USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week



USC will start Courtland Ford and Jonah Monheim at offensive tackle in an attempt to make the offensive line more than a team weakness. Might as well roll the dice.


Goes into Southern California and gets the top wide receiver recruit. Not an offensive tackle, a wide receiver.


Why some people tried to pretend there was a competition at backup QB when Dart has been the guy since he showed up in January is a mystery.


The freshmen tight end “broke” a lot of tackles on a practice reception and it sort of went viral, although a lot of people also noticed how poor the tackling was on the play.



They gave a press conference full of old information on how they hired more staff for the football program. Then Bohn dropped a comment that it was not a make-or-break year for Clay Helton. The only group satisified with his answers were passive media members who don’t want to jeopardize access to Bohn.


There was a time you really had to scramble to get tickets in South Bend for this game. I know someone who bought 7 last week. Meanwhile, the Notre Dame-Cincinnati game sold out in seven minutes.

The apologists will say it’s Notre Dame’s fault because its fans didn’t buy more tickets for the USC game. Maybe they don’t view USC as “the game” after beating the Trojans/Clay Helton in 4 of 5 meetings since Helton become head coach. Is that Notre Dame’s fault too?

The bottom line is there are tickets available for a game that almost never has tickets readily available.


It was a big blow for USC to lose its No. 1 target at wide receiver, Tetairoa McMillan of Servite, who committed to Oregon. When will USC compete with Oklahoma? Brandon Inniss, the No. 1-ranked WR in the Class of 2023 committed to the Sooners on Sunday. USC’s lost QB Malachi Nelson and WR Makai Lemon of Los Alamitos to Oklahoma in the past month.


A growing number of employees/faculty are upset USC is staging events as COVID-19 cases are increasing on campus.

Here’s some scenes:

43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. If Dart is as talented as pundits are saying then he should transfer. QBs thrive without helton and harrell. Look at JT.


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    1. You know what we haven’t heard (never heard, actually) from tebow? ONE word about the suffering going on in Afghanistan. Children dead?
      Look at Sean Hannity! Our interpreters’ families being threatened? Look at Sean Hannity! It’s like he’s a paid political hack who has ONE job: deflection….

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      1. I don’t see tbone’s posts so I don’t know about that. Turning away from the truth isn’t a new move for political hacks tho.. or snitches.

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      2. It’s a shame republicans had to invade Afghanistan under false pretense and cause so much death and destruction.

        All for the sake of monetary profit.

        Big Oil and the Pharmaceuticals making out like bandits. Sad.


      3. You haven’t heard one word from MG about the real reasons why his republican party started those senseless wars in the Middle East.

        Why hasn’t MG stepped up and asked why his republican party never went after the real perpetrators of 9/11?

        Probably because his republican party members were co-conspirators with the Kingdom of Saud.


      4. Your last comment is [for a change] worth responding to. Bush and Cheney are responsible for thousands of needless deaths. I’ve said it many times. And just so you know: I don’t particularly like Trump and I think Sean is over his head (but, at least, his heart is in the right place).
        But keep your eye on the ball, tebow. Biden is setting this country up for a fall that will be unlike anything we Americans have ever seen.

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    2. The VP of the United States is a cackling hen. And that fucin idiot Tebowobama is still trying to blame Trump and suffering from TDS. He is too senile to realize it. What a total fucin lame. As the country and The President of the U.S. are the laughing stocks of the world right now!

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    1. I think that’s because the Pac 12 Championship Game is going to be between the school with the initials UW and the school with the initials USC…..

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      1. btw, Pudly, what do you think of my idea of bringing Traveler to South Bend and riding him into the Notre Dame end zone and letting him stomp out and desecrate the Notre Dame logo when we win?

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      2. If that ND fan had written the “Clay love letter” to McKay (not that would ever happen), McKay would have def brought Traveler and made sure he was given a ton of feed a couple of hours before the game.

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    2. I suspect the Drakes will finish higher than that. Daniels? Then they must be thinking he was a lot better than what he showed last year against USC, 11-23, 134, one interception. Yes, his favorite target was out after the first quarter, but still, his other games were mediocre other than against ucla (go figure). And Verdell in the top 100? He was benched last year in favor of a freshman.

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      1. Until Daniels shows accuracy down the field and patience in the pocket, I don’t see him as a top qb.. could that change? Sure, but color me skeptical.

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      2. All true. I’ll take our guys over anybody else’s. The whole trick this year is gonna be mixing it up (run & pass, pass & run) and getting the ball out real fast [don’t run any plays that take more than 2.75 to 3 seconds to develop in the first half —keep it moving until opponents’ heads spin].

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    Enablers of Charles Clay Helton as USC football coach including USC administration, fans/alumni, and news media.

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    1. This should top “the list” every Monday….until the nightmare is over (or Clay wins the National Championship …whichever comes first)…

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      1. Ha!
        Yeah…I guess I shoulda stopped that sentence after “until nightmare is over”…
        …There really isn’t a second option is there?

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      2. You know there are many who reasonably wish for change in our program, but still offer other content. Continuing to poke holes in a rotting carcass and wondering why it keeps stinkin? The season is almost here and not a single sane person expects change between now and then.

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      3. I thought the definition of it was someone who’s jealous of Scott Wolf, and wants to be a USC insider like the Bozo named , Pudly76


      4. USCs administration, alumni and fans are going insane with Clay Helton as head coach still. Everyone is always thinking they have a chance for the playoffs with the talent they have but nope in reality its 9-3, 8-4, 7-5 seasons. Especially when the used care salesmen says the playoffs and winning are the goal every year while he’s been at USC. Insanity..


    1. Lefties have to understand —politics is over: You can’t defend this.

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      1. They will never apologize MG, they are sick people This is about an ideology that they are pushing on we the people. With there poltical race theory and BLM nonsense. They only care about being right and having their way. Yielding their power at any means necessary to control us. That’s what’s happening right now..


  3. Loser Me, whose 2016 KIA Soul engine crapped out on the freeway. There are many reasons to call Me a loser, such as the fact that I didn’t get the oil changed when I planned due to paying $14,000 for sewer repair. It’s bad enough that it’s a Kia which my brother pointed out stands for killed in action, but it’s also a soul so I can never sell it because my soul belongs to Jesus.
    I am also a looser for being optimistic about the season. I keep hearing that we have the right combination of talent and could run the table. Unfortunately Helton’s contract is a lock. Even with the right combination, if you have the wrong lock you are SOL. (Not soul like my SOL car)
    The only table we’re running is the training table until the locks get changed.

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    1. Look at bright side —the sewer repair just made the value of your home go up…

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    2. You do not have the players, coaches, administration or fans to run the table. This pathetic train wreck will be 8-4 at best 😂😂


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  5. I’m going to walk on water with a caipirinha in my hand. F that bicho Carol Folt and that she-male Bohner. Fight on mother f*ckers✌️Don’t be pussified by USC administration, other fans/alumni, cowardly USC news media. The latter sucks D … F you![Image.jpeg]

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  6. What about all those people we hired to bolster our recruiting staff(I’m not just talking about Devonte Williams but all the administrative people)? We were going to take back the west….right? NEWSFLASH…..Recruiting rankings…..Oregon #5…..USC #30


  7. @007 nothing but lip service from Bohn. Just like President Joe TaliBiden feeds us, when he decides to comes out of his basement.


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