If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The good news is USC athletic director Mike Bohn wanted to speak to the media on Thursday.

The bad news is that he and top assistant Brandon Sosna immediately went into default mode during the press conference by constantly bringing up all the support staff they hired the past two years.

The fans have heard this repeatedly from Bohn for nearly 2 years and it’s not even close to being news anymore. It’s recycled pablum.

And then came more pablum: “Our expectations are what they’ve always been. We want to be in the Rose Bowl and being a part of that College Football Playoff.”

The real kicker though was when Bohn disputed this could be a make-or-break season for Clay Helton: “I don’t think that’s accurate,” he said.

Maybe Bohn has no choice but to say that. But he needs to read the room and realize how angry the fan base is when he answers a question like that. It comes across as being tone deaf and bolsters the idea that Helton will be around no matter what in 2022.

That’s fine if you don’t care if you sell tickets to games or get boosters to donate to USC. You have to treat fans with respect. You can watch the full interview here.

  • How did USC players elect a punter (Ben Griffiths) team captain over quarterback Kedon Slovis, who was a captain last season? Did some players lose faith in Slovis after last season?
  • Slovis was also behind Drake London and Vavae Malepeai in the offensive players voting this year because the duo were elected captains.

You can justify why Slovis isn’t a captain and it doesn’t really matter if he is one. But it shows he has some image rebuilding to do this season.

  • A USC administrator had this to say about so many ex-Cincinnati employees working in the athletic dept.

“Why is it these people come to USC and don’t want anything to do with people who know the heritage and tradition of USC?”

  • I like running pictures from the 2017 USC-Notre Dame game above because Clay Helton hated this pullover so much, he told his staff he would never wear it again. It doesn’t strike me as worse than some of the other garish tops he dons.
  • This is worse:

And this shirt is awful:

Clay Helton, the USC Trojans' man in the meantime - The Washington Post
  • This week’s installment of Washington State generating bad publicity. It’s never a great week when your football coach is the subject of a cartoon.
  • And now for some history:

USC had pretty good hockey teams in the 1930’s with players from Canada, Massachusetts and Minnesota. The games were held at the Polar Palace in Hollywood, which seated 3,500.

USC filled up the Polar Palace on March 24, 1938 when the Trojans hosted defending Big Ten champions, Minnesota.

USC took a 2-0 lead in the first period and defeated the Golden Gophers, 5-2, as Nat Harty scored two goals for the Trojans. Minnesota sophomore John Mariucci was held scoreless for the first time in his college career.

Nat Harty captained the Southern California Trojans in 1938

Today we take a look at 1958.

Here is a different view of Bovard Field as Ron Fairly takes a swing during a USC baseball game.

  • Let’s stay in 1958 and go to that season’s football banquet. In the front row is Lou Byrd and Hillard Hill. In the top row are Monte Clark and Larry Gilhooly.

Some of you might remember Clark more for his time as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions.

Pigskin Review USC vs. Norte Dame November 29 1958.  NCAA image 9

Here are some of the stars of the 1958 team featured in the USC-Notre Dame game program, when illustrations told the story from the legendary Art Brewster.

Here are the starting lineups for the game, complete wtith Chesterfield ad.

Pigskin Review USC vs. Norte Dame November 29 1958.  NCAA image 6
Pigskin Review USC vs. Norte Dame November 29 1958.  NCAA image 2

70 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Awful?! I think the third shirt is fine. But agree with Wolfie about the first two.

    Have a great weekend, Folks! As much as we might not care for USC’s administration, the country’s administration is far worse, with much more serious consequences!

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      1. Maybe that “junior homecoming princess” gown they sold in the bookstore back in 1970……

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    1. “the country’s past administration is far worse, with much more serious consequences!”


      And now the mess Loser Trump made of Afghanistan, getting played by the taliban, that idiot Trump has been bitchslapped by every Axis of Evil on the planet.

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      1. You dumb fucin idiot don’t even try to blame Trump, for that senile fool Biden’s decision to cause Vietnam 2.0. Shows you are the biggest low life on this blog and that includes that Trojan stalker Owns. Stfu already with your liberal lies. You fucin loser. Coming from one pissed off American. You suck Tebowobama. Go hide in your basement like that coward President of ours Talibiden.

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      2. What ABC didn’t show you in the Biden ” interview “…………..

        Sections of the interview revealed in the full transcript, including a part where Biden mistakenly said his late son Beau served in Iraq with the Navy instead of the Army, and in Afghanistan, where he wasn’t deployed, were omitted from airing.

        Asked to respond to a veteran saying he wished the US could have left Afghanistan with honor, Biden said:

        “Look, that’s like askin’ my deceased son Beau, who spent six months in Kosovo and a year in Iraq as a Navy captain and then major – I mean, as an Army major. And, you know, I’m sure he had regrets comin’ out of Afghanistan– I mean, out of Iraq.

        “He had regrets to what’s– how– how it’s going. But the idea– what’s the alternative? The alternative is why are we staying in Afghanistan? Why are we there? Don’t you think that the one– you know who’s most disappointed in us getting out? Russia and China.”

        Biden also made some inaccurate claims that were aired during his interview.

        When he was asked about the “pandemonium” outside Kabul airport in recent days, Biden claimed during the interview – filmed on Wednesday afternoon – that “no one’s being killed right now.”

        Officials said on Monday there had been five deaths amid the chaos at Kabul’s airport when thousands of Afghans rushed onto the tarmac to try and board US military planes. The officials updated that figure to 12 deaths on Thursday.

        The deaths near Kabul airport were caused by stampedes of people trying to get to the airport or by gunshots fired in the area, a Taliban official told Reuters. At least two – including an ex-soccer player – plunged to their deaths mid-air after clinging to a US military plane when it took off.

        Biden also appeared to inflate troop numbers in Afghanistan but deflate the number of troops in Syria during the interview, according to the Washington Post.

        The president referenced the 300,000 Afghan troops the US had been training but a 2021 report from the International Institute of Strategic Studies found Afghanistan has an active force of 178,800.

        Biden also suggested there was no US military presence in Syria.

        A senior Biden administration official told Politico last month that there were 900 troops stationed in Syria — and that figure was unlikely to change.

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      1. Fuck you you fucin traitor to this great country. Get a damn clue already. Wake the fuc up moron troll. I’m pissed off, bitch. I don’t give a fuc write it down take a picture. Our leadership sucks right now, at USC and in this country. Incompetence everywhere and enough blame to go around. Fight the fuc on. Fuck you..


  2. “Why is it these people come to USC and don’t want anything to do with people who know the heritage and tradition of USC?”

    The above quote is the true heart of the problem currently going on at USC. Mike Bohn needs to go, and if he is forced to fire Clay Helton he will turn to his next buddy in Cincy- Luke Fickel or whatever his name is to be the next head football coach. Typical power move by an insecure athletic director looking to maintain his power in all the wrong places by hiring all his buddies.

    I give Bohn one or two more years, and he will be gone. Bad hire, and bad fit for USC.

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    1. Oh please. Sounds like a bunch of entitled folks complaining.

      “Heritage and Tradition”, as defined by the South Bay boosters, is the exact reason why USC is in the mess they are in. Garrett/Haden/Swann. Ok, I’ll give you Garrett (fine for his time, though his time passed a few years before he was let go), but Haden and Swann should have never been allowed to sniff the Athletic Department urinals.

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      1. Garrett was an ass clown as well. He fell into PC after getting worked by Bellotti and Erickson for better deals from their schools, he wanted to fire Gillespie right after he won an NC, then finally did, he fired Robo on his answering machine, he hired Hackett and he was and is an asshole as a person

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  3. “Why is it these people come to USC and don’t want anything to do with people who know the heritage and tradition of USC?”

    Pat Haden, Lynn Swann and a string of former USC assistants who have become incompetent head coaches. There is nothing wrong with outsiders not having ALL USC grads work there, it might actually make the place run better, but having them all from Cincinnati isn’t good either.

    USC is a shitshow from top to bottom, from the WOKE President, the WOKE BOT, the puppet AD and the stable of shitty coaches ( I like the women’s BB hire ), Owns is right, Clown College indeed.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. 67,
        When it comes to USC football “twice a day” is an overstatement. But Owns has been known to be right more often than that when it comes to sports in general. He actually “gets” sports as long as it doesn’t involve USC or UCLA.

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      2. Owns is annoying but he nails USC these days, a dysfunctional circus. I mean, has any University made the news for so much bad publicity than USC ? Charging people to tailgate, “allowing” you to tailgate on campus, making you wear a mask unless you’re eating or drinking, parading an ass clown out year after year masquerading as a head football coach, the Varsity Blues mess, drug addled Dean’s, fingering doctors, selling off Mansion’s that have been controlled by the school for years, the list is endless.

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      3. Ha! [It only seems endless. It’s actually a finite number: 7,649,721 sports and/or administrative embarrassments in last 10 years]…

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    1. The problem begins and ends with the BOT, where Caruso rules a board that is not allowed to question anything.

      Folt was selected as president because she is weak and will do as told. Does anyone even know what her “vision” is for the university?

      There is no leadership at SC right now at the administrative level.

      At some point I will give up caring.


    1. All that idiot Carol Folt is paid to do is tweet. That’s her sole responsibility.

      Folt is a nothing. When has she ever been out front or involved in any discussion concerning the mess C.L. Max Nikias made?

      Try never. The USC Board of Trustees doesn’t want or need her input on anything, she’s just a puppet who speaks when and where told to do so.

      Folt decides on norhing of relevancy.


      1. Now apply this criticism to your bestest president ever! …


    2. Fuc that midget dictator nonsense. She’s nothing but a damn roaming gnome and the powers that be need to wake up and show her the damn door. I’m sick of that mental midget gnome and her woke crap running and ruining everything great at USC. When are all the former athletes and alumni going to rise up, unite and kick her the fuc out? Helton and Bohn also. Enough of this trash at USC. If North Carolina can tell that statue conqueror to kick rocks and leave so can USC!

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      1. You are nothing but a moron! You are a cocksucking faggot! You and these minions are the real traders! Soon as things don’t go your way what did you do? Attack your own nations capital! Beat up federal officers! So get your facts straight you whiny little bitch! I will fuckin kill you.


  4. Helton’s ugliest shirt is when he wears the black and white top divided into squares.

    Man, he should just go traditional. Khaki pants and either cardinal top or white only top.


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      1. Carol has encouraged him in that direction —-so far Clay has resisted.
        [Question: What would Clay be trying to say to his players if and when he gives in]?

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  5. Realistically, USC could go 11-1 against a weak schedule, lose P12 Championship, get humiliated in a bowl game and have Clay Helton exposed for the fraud that he is … again. Still 11-3 looks good on paper … just like in 2017. Tepid football mediocrity will continue at USC.

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      1. I’m hoping it’s a close game and Bohn fires him in the tunnel at the Coli after the game. Oh well hoping it happens and it actually happening is a fantasy come true for USC or would it be that Christmas🎄 came early!

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    1. The weird thing is….you’re describing what most of us refer to as “best case scenario”…

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    2. How do you fire a HFBC that goes 11- 3?

      Worse yet, where does SUCC locate a competent FBHC willing to SUCCeed the fired 11 – 3 coach?

      #Sh*t doesn’t roll uphill.


  6. I now put Mike Bohn in the same category as Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann when the job title says Athletic Director. Whether they hire from within, or go outside to hire an athletic director USC needs to do a much better job of finding the right person for the job or match up with USC. They need to fire the search firm that hired Bohn, and we all know the only reason Haden and Swann got hired was because of the “buddy system”. Bohn came from some smaller market athletic programs we need a guy from t one of the larger athletic departments with a huge football program like Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia etc who understands what it takes to win a national championship in football and or basketball, and how to lead and manager a big time athletic department. Bohn, came from San Diego St, Colorado, and Cincy where winning means going 7-4, or 7-5 and going to the Las Vegas, or Sun Bowl. If he says USC has expectations to make the college playoffs well he has never been involved with a college program that even made it to a major bowl game, or Final 4 in basketball.

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  7. Trojanboogs,
    Your post was pure trash. You and Trump are the biggest morons
    still around. You are one of the dumb Americans that are allowed
    to vote against their best interest time after time. A low class
    individual that should be hung by the testicles for your foul rant.


    1. Do you see what the fuc is happening or you hiding in your basement too S as in suck. Fuc you too! you are Fucin trash as matter of fact you are garbage truck juice. As senile as that pos President you support. Blood is on your hands for voting for that old incompetent fool. But you hate Trump because he hurt your feelings. You should be ashamed of yourself. Wake the fuc up already; stop blaming Trump, stop being in fucin denial about the withdraw blunder in Afghanistan, and stop being senile like our clueless commander and chief. Guys on vacation and you liberal seniles want to defend him Wtf.


  8. Michael: That is a good one- From Mike Bohn- Our expectations are to make the College Football Playoffs. You are absolutely correct with the programs he has guided in the past making the Pac 12 playoff game is the most we can expect ever under his leadership.

    You sense of humor is much appreciated. It must be either the great clean ocean water for snorkeling on Maui, the tradewinds, or the “Maui Wowi” that has brought out the best in you since you left the downtown LA Courthouse. Perhaps, it is all of the above.


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    1. Thank you for that, tommyd. The thing I love most about Maui is the parks are full of FAMILIES cheering their kids on in football, baseball or soccer….and gyms filled with FAMILIES cheering their kids on in basketball. Family is so important here –it keeps this island sane.

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  9. Interview with the captains…you don’t often see the punter as the biggest guy, but there you have it:

    There is another video I saw earlier on my son’s phone, but can’t track it down now, it shows the Drake at OLB – Holy Toledo is he quick now.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. They may do more than “look forward to ending season.”


      1. Looking at bright side, he’s a beast & he’ll get it done for us…

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Drake does look quick reminds me of Jimmy Gunn or Charlie Weaver.
    The offensive line and runnng game in that video looks subpar once again as it has been the last 5 years.

    Greatest USC Football Player ever from Hawaii is: Mosi Tatupu gets my vote.

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  11. Does anyone on this site ever look on the Tommy Cam?
    It is quite interesting to see live shots of the USC Campus, and even
    more interesting to see students moving in and roaming around on campus once again.

    Go to Fight On. Com
    Scross down the page to the various website.
    Click on Tommy Cam

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