bothers me in his statement it’s like he’s protecting his coach, and does not want to put any pressure on Helton this season to win which should be the case if your paying a guy 4 million dollars a year.

    OK. Mr. Bohn keep on talking. Keep thinking your doing a good job. We will watch how much the USC football program has improved under your leadership at the end of this season, and even though you think your job is secure the results this season will tell us all if in fact you have performed well or failed like you did at Colorado. Perhaps, you and Helton will be a joint package at the conclusion of this season headed for Slippery Rock University. Winning football games is the correct formula at USC not pre-season political statements protecting a football coach who has not performed to USC standards, or justified being paid as one of the top college football coaches in America.

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  8. Seems to me Bohn does not understand the USC entire fan base expects to win now, and what’s sad Mr. Bohn feels his job is quite secure as the top gun in the athletic dept. I have feeling he will be feeling the heat when the Coliseum is half empty this fall especially with Mr. Hughes our largest booster sadly passing away yesterday. Both Bohn and Helton think they are doing a great job which might be the case at Colorado, San Diego State, Cincy or other smaller market programs, but sorry this is USC. Please prove me wrong Mr. Bohn, but I don’t see the bright future with USC football at this point in time. Are you really still trying to sell us a used car that in reality is a “lemon”?

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  9. Why shouldn’t we be encouraged? After all, we’re going to take back the west. That’s why Oregon is #8 and SC is #30 in the recruiting rankings.

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  10. As an impartial observer please let me offer some advice to the USC beloved coach.

    Instead of mouthing the tired bravo Sierra…..
    I love him like a son
    They guys impressed me today with their intensity
    The practice went well

    Try the truth instead…….
    Not enough attention to detail
    Some guys are just not grasping the playbook
    We’re just not executing correctly
    One more outburst like that and you’ll be free to play elsewhere

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  11. A crappy offensive line is returning with a happy feet quarterback, and no running game, look for the Trojans to finish with a 500 record, even with the easiest schedule in the PAC 12. Clay Helton won’t survive a scenario like that , no way!

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  12. Helton is going absolutely nowhere!!!! He will live out his contract. Bohn knows it, but he isn’t allow to discuss it. And we can all thank Carol Folt for this. She doesn’t care enough about USC football.


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